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Before returning home, Fu Yuanzhou went to the bookstore near the school and bought a few reference books. In the bookstore, he heard some students discussing the cat abuse incident. A girl wanted to see the litter of stray cats near the school but was almost clawed. After the person was injured, the mother cat became very alert and ran away with the kittens, and not even one could be found.

Fu Yuanzhou came out of the bookstore with a book in his arms, took a shortcut, and was about to take out his cell phone to call a taxi, but he ran into a person at a small intersection and almost dropped the book.

“… Ran Shutang?”

Fu Yuanzhou was surprised to see the handsome looks of the visitor. He didn’t expect that he would meet Ran Shutang here.

Ran Shutang turned slightly, gently nodded to him, Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes immediately fell on the hands of Ran Shutang, which had a bag of cat food, and suddenly said with clear understanding: “Are you here to feed the cats?”

“But they are not here.”

Ran Shutang tilted his head and looked into the back of the alley: “I didn’t find them.”

“Maybe they were scared and will come out in two days.”

Perhaps because he also hated people who abused small animals, Fu Yuanzhou rarely said a few more words to Ran Shutang: “That murderer was too hateful. Not only did he kill the cats, but he also wounded people. Fortunately, he was caught in the end, but those cats…”

Ran Shutang pursed his lips and tightened his hand holding the bag. After a little while, Fu Yuanzhou sighed and said, “It would be great if those cats could be adopted. I know someone who just posted to Moments today that he wanted to adopt stray cats. He is very good. It would be nice if this litter of cats could be adopted by him, but they all ran away, and I couldn’t find them…”

“If I can find them,” Ran Shutang looked up at him, “Can I ask you to help contact your friend?”

“Okay, no problem.” Fu Yuanzhou replied, “But can you find them?”

Ran Shutang nodded, and Fu Yuanzhou looked up and down. He asked again: “Do you like them that much? Why don’t you adopt them yourself and let them be raised at home?”

“I am very allergic to cat fur.” Ran Shutang was silent for a moment and shook his head.

“So miserable?” Fu Yuanzhou was happy. He didn’t mean it, but he couldn’t help it. Ran Shutang liked cats but couldn’t play with cats. There was nothing more interesting than this. He really wanted to gloat at his misfortune.

If he had used such a laugh on him in his previous life, Ran Shutang would have long left after giving him a cold look, but this time Ran Shutang did not, and he very seriously even thanked Fu Yuanzhou.

Ran Shutang looked around, as if he was looking for something: “Senior Xie Lin is not here?”

“He went to the hospital to see his classmate, and I’ll go back by myself. Why are you looking for him?” Fu Yuanzhou said.

Ran Shutang shook his head, was silent for a while and then suddenly asked: “Would you like to go back together? Take the subway.”

“Ah…no, I have an appointment.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned. He didn’t expect Ran Shutang to take the initiative to go home with him. Did Ran Shutang still want to turn him from enemy into friend because he was helping him to get the stray cats adopted?

Even though it was rejected, Ran Shutang didn’t say anything, and said, “I added your WeChat a few days ago, but maybe you didn’t see it. I hope you can verify with your friend at your convenience, and I will send you the photo of the cat. You show it to your friend, and he can decide whether to adopt.”

“Okay, I will do it later.”

Fu Yuanzhou had a little frustration. In fact, he saw the notification, but at the time he didn’t want to accept Ran Shutang’s friend request, so he ignored it. He didn’t expect to have to add it in the end.

“Thank you.” Ran Shutang said, “I owe you a favor. If you need it, you can ask me for help.”

Fu Yuanzhou immediately became happy. Ran Shutang actually said such things. Didn’t it mean he could take advantage of him.?

“Then I will go back and think about it.”

He suffocated his bad mood an instant and called the car for back home while thinking. He knew he couldn’t be too satisfied, so he kept thinking about it a lot. But he couldn’t think of what to make Ran Shutang do.

When the time came on the weekend, the stray cats returned to school. Fu Yuanzhou contacted the friend and settled the adoption. Apart from the occasional trouble caused by Xie Lin and the failure to find a tutor, everything went well.

However, this bit of trouble was nothing before meeting Yu Fei.

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou followed Xie Lin’s family to the airport, stood in the waiting hall, looking forward to the landing of the plane, with anticipation in his heart, such that his palms were even sweating a little.

In the past few days, he and Yu Fei often chatted, and they had soon become acquainted with each other.

He missed Yu Fei and asked if he could look at her picture, but Yu Fei said that he should keep a little bit of mystery so that he could see the real person when they met, so he did not make similar requests again. Yu Fei was right, and it was not bad anyway. It was only a day or two.

Was it just that Xiaofei’s flight hadn’t landed yet? Why hadn’t he seen her yet?

Fu Yuanzhou glanced at the time on the phone, and thought to himself how boring it was, at the same time recalling the good times he had spent with Yu Fei.

Yu Fei’s personality looked gentle, but she also had the side of a little devil. Sometimes she liked to tease her boyfriend. What she often did was cover his eyes with two hands from behind him and let him guess who she was…

A warm touch suddenly came from behind Fu Yuanzhou’s back. He was startled. Before he could turn his head back, his eyes were covered by the person who approached him.

The person who hugged him seemed to be a young man, tall, at least about the same as him, with slender fingers, so long that one hand could cover his eyes, his breath was sprayed into his ears, his voice was charming, gentle and smiling as he whispered in his ear.

“Zhou, guess who I am?”

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