President, Our Egg is Lost


A Certain President: Did you lay an egg? Have you lost your egg?

Ji XiaoYu: No, we lost our egg!

According to a legend in the common world, rooster eggs can have a great effect as a elixir. If eaten by ordinary humans, they can prolong their life, while if eaten by spiritual beasts, they can greatly increase their power.

One year after the pheasant spirit, Ji XiaoYu, entered the land of humans, he suddenly laid an egg, but he couldn’t remember who the other father of the egg was.

While working hard to earn money to save up for powdered milk and having to also protect the small egg from all sorts of bad characters, this pheasant’s life was really difficult.

Unfortunately, there was also a careless black belly husband entangled with him all day long, irritating this little master to depend on him, was he not afraid!

Joke title: “My Partner Laid an Egg and Then He Lost It; Asking Online: How Is This Possible, etc., It’s Urgent!”

Status: Completed (66 Chapters + 3 Extras)

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Tags: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Xuanhuan, Yaoi

Remarks: It is just a fluffy comedy supernatural romance novel…. This encapsulates everything that I can say about this book…

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