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After sweeping away the haze caused by the person behind Luo Wenlong just now, Yan Han felt better. He became carefree again and subconsciously patted Lin Jianlu on the shoulder, pretending that the two brothers were in good company.


“I’m sorry.” Clearly feeling Lin Jianlu’s stiffness, Yan Han retracted his hand angrily, and then he remembered that Lin Jianlu had mysophobia and couldn’t physically interact with people.

“I was so happy that I forgot about it. I’m so embarrassed.” As he said this, he slapped the hand that made the mistake without caring about his image as a punishment.

Lin Jianlu slowly turned his head to look at him, his eyes full of thoughts while sizing him up, his lips slightly pursed, looking a little serious, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.


Yan Han took a step back.

Then Lin Jianlu took a step forward in his direction.

Yan Han took another step back, and Lin Jianlu also took another step forward. This made Yan Han a little bit at a loss. Why, he just touched it once…patted it twice, but the other party wouldn’t take a hand from him for this, right?

You can’t blame him for thinking all over the place. Lin Jianlu’s eyes were really too serious now. Under his shadow, Brother Yan realized that he had done something wrong again, and he couldn’t be strong now.

Brother Yan had no merits, so he was just used one of the few he had.

“I’m sorry.” Yan Han apologized for the nth time.

Lin Jianlu’s expression was no longer so serious, but rather a bit inquisitive.

He didn’t reply but pressed forward step by step. The eldest brother could only continue to retreat until his back touched the cold wall.

He leaned against the wall and couldn’t move, but Lin Jianlu could still move.

Seeing the distance between the two getting closer, “You, you said that the dean asked you to tutor me in my study, so he is not afraid of us…” Yan Han stopped his voice. He wanted to change the topic, but suddenly felt that the topic seemed to be too sensitive.

He had to think of another one.

You can’t blame him for losing his sense of proportion. Brother Yan had had a lot of close contact with people during fights before, but he seemed to have never experienced such a position of being completely sandwiched between a wall and a person.

“Why are you afraid of me?” Lin Jianlu suddenly spoke at this time.

“It’s nothing.” Yan Han licked his lips, his eyes averted, and he tried to change the subject again: “Oh, by the way, why did you want to help me like this…”

“I want to ask you to do me a favor.” Lin Jianlu said.

“What are you busy with?” Yan Han asked hurriedly.

“Touch me again.”


No, no, no, it was better not to do it!

Facing Lin Jianlu’s slightly pleading eyes, Yan Han, who was finally trapped in the corner, could only ask helplessly: “Where should I touch?”

This question seemed quite difficult for Lin Jianlu, and he thought for a while, and finally slowly raised his hand.

Curving his palms into fists, Lin Jianlu revealed the back of his hands.

Bang bang bang…

“Here?” Yan Han swallowed hard. He didn’t even know why he was so nervous.

Lin Jianlu nodded slowly.

The first, second and third second when Yan Han put his hand on the back of Lin Jianlu’s hand, Lin Jianlu didn’t react at all.

In the fourth second, Lin Jianlu took the initiative to withdraw his hand and said, “Okay. Thank you.”

Yan Han: “???”

“Do you feel anything?” Yan Han asked with a dry mouth.

“I find that I seem to be able to tolerate your touch.” Lin Jianlu said: “…for about three seconds, I can even resist not washing my hands.”

Yan Han: “…” So is this a compliment?

“You just asked me why I helped you?”

“…Ah, yes.” Yan Han found that he could not keep up with Lin Jianlu’s brain circuit.

“Because you are a very interesting person.”

When Lin Jianlu said this, the inquiring look from before appeared again in Lin Jianlu’s eyes, which made Yan Han have goosebumps all over his body.

“Am I interesting?”

“Yeah. Take today’s incident as an example. According to my current observations, the probability that you will get involved with that boy is almost zero.” Lin Jianlu said.

Yan Han: “…”

That made sense. The system was trying to trick me.

“If it was really because the other party was harassing you and you couldn’t bear it, you wouldn’t choose to solve it in this way.”

“…” That’s right. If he really encountered such a scumbag, he would just beat him up, and could still indulge him in jumping around!

“If the first point is true, then there is no possibility that the other party deliberately framed you, so the second point becomes a paradox.”



“In other words, two contradictory things happened at the same time. The superposition probability is equal to zero.”


“An event with absolutely zero probability happened…” Lin Jianlu looked up at him, his eyes focused: “Unless there are some variables in the middle.”


“But I can’t think of what this variable is.” Lin Jianlu said and fell into deep thought.


“Xiao Wu! Tell me what the hell he is talking about!” Yan Han roared in his head.

He understood every word the other person said, but he couldn’t understand what it meant altogether!

[This… I don’t know either. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t know our settings…] Xiao Wu pinched his chin and fell into thought.

Yan Han: “…?”

Well, he couldn’t understand what Xiao Wu said either.

“Let’s go to eat.” Lin Jianlu adjusted his clothes and realized that the distance between the two people was too close. He was almost squeezing the other person against the wall. So, he took a big step back and said: “I’m sorry.”


Yan Han no longer noticed this. He was now completely… confused.

He could only leave the office building in confusion, and then walk to the cafeteria with Lin Jianlu in confusion.

The farce at noon had an impact on some people, but for most people they just watched the excitement. At this time, youthful and energetic rock music was playing on the campus, and many people were walking and playing on the sports ground. It was still that same vibrant campus.

Yan Han was healed by such a scene in a trance. When he was passing by the football field, he saw a ball flying straight out and landing not far from him. He subconsciously ran two steps and kicked the ball to the classmate who ran out to chase the ball and then waved his hands at them in a sarcastic manner.

After doing this, he could only think of the soul-to-soul duel that had just happened between Lin Jianlu and himself. At this time, he turned around and found that Lin Jianlu’s eyes had indeed fallen on him… his vision was in the air. After the handover, Yan Han always felt that it was particularly scary when Lin Jianlu was silent because he was thinking.

The things he thought about were so terrible!

After looking at each other for a while, Lin Jianlu finally spoke. Yan Han thought he was going to say something like he was good at playing football, but he didn’t expect the other person to open his mouth and say: “You look better when you don’t wear school uniforms and skirts than you do now.”

Yan Han: “…”


He lowered his head suddenly and was shocked when he saw the school uniform skirt hanging around his waist swaying slightly in the breeze.

When he wasn’t wearing his school uniform and skirt… was it when he was playing basketball? Or during the weekend war?

So! What he said! What did it mean!

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