SLDH Ch. 80.2: I Agree

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The little sika deer looked at the two people in confusion, one with a face full of disappointment and the other with an expression of annoyance. Why were the two unhappy? Could it be that the effect of her wishing flowers was not good? This was not possible. If the effect was not good, she could not give it away casually in the future.

“Wan Wan, did you have a sweet dream?” the little sika deer couldn’t help but ask.

“!” Mi Wan, who was still trying to hit a tree to calm down, froze suddenly and did not dare to look back at the sika deer.

Don’t ask me any more about my sweet dreams, I just want to die now~~

Seeing Mi Wan not answering her, the little sika deer suddenly became anxious. She couldn’t help but take another step closer and bump Mi Wan lightly with her head, reminding her to answer her: “Wan Wan, did you have a sweet dream?”

Mi Wan could no longer hear the sika deer’s words at this time. The moment the sika deer bumped her head against her, the dream scene suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Look at my new skill, the deer is bumping around!” Then the golden light flashed.

It didn’t work anymore, it didn’t work anymore, her chest suddenly started fluttering so fast, as if there was really a deer running around in her heart. Mi Wan covered her chest and wailed silently: Little Sika Deer, do you really have this skill? This is not a joke at all.

“Sweet dream?!” Fan Chen sensitively noticed the key point in Sika Deer’s words.

“Yes.” Sika Deer nodded and replied, “Wanwan made a wish just now and said she would have a sweet dream. And when she wakes up, she will know that my wishing flower works or not.”

Fan Chen widened his eyes in surprise, and then a flash of disbelief flashed across his face. He had watched the little sika deer’s wishing power condense and take shape. Although she could not defy nature and make all wishes come true, so making a small wish like a sweet dream really come true, there was no problem at all. So the dream Mi Wan had just now must have been a sweet dream, or in her perception, it was a sweet dream. So…

“Wanwan~~” Fan Chen’s eyes lit up again because of the rekindled hope. He grabbed Mi Wan’s shoulders and asked the girl to face him head-on. He couldn’t refuse and asked, “What did you dream about just now?”

Mi Wan raised her face and glanced across Fan Chen’s Adam’s apple, and then the little deer hit her chest even harder.

She was about to die, she was about to die, how could it be exactly the same as in the dream? It was obvious that Fan Chen did not take off his clothes in reality. (Crab: Who wears clothes to cover their Adam’s apple?)

“Wan Wan, tell me!” Fan Chen’s tone revealed a domineering tone that had never been heard before, and that domineering look gradually overlapped with the Fan Chen in her dream.

“I…I…” Mi Wan took a deep breath, raised her head as if accepting her fate, and said, “Can I bump against a tree for a while to calm down?”

“…” Fan Chen.

“…” Sika deer.

Suddenly, a chuckle escaped from the corner of Fan Chen’s mouth. He let go of Mi Wan’s shoulder and nodded in agreement: “Okay, but… I am also a tree. If you want to hit me, just hit me.” Then, he slowly opened his arms.

Mi Wan was startled, feeling that this was wrong, but she couldn’t find anything wrong with it, because Fan Chen’s body was originally a tree.

“Come on.” Fan Chen invited.

Mi Wan gritted her teeth and ran into Fan Chen’s arms. Then a sound as thin as ants came from Fan Chen’s arms: “I agree.” Fan Chen’s fingertips trembled and his arms tightened.

He hugged the girl in his arms and confirmed, “What do you agree to?”

“To falling in love~~~” Another thin breath came, with a hint of embarrassment in it.

“Okay.” Fan Chen couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, but he hadn’t finished asking the question yet. “Then can you tell me now, what did you dream about just now?”

After saying “I agree to fall in love with you”, Mi Wan’s shame and anger were mostly gone. Now when Fan Chen asked again, she no longer felt as unspeakable as before. She coughed lightly, raised her face, and said in a louder voice: “It’s nothing, just…just…what I did to you just now.”

She, Mi Wan, had always been a good woman who dared to do what she wanted.

At that time, Fan Chen in the dream was lowering his head to kiss her. As soon as she opened her eyes, Fan Chen in reality strangely showed the same movements as in the dream, so her brain twitched, and… what happened next happened. In fact, it was mainly because the two of them were too close at that time that she only noticed Fan Chen’s face. If they were farther away, she would have discovered that Fan Chen in reality had not taken off his clothes at all, and the touch was different… …

Touch? Mi Wan couldn’t help but recall what it was like at that time. It seemed… pretty good?

Fan Chen smiled, extremely satisfied with the answer. Just when he was about to say something more to enhance the newly confirmed relationship between the two, he heard the sika deer beside him suddenly speak out.

“I know, Wanwan’s dream was to mate with the Lord in her dream!”

Fan Chen secretly said this was bad. He knew that the sika deer was led astray by the group of animals just now, and he was afraid that Mi Wan would become angry again after hearing this. But just when he was about to explain a few words, Mi Wan’s face suddenly changed: “Xuyuan Lu, can you peek into my dream?!”

“I didn’t, it was Uncle Black Bear and the others who said that you and the Lord just met again and were mating. Also, my name is not Xuyuan Lu, my name is Lu Xuyuan.” The sika deer corrected.

Uncle Black Bear? Mi Wan turned her head stiffly and looked at the various animals sitting in a row. If she continued to think about what the deer said just now, Mi Wan could no longer regard these animals as ordinary animals, so she…she was watched just now, right?

“Hehehe…” Fan Chen couldn’t bear it any longer. He leaned down, his whole body hanging on Mi Wan’s body, and laughed wildly. As his laughter became louder and louder, the sika deer discovered that the drooping flowers and grass all over the ground had become energetic again. At this time, the flowers were swaying and exuding a refreshing fragrance.

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