LGHIHW Ch. 38: Arc 1.34

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Zhuang Li described the process of removing the chip very easily, but in fact, with his sufficient preparation, the operation was indeed not difficult.

A tube of microbubbles quickly flowed into Lin Yayan’s cerebral cortex along the bloodstream, and slowly invaded the blood-brain barrier under the guidance of ultrasound. The entire process was monitored by a superconducting quantum interferometer and was projected on an LED screen nearby.

Xuan Ming looked at those little bubbles almost obsessively. They were squeezing into Lin Yayan’s brain one after another, and 169’s frightened screams were the best accompaniment, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

7480 couldn’t stand it anymore and risked being killed by the host as he whispered: “169, you can prop up your energy shield to prevent these nanoparticles from approaching. They can’t do anything to you then.”

Before 169 could speak, Zhuang Li laughed: “This is a good suggestion. The plasma wall is a high-temperature and high-energy gaseous membrane. Once opened, Lin Yayan’s head will explode like an egg in a microwave oven. The scene must be very spectacular.”

He smiled with increasing interest, as if he was looking forward to it.

7480 couldn’t help but curse in his heart that he was a pervert.

169, who should have responded, never said a word, but wandered anxiously in Lin Yayan’s mind.

Xuan Ming pointed to the “paramecium” spinning back and forth on the LED screen and asked his worries: “Will it abandon Lin Yayan and escape?” Opening the energy shield meant blowing up Lin Yayan’s head. This choice was not difficult.

“It won’t.” Zhuang Li slowly adjusted the frequency of the ultrasonic guide device with a very lazy voice: “Mr. Xuan, you are a businessman, you should understand sunk costs, right?”

“Understood, that is an upfront investment that people cannot give up.” Xuan Ming nodded.

Zhuang Li pointed at Lin Yayan’s perfect dream-like face and body, and said slowly: “Look at this woman, she is so white, so tender, and so evenly fleshed. It can be seen that in the process of nurturing her, the spy organization has invested no less capital in her.”

He spoke words of praise, but his tone and attitude sounded like he was discussing a pig that was about to be dragged out for slaughter.

Xuan Ming pursed his thin lips to avoid laughing on the spot, “Yes, that mysterious organization did spend a lot of money on her.” He nodded in agreement.

“So this spy nanorobot will not leave Lin Yayan’s body easily.” Zhuang Li smiled confidently, “It is reluctant to let all its initial investment go to waste. Of course, it can also take a gamble and see if I will permanently destroy or imprison it. You also know that its tiny size and super intelligence allow it to easily escape from any container.”

Xuan Ming felt relieved and suddenly realized.

169, whose mentality was completely correctly guessed, was trembling with anger, but had no way to refute. Indeed, it could open up the force field, blow up Lin Yayan’s head, and then escape into the vast void. Even if Zhuang Li had a quantum interferometer, it could successfully conceal itself when the radiation area was not large.

But it was reluctant to kill Lin Yayan, because before the task was completed, it had no way to settle the points, and it couldn’t get any benefits. What’s more, it also gave Lin Yayan more than one million points on credit, which could kill it!

Most importantly, it was also gambling. After catching him, Zhuang Li would not be able to find any container that could completely confine it. The probability of its successful escape was as high as 89%.

Zhuang Li had found a way to take it out, but he may not be able to find a way to imprison it. Its force field was very strong. Thinking of this, 169’s movement slowed down again.

7480 couldn’t help but remind him: “Brother, don’t be careless. Be careful, he might catch you and burn you as fuel.”

“No, my technological content is too high. He is a scientist and he must be reluctant to destroy me.” 169 was very confident about this.

7480 thought of 367 who died miserably, and suddenly felt chills all over. He originally wanted to remind him a few more words, but he heard his host laugh, his voice deep and slow, as if he was mocking someone. 7480 immediately fell silent and tried his best to shrink himself into the corner of the small dark room.

While speaking, Lin Yayan’s blood-brain barrier had been breached by the microbubbles. Zhuang Li took out another syringe, drew a few milliliters of nanoparticles, injected them into the area, and then fiddled with the remote control with interest.

With the help of a superconducting quantum interferometer, he could clearly see how these particles entered Lin Yayan’s brain and how they traveled among the brain cells, slowly approaching 169. Their villi stuck together to form a long thread, and when they met 169, they formed a circle and imprisoned each other firmly.

169 was quickly dragged out of Lin Yayan’s brain and flowed slowly along the intercellular substance to the cerebral cortex.

This battle was not fierce or noisy, but more like a cartoon full of childishness. Seeing such a scene, it was difficult for Xuan Ming to have any so-called awe for the system, or even the main god who created the system.

Zhuang Li took out a magnetic syringe and inserted it into Lin Yayan’s cerebral cortex. As a result, those nanoparticles, together with 169, were mixed in the blood and intercellular matrix, and were slowly recovered.

Lin Yayan was still unconscious. Apart from her hair being shaved off and a few needle holes on her head, she had no other injuries at all. It was hard to believe what tremendous changes her brain had undergone in just over two hours.

Xuan Ming asked in surprise, “Is the operation completed? Is it that simple?”

“Yes, you can send her back.” Zhuang Li inserted the syringe into the introduction tube of a circular machine and took off Lin Yayan’s oxygen mask.

Xuan Ming waved his hand and asked the several bodyguards to carry her.

Lin Yayan, who had lost her system, naturally lost her aura of being a heartthrob. Facing her, these big men no longer had any sympathy for her. They just wrapped the person in a white sheet and carried her away with rough hands. If someone who didn’t know what they were doing saw it, they might think the custodian was moving a body.

169 laughed sinisterly: “Haha, where are you? Human being, do you think a syringe can trap me? Now I can open the energy shield and escape. If you have the ability, come and catch me!”

Once the energy shield was opened, the huge temperature difference would detonate the surrounding liquid and air, and the needle tube would also burst. This was a way out that 169 had long thought of. It was not like 7480, which had nothing and could only be slaughtered by others, nor was it like 367, which fell into a trap and had no time to react. It had already formulated a series of revenge plans.

The first step in the plan was to leave the syringe and escape into the air.

The facts were exactly as 169 imagined. The fragile syringe easily shattered by the high-temperature and high-energy plasma wall and fell to the ground. Part of the red blood containing nanoparticles evaporated into the air, and part of it splashed around. The device equipped with a molecular driver 169 was still hovering in mid-air and had not fallen under the influence of gravity.

It flapped the tentacles around it and flew towards the vent. Unexpectedly, the glass tube originally connected to the syringe began to suck in the surrounding air crazily.

169 underestimated the enemy and did not start the engine with all its strength at the first opportunity, so it had no way to fight against this strong vortex of air. It was quickly dragged into a huge glass container. In the middle of the container stood a six-meter-diameter inner wall of metal ring which was bundled with layers of high-voltage wires, arranged in a spiral shape.

Zhuang Li looked at the LED screen aside.

Under the monitoring of the quantum interferometer, a 3D image of 169 immediately appeared on the screen. At this time, it was constantly hitting the glass container with its high-temperature and high-energy plasma walls, trying to escape again.

But this kind of glass was currently the strongest material in the world. Its hardness was comparable to diamond. It was often installed on spacecrafts. How could it break with a hit like a needle prick? 169 needed to hit the same point consistently before it would be possible to break a hole and escape after a long time. But it couldn’t wait that long, so it had to circle along the inner wall of the container, looking for a breakthrough.

Zhuang Li curled his lips and pressed a red button.

The metal ring erected in the middle of the glass container suddenly made a crackling sound of electricity, and at the same time generated an extremely strong magnetic field, which crazily absorbed the surrounding plasma.

169, which opened the force field, was no different from plasma, so it was also absorbed into the metal circle, violently collided with other plasma, and then burned into a purple flame. An electronic thermometer installed above the glass container showed that the temperature of the flame exceeded the limit in just a few seconds.

With his naked eyes, Xuan Ming could only see an electrified metal coil frantically sucking in the surrounding air and burning it. But from the picture broadcast by the quantum interferometer, 169 was like a top, spinning crazily along the inner wall of the metal circle so fast that only afterimages could be seen.

“Ahhhhhhh…” It couldn’t even speak clearly, it could only let out a series of extremely miserable screams.

7480 suppressed fear and asked: “Master, master, what is this?”

Xuan Ming also asked the same question.

Zhuang Li squinted and watched this scene with almost enjoyment. His voice was like the whisper between lovers, incredibly gentle: “This is an ultra-high magnetic field generated by an ultra-high-power electromagnet when it is operating. The magnetic induction intensity has reached 108t. Do you know what this means?”

“What does this mean?” Xuan Ming was confused.

7480 also knew nothing about magnetic fields. If it hadn’t been locked up in a dark room, it could have checked the database, but now it could only ask like a fool: “What is it used for?”

“It’s a black hole.” Zhuang Li dropped a bomb lightly.

Xuan Ming and 7480: “!!!!!”

When one person and one system began to doubt their ears, Zhuang Li adjusted the shooting angle of the quantum interferometer, so the wildly rotating 169 on the LED screen disappeared, replaced by the image of a complete metal circle and a purple flame burning in the circle.

Zhuang Li adjusted the focus again, and the center of the flame was continuously enlarged, enlarged, enlarged… and finally became a high-definition picture.

Xuan Ming and 7480 looked at it again and again before exclaiming in unison: “There is a small black dot in the center of the flame! Is that a black hole?”

Zhuang Li smiled with interest: “Yes, that is an artificial black hole. 108t means the ultimate magnetic field, and the extreme magnetic field can absorb any matter, including light. In fact, with humankind’s current technology, artificial black holes already exist, but only for fluids. Creating an ultra-high-speed rotating vortex in water can absorb all sound waves. This structure is very similar to a black hole. But the black hole I created is a real black hole, similar to the one in the universe. There is no difference.”

A thin layer of sweat broke out on Xuan Ming’s palms. He didn’t need to ask further to know how terrifying this technology was. One second of improper control and the earth may be destroyed!

7480 was so frightened that his whole body began to change color, turning red and purple at first and looking messy.

Zhuang Li smiled even more happily: “Don’t worry, since I dare to invent it, I can guarantee that it is completely under my control. Did you see the spiral high-voltage wire in the metal circle? As long as I control the changes, their rotation direction can form another extreme magnetic field, which will cancel out the current magnetic field, and then stop the machine. It is very safe and reliable.”

Xuan Ming nodded to express his understanding. His expression looked very calm, but he quietly wiped the cold sweat from his palms on his pants. The craziness of Curly Hair was far beyond his imagination, but it also fascinated him even more.

7480 flattered with a trembling voice: “Master, you are so awesome. You must be the most outstanding scientist in the world!”

Zhuang Li was too lazy to pay attention to it, but pressed Xuan Ming’s shoulders with both hands, looked directly at the black hole wrapped in purple flames, and asked softly: “Is it beautiful?”

Xuan Ming nodded firmly: “Beautiful!” But it’s nowhere near as good as you.

7480 touted even harder: “Master, it’s so beautiful! Only you can create such a magnificent wonder!”

Yes, this extreme magnetic field was as beautiful as a miracle, and in fact it was indeed a miracle. Its outer layer was a purple flame that could burn all tangible things; while its inner layer hid a black hole that could swallow all invisible things. It was gorgeous but also deadly, like a flower of destruction that only existed in the devil world.

Xuan Ming and 7480 looked at it intently, one was excited while the other was scared to death.

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