SLDH Ch. 80.1: I Agree

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The endless sea of flowers was like a beautiful picture scroll, slowly spreading out, covering every green grass and every passing animal.




The forest became lively again. This feeling was more comfortable for the beast than the wind at the beginning of spring.

“So beautiful!” The sika deer, which was playing with the oriole not far away, noticed the changes in its surroundings. It turned around in surprise and looked at the two people kissing in the sea of flowers.

“Roar~~” The big black bear family appeared next to the sika deer. They came here curiously after feeling a very comfortable breath. Not long after they arrived, the panther family also arrived, and then there were other animals, all attracted again by this warm breath.

“Ho~~.” The baby black bear called softly, and the sika deer understood the meaning of its words. It was asking its parents what the two humans were doing.

“Hoho~~” the big black bear whispered back.


“Roar~~” The little black bear nodded to show that he understood. This smell made it feel like spring had just begun. It was a pity that it was still young and it would take a few more years before it could mate with a female bear.

“Chirp, chirp~~”

A few birds landed on the sika deer and whispered to each other.

(It turns out that human mating is like this.)

“Chirp~~” (The movements are not the same as ours.)

“Chirp~~” (They don’t seem to lay eggs~~)

Mating was the primal instinct of animals. They didn’t have any so-called sense of shame. They discussed calmly, and the discussion was extremely heated, which made Fan Chen blush, but he was helpless. He had never thought there was anything wrong with his ability to listen to all things, until this moment.

“Eh~~” Mi Wan, who was obsessed with the kiss, noticed something was wrong. Why did she seem to hear many wild beasts? The beasts should be in the forest, right? Could it be that she was about to wake up from a dream?

No, hold on a little longer, she hadn’t taken off her clothes yet.

Wait, why should she regret not taking off her clothes?

“Ouch.” Mi Wan opened her eyes.

Their eyes met, their hands were intertwined, and their lips were touching. This scene was different from the one in her dream. The difference was that Fan Chen’s face in front of her was flushed, and his expression had lost the evil charm in the dream, and there was a little more shy joy. The most important thing was that the Fan Chen in front of her…he was wearing clothes!!!

So, what was going on now…

“Ahem… You’re awake.” Fan Chen knew that Mi Wan had completely woken up. Although he was a little reluctant, he couldn’t maintain this posture all the time. He slightly moved his eyes away, put his elbows on the ground and tried to get up first. However, as soon as he moved, his body was pulled down again by something.

Fan Chen lowered his head to look, and Mi Wan looked up. Then they both discovered at the same time, a pair of hands that looked slender and weak but were extremely powerful were tightly holding the clothes on Fan Chen’s shoulders.

Oh my god~~~Could it be that she forced Fan Chen into this posture??

“Ahem… let go.” Fan Chen’s tone was very much like that of an ancient woman who felt shy and timid after the incident.

“Oh, oh~~” Mi Wan hurriedly let go of her hand, and the moment she let go, Fan Chen stood up quickly, turned his back and straightened his messy clothes.

Then Mi Wan also sat up. She was still a little confused at this time, or she didn’t want to believe that everything in front of her was true. But when she looked around, she found that whether it was grass, stones, or a group of animals squatting not far away, all of these were proof that she had woken up.

So, did she really molest Fan Chen just now, or was she in the wilderness?

Wait, this wasn’t her fault, it was Fan Chen’s fault in the dream. It was Fan Chen in the dream who forced her to do something, and that was why this happened. Yes, that’s right, that’s it…

At this time, Mi Wan’s eyes accidentally glanced at an unusually conspicuous sika deer among the animals, and the sika deer was blinking at her. Someone who had just finished comforting herself was suddenly struck by lightning again.


She remembered that she asked the sika deer for a wishing flower, and then made a wish to have a sweet dream, and then she fell asleep. So what happened in the dream just now was actually her own dream? But why was this dream a beautiful dream? Could it be that deep down in her heart, she had always regretted not having anything to do with Fan Chen when they first met, so…

“Ahhhhhh…” Mi Wan, who wanted to die more and more, suddenly shouted out. She was so excited that she found a big tree nearby and bumped into it.

“Bang bang bang~~” There was a series of noises, and the newly bloomed flowers on the big tree were knocked to the ground with such force.

“Wan Wan~~” Mi Wan’s operation shocked Fan Chen, and he couldn’t help himself. He stepped over and stretched out his hand to pull Mi Wan over to prevent her from continuing to harm herself.

“Don’t stop me, I really want to die now~~” Mi Wan didn’t have the nerve to face Fan Chen at this time, she just wanted to bump her head to calm down.

“You…” Fan Chen’s face suddenly turned ugly. At the same time, the flowers and plants centered on him drooped down as if they had lost their vitality. Although the petals had not withered yet, they looked like they were already broken flowers as they faded into weeds.

“Don’t be like this, let’s…” Fan Chen originally wanted to say that they could pretend this never happened, but after opening his mouth several times, he could not say the words.

Fan Chen always thought that Mi Wan was just embarrassed or not ready to fall in love with someone from the demon clan, because the information he heard from Little Squirrel made him feel that Mi Wan actually liked him too. So during this period, although he hoped that Mi Wan would agree to him, he was not very anxious. But at this moment, when there was finally some progress between them, Mi Wan regretted it and wanted to harm herself?

So he always guessed wrong, or maybe the little squirrel wasn’t smart enough and couldn’t understand the meaning of Mi Wan’s words and conveyed the wrong words. In fact, Mi Wan didn’t like him at all.

“My lord, my lord~~” Suddenly, an anxious voice kept calling Fan Chen.

The Demon King, who was feeling sorry for himself and sorting out his lovelorn emotions, finally came back to his senses: “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, the flowers are about to wither~~” The little sika deer’s eyes were full of heartache. Finally, the whole forest was full of flowers. How beautiful, ah. She had never seen a more beautiful forest than this moment in all the time she had lived here, and she didn’t want the flowers to wither. Moreover, the Lord who looked like that just now seemed to be withering just like the flowers on the ground.

“Sorry.” Fan Chen looked at the flowers around him. He knew that these flowers were affected by his emotions, so he tried hard to restrain his aura and prevent these flowers from being affected by him again. But if he wanted these flowers to bloom again, like last time, it probably won’t work.

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