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Although someone forced him into a match with someone else, it was still very embarrassing… so he wondered how much he had heard?

…It shouldn’t be much. According to Lin Jianlu’s sense of presence, he would be discovered quickly as long as he appeared.

Yan Han felt a little relieved when he thought about this. He turned around and looked into Lin Jianlu’s unwavering eyes. He became more and more convinced of this idea and couldn’t help but relax.

No one around him talked casually after Lin Jianlu arrived. The crowd dispersed a little, but no one had left yet.

Yan Han saw Lin Jianlu narrow his eyes slightly, but he did not mention the messy incident just now, instead he said: “I looked at the surveillance camera, and from the physical characteristics, he does look very similar to this classmate. I think it’s the same person.”

The direction Lin Jianlu was looking in was exactly where Luo Wenlong was.

He couldn’t help but confirm once again that Luo Wenlong deliberately posted the love letters given to him by others.

His pair of sharp eyes were like knives. Luo Wenlong felt as if the world was about to collapse, and he wanted to crawl into the cracks in the ground.

“No, this was not my original intention. It was that person who told me…” He murmured to himself, but someone hit him on the back of his eye. The pain was very strong, which made Luo Wenlong wake up quickly and stop speaking.

He was deceived by that person, thinking that he could get revenge and severely hurt this girl who originally said she liked him, but in less than two weeks, she decisively hooked up with someone else after finding out that that person had better conditions than him!

But he never expected that in just ten days, the originally introverted and shy girl would have changed into a different person! Her heart became as strong and confident as her appearance, shining like a little sun, and she could no longer be hurt casually.

He didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

It was that person who told him that as long as he posted the love letter and photos, he could get revenge on Yan Han, and he could also attract the attention of his goddess as a victim. The person also said that she would help matchmake him…

“Follow me. Let’s go to the teaching office.” Lin Jianlu said.

Luo Wenlong chose to stay silent among the group of people who shouted “scumbag” at him and followed Lin Jianlu away.

Yan Han was also a person involved, so he naturally had to keep up.

The light screen in front of him once again showed a section of Luo Wenlong’s psychological activities, but the name of the instigator behind the scenes never appeared from beginning to end.

If something like this happened, the impact would be, at best, it would delay his time for lunch and study. At worst, if he was too embarrassed to resist, he would have to stand and be beaten.

Even if he didn’t mind what other people thought or said, if this matter was brought to the school, it would be enough for him to drink tea with the principal.

He just asked, although the system did not encourage falling in love early, it would not affect his achievements in the pentathlon.

In Xiao Wu’s words, everyone was about to become an adult, so it was okay to fall in love. But if you delay studying or completing achievements because of falling in love, that was putting the cart before the horse, which was a bit stupid.

Yan Han also agreed with this.

But the trouble was that although the system didn’t mind, the school did.

This time the matter could be big or small.

Someone could understand the whole story between the original owner and Luo Wenlong and even encourage Luo Wenlong to post the letter himself. Who knew what other tricks there would be, and Luze High School had always been famous for its strict school rules.

If things got really bad and he was expelled or something, and he couldn’t complete the task, he would just have to clean up and take care of himself.

So Yan Han instinctively felt that this matter had not yet finished.

As for Yu Jing, he thought that Yu Jing was just here to muddy the waters. Maybe the big boss behind the scenes had contacted her, but she was definitely not the mastermind of this incident.

Could someone who could be silenced by just a few words of his own devise such a scheme?

Obviously impossible.

He thought he could get something out of Luo Wenlong, but he didn’t expect that Luo Wenlong was able to stay silent on this matter all the way to the teaching office.

What he did was unethical and unmanly, but it did not violate any school rules and regulations. In the end, the school could only end the matter with a criticism and warning.

However, their head teacher found out about this and thought that Luo Wenlong was evil-minded and was obviously not focused on studying, so he was dismissed from his position on the school committee.

Luo Wenlong also lost face in front of his classmates, almost to the point where everyone yelled for him to be beaten. He couldn’t continue studying here and transferred to another school before he could sit for the placement test.

This was something.

As for Yan Han, he flatly denied in front of all the teachers that the love letter was written by him, and he acted out the image of a delicate little white flower who was bullied very brazenly.

The delicate and beautiful girl seemed to have been ravaged by the storm. The little white lotus was dedicated to studying, but she was surrounded by such idiots with evil intentions. He wanted to escape from the predicament and just wanted to calm down and study hard, but he couldn’t help it.

Yan Han didn’t care, he first laid the groundwork for things that might cause him trouble in the future, which was considered as a backup plan.

With his performance in the previous exercise, the head teacher also had a good impression of him. The head teacher was still angry with Luo Wenlong. No one blamed Yan Han, and even comforted him and encouraged him to study hard and not to be affected by this incident.

“I understand, thank you teacher.” Yan Han once again tried his best to act like a bullied flower who was saved by the teachers. Now he said with gratitude: “I will study hard and live up to the expectations of the teachers!”

“Yes.” The dean was flattered by him invisibly, and he did not forget to tell him: “If you have any questions, just ask Jianlu. Jianlu, please help her more with her studies, so that she can get admitted to the previous class as soon as possible.”

The class teacher next to him: “…”

He also agreed that Class 17 under the school’s grading system was a poor class. It was already good enough not to be criticized by the school for being a mess. How dare he care about the dean’s contemptuous tone for their class.

The class teacher simply followed suit and said, “Thank you to Mr. Lin for your hard work. Yan Han is a good candidate. I also hope she can get into the class above…” … completely forgetting that Lin Jianlu was actually not a liberal arts student.

After coming out of the teaching office, Yan Han saw that there was still enough time, so he invited Lin Jianlu to have dinner with him.

“You have done me a great favor. I’ll treat you to this meal. It’s a must!” After leaving the teaching office, the little white lotus suddenly changed back to the rough guy he used to be.

At the same time, Xiao Wu informed him in his mind: [Congratulations to the host! You have completed the [Girl’s Concern] side mission! Get Skills [Billionaire Plan]!]

When the voice sounded, Yan Han felt his heart lighten, and he suddenly felt that maybe “Yan Han’s” worries were not with Luo Wenlong.

She was timid, transparent and even extremely humble. If it had not happened to her today, she would have experienced it in another timeline. It would just be a matter of time. When the time came, she would just have to stand and be beaten, and she would have to keep her grievances and anger in her heart and let them rot and fester and let them corrode and destroy her mind and life step by step.

But actually, she didn’t do anything wrong.

The so-called girl’s thoughts were actually just wanting to get some fairness and avoid harm.

If so, he did it for her.

Xiao Wu added: [[Billionaire Plan] has been launched! The first fortune: The host is asked to go to the xx bookstore in xx Commercial Street at 15:00 this weekend.]

Yan Han: ?!!

“What does this mean?!”

[Well, this is the tip this skill gives you. You will know the specific situation when the time comes!]


After some inquiries and conversations, Yan Han felt that this billionaire’s plan was more practical than he imagined.

Prompting him to go where and when to do something and he would get rich. It was simply a magical tool!

Of course, it was just a reminder. Whether he went there or not, and whether he wanted to do it or not, all depended on his own subjective consciousness.

But in Yan Han’s opinion, this was enough.

He just happened to be worried about making money, and now there was such a function…

Brother Yan couldn’t wait to bow to Luo Wenlong to thank the enemy and their friendly forces for giving him points.

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