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After having lunch with Lin Jianlu, Yan Han returned to class to study.

Only then did he understand why someone who always wandered around campus to maintain order whenever trouble came to him could still be a school bully.

——Because everyone’s intelligence was not at the same level at all.

So correspondingly, he didn’t know what Lin Jianlu was thinking, but he always seemed to know what he was thinking easily.

It could be seen from his reaction to the love letter that he never knew the original owner before, and other classmates who got along day and night with the original owner did not notice anything was wrong with him. But Lin Jianlu was actually able to discover the problem through some logical errors and slightly inconsistent points, and thus infer that… how was that word said… Oh yes, there were variables.

…Who the hell could stand this!

Who knew if he had discovered anything else!

…He suddenly said that I look better in pants than in a skirt. There must be something wrong with this!

Taking advantage of this lunch to make up for the last time Lin Jianlu invited him but didn’t receive the red envelope, Yan Han decided to be quiet during this period.

Never cause trouble, concentrate on studying, and try not to leave the classroom door as much as possible if nothing happens. He had to stay away from that Lin Jianlu.

The time spent studying hard always passed very quickly, and Yan Han once felt like he was in a state of intoxication.

While others were chatting, he was doing his homework, while others were reading magazines and chasing celebrities, he was memorizing texts, and while others were secretly playing games on their phones, he was previewing the next subject… But even so, Yan Han still had a strange feeling. The feeling was that he would forget many things after memorizing them, or he would not be flexible, which made Yan Han feel very frustrated.

However, he had just started learning, and there was nothing he could do about it. Yan Han chose to grit his teeth and persist.

It was already very late when he returned to the dormitory after school in the evening. He was already very tired and wanted to go to bed directly, but Yan Han still started the live broadcast. He planned to finish the unfinished homework first, and then follow the method yesterday to finish the previous knowledge of the physics class and review it too.

One day passed, and his fans had grown from the original nineteen to twenty. As soon as Yan Han started the live broadcast, a barrage flew by –

Yingyingying anchor, you are finally here, I was waiting in order to do homework with you… I have been playing hard on my phone and waiting for you for more than an hour!

Yan Han: “…”

He didn’t plan to speak. After all, learning was obviously more important than live broadcasting.

What’s more, he used to watch live broadcasts a lot, and he knew that anchors had to have their own personality and style. As for his style… he just didn’t talk. After all, he couldn’t watch the barrage while studying, so he was destined to be unable to communicate with fans.

Yan Han opened the physics textbook in front of him and began to stay up late reading today.

Days passed by over and over, but busy life was like a roaring train, which could easily send people to the end of time.

Thursday soon arrived. Yan Han glanced at the class schedule as usual in the morning, and his eyes were smoothly caught by a few words… “…What the hell is swimming class!”

Yan Han asked Xiao Wu: “This school actually has swimming lessons?!”

[Yes, literally, you read that right.]

Yan Han: “It costs dozens of dollars to swim outside. Isn’t this school too wealthy?!”

[Okay, it’s Luze High School after all.] There was a sense of matter-of-factness in Xiao Wu’s words.


I’m sorry, it’s poverty that limited my imagination.

But that was not the point.

The point was, why the hell do I need to take swimming lessons?

Not to mention his washboard figure, let’s talk about that crotch rod…can an ordinary swimsuit really cover it?

Yan Han hit his head with a headache. At this time, Xiao Wu reminded him without fear of death: “Everyone must attend in women’s clothing!”

…This was not just nonsense!

Having had a headache all morning, Brother Yan forced himself to finish his cultural classes anyway.

Swimming class was the first period in the afternoon. Yan Han took advantage of his lunch break to go to the school infirmary and find Li Hongqing.

It happened that the other teacher on duty had something to do and left early in the afternoon, and no one else was in the school infirmary at the moment.

“This problem sounds quite serious.” Li Hongqing touched his chin lightly.

Yan Han half-leaned on his chair, with his legs crossed in an imageless manner, and said with a bold look: “Isn’t your task to help me cover? Then tell me what should I do now?”

“Actually, you’re worried about the problems below, but I’m more worried about the problems above.”

“What problem?”

“It’s the breast problem, you have a airport runway…”

“Get out! Haven’t you heard of breast pads? Just put some padding on it and it’ll be over.”

“So you actually agreed to use breast pads?” Li Hongqing seemed to be frightened to a certain extent, “Oh, no! So you actually know that there is such a thing as breast pads?!”

“…” Yan Han took a deep breath: “Why do you think I won’t agree with the use of breast pads?”

In fact, he was not very happy.

But even with the skirt on, he still needed a bra.

This thing was quite strange. If he had to sum it up, it was probably that people’s moral integrity and lower limits would be worn away bit by bit as the time of wearing skirts increased.

Only then did Li Hongqing react: “Oh, that’s annoying, I’ve made you a big d**k again by default.”

His appearance suddenly became shy, and his voice suddenly became thinner.

Yan Han: “…”

Continued to take a deep breath.

In the past, Li Hongqing’s eyes often flashed when he looked at him, which made Yan Han have no choice but to emphasize his attributes even if he didn’t really want to.

No matter how rough he was and no matter how soft his heart was, he still couldn’t do the above.

Of course, the adjective Li Hongqing used in Jiji’s question was quite appropriate.

“The chest problem has been solved, and the lower part is easy to fix, with a restraint belt.” Li Hongqing felt that he was a little genius.

“What’s that?”

“That’s what’s the thing, it’s just to tie it up and fix it. Although it’s not used for this, it can at least make sure it doesn’t move around.” The little genius snapped his fingers.


For some reason, Yan Han felt a little pain down there.

“Don’t worry, just leave this matter to me. I’ll buy it for you after work.” Li Hongqing said, “Actually, I have it at home, but it’s used. If you don’t mind…”

“You still have used it. Buy me a new one.” Yan Han felt horrified when he thought about the scene, “As for the money, record it first, and I will pay you back when I have money.”

“Oh, what kind of money do you want to pay, good brother?” Li Hongqing got in front of him again and started talking to him about some bestie topics: “Speaking of which, have you ever tried that kind of prop?”

“What kind of prop?”

“It’s that kind of thing!”

“…No.” Yan Han said with a grimace.

Although Yan Han had explained his attributes, he didn’t want to tell him about him being a virgin.

It was not that he meant to hide it, it was just… he couldn’t f**king say it!

Originally, Li Hongqing suspected that he was a rough uncle who didn’t understand the charm. He even mistook him for a straight man at first. If he found out that he was still a virgin, it would be a big deal.

You know, under the gentle and handsome appearance of the other party, there was a heart for gossip that was no less than that of Wen Juerong.

“You can try it if you have the chance.”

Seeing that Li Hongqing was about to sell Amway again, Yan Han quickly asked him to stop and get down to business.

“Don’t worry, you’re still a minor.” Li Hongqing said, “I’m trying to be a good example to others. I can’t bring up a bad child.”

Yan Han: “…”

“Let’s get down to business.” Li Hongqing coughed twice and said, “I’ll help you get the props, but I won’t be able to get them until tomorrow. In the meantime…”

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