TBLF Ch. 82

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After the first snow on Christmas, the already low temperature in Haicheng dropped rapidly, and the cold winter officially started. The high school students woke up earlier than the chickens and slept later than the dogs every day and were tortured to death by the icy weather.

Qu Dazhuang hugged the hot water bottle and asked, “Isn’t it said that the global temperature is warming? Why is it getting colder year by year?”

God told him by action that it could be colder.

Qu Dazhuang felt unloved, and his only hope every day was the cake he asked his brother to bring him.

He thought it may be his hardworking spirit that has moved him and let him persist in bringing him handmade cakes every morning.

Although the taste was inexplicable, sometimes good and bad, and he had a stomach ache for two days after he ate it, but it was nothing, he felt the endless love of his brother from that little cake.

Ji Rang still asked him every day: “Is it delicious? How is it compared to the one you picked up in the trash can last time?”

To be honest, Qu Dazhuang couldn’t remember the taste of the little cake that he picked up from the trash can last time, but Ji Rang kept on asking him. After being asked so many times, he said, “It’s much better than the one in the trash can.!”

Then he never received any cakes from the next day.

Ji Rang was enthusiastic and sent the recognized cake to the Class 2 classroom.

Qi Ying found out that she had another handmade custom cake. She was so happy and took a bite. Ji Rang asked her, “Is it more delicious than the previous cake?”

Qi Ying smacked her lips: “It’s better to taste the previous one.”

The self-taught boss who felt like he could qualify as a cake baker after two months: “…”

Qi Ying asked him, “Why didn’t you buy it from the previous store?”

The boss was expressionless: “It’s closed.”

Qi Ying was surprised: “Why did it go bankrupt when their products were so delicious?”

Ji Rang: “The boss is a bastard, and he ran away with his sister-in-law.”

Qi Ying: “???”

The big man reached out for the little cake in her hand, sounding aggrieved: “Throw it away if it doesn’t taste good.”

Qi Ying avoided him, not knowing if she had thought of something, and said with her eyes crooked: “This is also delicious. The owner of this store should be a good person and won’t run away, so I will only eat from this store in the future.”

The big man frowned, but there was a smile in his eyes.

After New Year’s Day, the weather in Haicheng didn’t get better. There was continuous light rain, and the air was humid and cold. It was a magical attack that could not be resisted by wearing a down jacket.

The school had turned on the air conditioner for a few days, but the air conditioner caused stuffiness, and opening the window to ventilate caused the heat to be ineffective, and if the window was closed there was no ventilation. Many students had caught a cold because of this tossing back and forth, and they were also prone to faint and doze. The school was helpless, and finally turned off the air conditioner.

It was cold, and they were tired of studying. They didn’t want to leave the classroom even after class, and they didn’t go to the toilet as long as they could hold it. There was still a bit of warm temperature in the classroom. As soon as they went out, they were frozen like a dog, and the hot water bottle that warmed their hands only worked for one class.

They all relied on shaking their legs to keep warm.

But Ji Rang asked to go out after every class period.

He went to Class 2 to find Qi Ying to get her hot water bottle and cup, then went to the boiling water room to help her change the water, and then send it back to the Class 2 classroom. Therefore, Qi Ying was always warm, her hot water bottle was never cold, and there was always hot water in her cup.

The girls in Class 2 watched eagerly every day, and they were all jealous.

Why could someone who was so indifferent to outsiders be so gentle to her!

They were really desperate to eat dog food every day and also be blown by the cold wind!

Later, everyone thought of a way. They brought the boiling water bottle to the classroom and put a bottle of boiling water before self-study every morning, which could be used all morning.

The dog food was still being eaten, but it was hot anyway.

The other classes did the same, so during that time, the floor of each classroom was wet, and it was all water sprinkled during pouring of boiled water.

Until one day when a class was in session, the boiling water bottle suddenly exploded. Fortunately, it was placed behind the door and no one was injured. The school forbade the bringing of the boiling water bottle to the classroom anymore and arranged for the teacher to check it every day.

Everyone returned to the days when they were frozen as dogs, only Qi Ying was as warm as ever.

The students in Class 2 of the third year experienced a handful of cold dog food patted on their faces.

Very desperate.

In the raging cold, they ushered in the final exams of this semester.

Under the siege of the non-stop large and small exams in the senior year, everyone was actually immune to the exams, and at the end of the semester, they didn’t feel that it was much important, and it was not as good as the previous exams.

And after the exam, they had to continue to attend classes. This final exam was a weekly exam.

The only thing worth looking forward to, was the winter vacation.

Although it was only a short period of ten days, for the senior high school students who hadn’t taken a vacation for several months, it was a glimmer of light in the dark.

Teachers of all subjects issued five sets of papers for winter vacation homework.

Qu Dazhuang simply collapsed: “It’s only ten days off and 30 sets of papers, not even letting people live?”

Liu Haiyang: “Speaking as if you will write.”

Qu Dazhuang: “Why won’t I write? I am now more than rank 300 in the whole year! Can I take the exam without doing my homework?”

The two quarreled for a long time, and finally turned back to Ji Rang: “Let’s hear it from the cow’s mouth, brother how did you test in the first 20 ranks of the grade?”

Liu Haiyang: “You don’t understand the power of love.”

Qu Dazhuang: “It’s sour.”

Haiyi started school on the seventh day of the first year. It was actually only three days away from the Chinese New Year.

Ji Rang first cleaned the house. He used to call a cleaning service, but this time he was filled with enthusiasm inexplicably and wanted to work by himself.

After cleaning, he retrieved the lantern that Qi Ying bought last year, hung it on the balcony, and plugged in the electricity to make the house warm.

The window-cut couplets had to be re-purchased, and he braved the cold wind to go to the mall. Choosing from the east and the west, he bought new year goods for the first time, everything felt fresh, so he bought two big bags and took them home, decorating the home with joy.

The refrigerator, which was always empty, was also full of vegetables and food. He thought, when the little baby came to accompany him during the New Year, he won’t have to order takeaway. He could give her some good food.

But in fact, he was not sure whether Qi Ying will come to see him on New Year’s Eve this year. After all, this kind of reunion moment was to be celebrated with family.

He was restless at home, and when he wanted to make a call to verify, the doorbell rang.

The little baby was dressed like a little zongzi, wrapped in a red scarf, and the half of her face which was visible was white and pretty, which made people want to nibble on it.

She smiled with crooked eyes, and her voice was soft and sweet: “Happy new year! Let’s go to my house for the New Year!”

Ji Rang thought he had heard it wrong: “Go to your house?”

She pushed him into the house: “Hurry up and change clothes. They are waiting for you to have the New Year’s Eve dinner together.”

Ji Rang was confused by her, and after walking a few steps into the bedroom, he reacted and asked her back, “Go to your uncle’s house?”

She nodded happily: “Yeah, I have already told my uncle and aunt, they have cooked a lot of dishes you like.”

That’s it???

Meeting the parents?!

The boss suddenly became nervous.

Qi Ying continued: “I asked Yu Zhuo to talk about it, saying that you are his good friend and he wanted to call you to spend the New Year together. Uncle and aunt heard that you were alone, so they agreed immediately.”

Ji Rang: “…” The corners of his eyes twitched: “Will Yu Zhuo lie for you so easily?”

She squinted her eyes and urged him softly: “Hurry up and change. Wear thicker clothes. It’s cold outside.”

Of course, it was not that easy.

She promised to give Yu Zhuo all the New Year’s Eve money received this year, then only he agreed.

Ji Rang quickly changed his clothes and came out. Knowing that he was going to the Yu house, he was dressed like a good student, with a simple sweater and jacket, jeans and sneakers, neat, tall and handsome.

After going downstairs, there was a fruit shop outside the community. He did not feel it would be good to go empty-handed, but he couldn’t send too expensive things, or it would raise suspicion. So, he bought two boxes of fruits and got in the taxi with Qi Ying.

When they arrived at the community, Yu Zhuo had received the news and came to pick them up.

He glanced at Ji Rang awkwardly, and muttered, “I told my parents that we are on the basketball team together, and you usually help me with my homework, so don’t mess it up.”

Ji Rang: “…”

Qi Ying lived on the ninth floor. After getting on the elevator, watching the numbers get closer and closer, the big man who was not afraid of the sky and the earth had a trace of stage fright.

Qi Ying pulled his little finger secretly behind him, and whispered, “They are very nice, don’t be afraid.”

Ji Rang smiled and nodded.

Yu Zhuo walked in front and took the key to open the door. As soon as they opened the door, Yu Cheng and Wu Yinghua had already walked to the entrance, and greeted him very enthusiastically: “Friend of Zhuoer is here? Hurry up, come in quickly.”

Ji Rang smiled politely: “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

Wu Yinghua saw the fruit box in his hand and said, “You came over for a home-cooked meal. What was the need of buying something?”

She took the fruit box, looked Ji Rang up and down, and praised sincerely: “You are so handsome.”

Yu Cheng glanced at him a few times and felt that this young man was a bit familiar.

He couldn’t remember it for a while, so he let it go.

The dishes in the kitchen had been prepared, Wu Yinghua greeted him with a few words and went back to the kitchen again, not forgetting to shout: “Lao Yu, you pour a cup of ginger coke for Xiaoji, the seeds and candies are under the coffee table, take them out and let Xiao Ji eat.”

Ginger Coke was a traditional drink of the Yu family. Yu Cheng poured a large glass for Ji Rang for him to drink: “This will ease the chill and dampness and warm your body, you just entered the house, drink a few more glasses!”

The home was warm and cozy, although not as big as the place where he lived but much livelier.

Yu Cheng pulled him to ask a few questions about studying. When he heard that he had passed the twentieth rank in the final exam, his look towards Ji Rang became more and more affectionate.

Achievements, it had always been the standard by which adults judged children.

Yu Zhuo looked sour on the side.

Dad, if you knew that the person in front of you was the unscrupulous young man you said before that should be expelled, and he has abducted your niece, would you still be able to laugh?

Yu Cheng smiled with wrinkles all over his face, and patted Ji Rang’s hand affectionately: “When you come, treat this as your own home, and have fun with Zhuoer and Yingying. Do you know Yingying? Just like you. She is in the third year of high school, but she is in Class 2. You can share more learning experiences.”

Ji Rang laughed: “I know her.”

Yu Cheng happily stood up: “You three kids, go and play. Go downstairs and remember to wear hats and scarves. Don’t catch a cold after the Chinese New Year. I’ll go to the kitchen to help, so that your aunt won’t bother me again.”

Only three of them were left in the living room.

Yu Zhuo lowered his mouth, fell on the sofa and started playing games. Qi Ying smiled and asked in a low voice, “Would you like to see Ji Xiaorang?”

Ji Rang almost forgot the existence of his son.

He followed Qi Ying to her bedroom.

Her room was small, simple and tidy, and there was a slight sweet smell from the girl’s body in the air. Ji Xiaorang’s cage was placed next to the desk. When Ji Rang entered, he saw the little white hamster babbling and stepping on the roller, playing very hard.

Qi Ying took good care of it. It was a lot fatter than when he went to buy it.

She softly said to the hamster, “Ji Xiaorang, your father has come to see you.”

Ji Rang: “…”

Now he regretted it, he regretted it very much.

Qi Ying also asked, “Do you want to hug it?”

Ji Rang: “…no, let it play.”

After all, it was not really his own, who knew if this hamster bit or not. And he was more interested in her bedroom than Ji Xiaorang.

Her room was only half the size of his bedroom, and it was packed with the necessary living furniture. A string of small purple wind chimes hung with nails on the window in front of the desk, and the books in the bookcase were all review materials.

The thing that occupied the largest area was the bed, the sheets were sky blue, and the quilt was covered with smiling clouds, which looked very soft and well-behaved. There was a sample essay for college entrance examination by the pillow, and there was a strawberry candy on the book.

Apart from the chair in front of her desk, only the bed was available to sit on.

After visiting the little baby’s bedroom, Ji Rang sat down on the bed very consciously. The mattress bounced softly twice, almost making him imagine the softness and warmth wrapped in sweet fragrance that lay on it.

The little girl hadn’t noticed his heart, so she sat down beside him, propped the bed with her hands, and asked him: “Shall we go downstairs to set off fireworks after dinner and when it gets dark?”

The sweet scent in the room became more intense when they got close.

Ji Rang turned his head to look at her, feeling a little hot.

He was thinking of something for which he scolded himself as an asshole.

Seeing him not speaking, Qi Ying tilted her head and leaned in front of him curiously: “What’s the matter with you?”

Ji Rang felt that if he stayed any longer, he might do something inferior to animals. Sure enough, the little girl’s boudoir can’t be entered casually.

He got up from the bed with a squeeze, “Is it to set off fireworks?” He looked upright: “Go, go now!”

Qi Ying: “…”

In the living room, looking at the two people who were dressed and ready to go downstairs, Xiao Zhuo said: “Are you sick? What fireworks will you set off during the day?”

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