IHSB Ch. 58

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Gu Nan told the breed of the parrot at a glance, “It should have been fed by someone.”

Nuan Nuan nodded clearly, “Is its owner looking for it?”

The little girl faced the little parrot standing on the bookcase. She beckoned, and asked softly, “Doudou, do you remember the way home?”

The little parrot Doudou buried his head under the wings, and said in a strange voice, “No I don’t know, I don’t know.”

“Then you come down first.”

The cockatiel flapped its wings and hovered above Nuan Nuan.

“The Great Demon King!”

Nuan Nuan probably knew who it was talking about, and she was a little bit angry. Her big brother was so good, how could he be the Great Demon King? This bird had no appreciation level like those children.

But Gu Nan, who was called the Great Demon King, was very calm, “Leave it alone, Gu An is teaching you elementary school textbooks?”

Nuan Nuan leaned on her brother’s thigh with her two small arms, half of her body weight was placed on him, while Nuan Nuan nodded obediently.


“Go get the book, your brother will teach you.”

Nuan Nuan’s big black and white eyes like grapes lit up instantly, and she actively grabbed the palm of her big brother, and stuck her soft little face on it intimately and rubbed it against him.

“Thank you, big brother~”

After thanking her big brother softly, she quickly slipped out to get the textbooks. Seeing this, Doudou fluttered his wings and wanted to keep up, but the speed was not as fast as Gu Nan’s, and the door closed so suddenly that he almost got flattened.

“The Great Demon King, the Great Demon King!”

“Help, Nuan Nuan, help!”

Doudou screamed in a piercing voice, facing the Great Demon King alone made it tremble.

Gu Nan stared at it coldly, “Shut up.”

Well, the cowardly Doudou closed his mouth, otherwise he was afraid that he would become a dish in the next second.

“It’s fine to stay. You can get your hair plucked in the study or in Nuan Nuan’s room.”

Gu Nan threatened the bird expressionlessly. If Nan Feng and others saw this, how many jaws would be dropped, their majestic master would actually deign to threaten a bird!

“Got it, got it.”

Swept by the cold eyes of the Great Demon King, Doudou was extremely obedient, but he missed the gentle little beauty so much in his heart.

When Nuan Nuan came over with the book in her arms, she didn’t find anything wrong, and Doudou didn’t dare to complain to Nuan Nuan in front of the big devil. Even if he complained, Nuan Nuan would of course side with her brother.

Sitting next to the big brother and opening the textbook, when Gu Nan read the text in a deep and cold voice, it was as noble, elegant and warm as a cello, and she was fascinated by it while holding her little face.

Why was her brother’s reading as nice as he was singing, although the whole story had no ups and downs and no emotions at all.

The warm, soft and glutinous little milk voice was basically the big brother read a sentence, and then she read a sentence. The deep and pleasant voice and the immature and clean voice overlapped each other. Reading a childish-sounding elementary school textbook, but somehow people could hear a romantic feeling that beat on the notes.

Doudou, who was still scared before, flew to the table in front of them unknowingly, shook his wings and listened quietly. Briquette was lying in Nuan Nuan’s arms, and her flexible black tail was like a bracelet on the girl’s fair wrist. Circled on the top, the clear contrast of black and white further highlighted the whiteness and tenderness of the skin on the child’s wrist.

For a while, only the sound of both brother and sister reading could be heard in the study room, and Gu Nan seemed to become much warmer along with it.

It was almost time for Gu An to finish class, however the rain in the sky had no intention of stopping, but Nuan Nuan still wanted to pick up her little brother from school.

She felt that the little brother would be happy to see her. Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes were so bright.

Nuan Nuan was also very happy when she received her brother, as the little brother didn’t bring an umbrella today.

Holding the umbrella, Nuan Nuan wore small rain boots, the rainy weather had made the temperature slightly cooler, so Mother Gu put on her a snow-white plush coat, which was as long as a skirt, it covered her calves, and there was a hat with two rabbit ears hanging from it.

With her fluffy and soft little sister’s head and her own soft temperament, the whole person looked like a snow-white and soft dumpling, which made people want to hold her in their arms, rub her and hug her.

“Nuan Nuan remember not to get out of the car, just let the big brother pick up the little brother, okay?”

“Yes, Nuan Nuan knows.”

Even after listening to it several times, Nuan Nuan still nodded patiently and replied that she knew, Gu An would have lost his temper if he had been replaced by her.

Afraid that Nuan Nuan would get out of the car and catch cold in the rain, Mother Gu urged her repeatedly, and she let them go only when she nodded obediently.

When getting into the car, a white shadow flashed by quickly and then got in. As soon as Nuan Nuan sat firmly, on her shoulders a beautiful little parrot was seen sitting.

The little parrot got into her hair to hide its body, and rubbed against her little neck affectionately.

“Little beauty, bring Doudou.”

There was a black cat who was always staring at it so that its feathers almost stood on end. It was afraid that it will die if it even took a nap.

Nuan Nuan touched Doudou’s little furry head, turned her head and grabbed the clothes of her big brother and looked at him eagerly.

“Big brother, can we bring Doudou with us?”

The cowardly Doudou didn’t dare to show his head.

Hearing the man humming, Doudou, whose feathers were tense, relaxed and almost slipped off Nuan Nuan’s shoulders, but luckily it caught itself in time.

For the rest of the journey, it basically nestled on Nuan Nuan’s neck, making itself warm.

When the school arrived, Nuan Nuan lay on the window and looked out. There were already many cars coming to pick up the children.

Gu Nan patted her head, “I’m going to pick up Gu An, don’t get out of the car.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, she just watched her big brother open a black umbrella and get out of the car, the rain splashed on the ground wet his leather shoes and black suit pants, but Gu Nan stood calmly in the rain, still a king-like existence, not affected by the weather at all.

“Big brother, be careful.”

Nuan Nuan raised her small hand and waved.

Gu Nan hummed, closed the door and left.

While waiting, Nuan Nuan leaned on the car window and looked out. The rain was a little lighter than before, and she could see things outside clearly.

Their car was parked in a remote place, because the parking spaces in front were all occupied. Nuan Nuan looked at it and found a small group of shivering things in the corner of the school.

She opened the car door almost immediately and wanted to get out, the driver in front suddenly turned pale with shock.

“Miss Nuan Nuan don’t go down.”

Nuan Nuan just forgot all the instructions of her mother and brother, Nuan Nuan bit her finger, and pointed the other finger at the balls outside.

“But…but there is a cat there.”

That’s right, the one who tried to hide from the rain under the corner but was ineffective and shivering was a cat, a white cat.

The driver took a look and rushed into the rain with an umbrella, “Miss Nuan Nuan, please sit down, I’ll just go over.”

Within a few minutes, the driver brought back a few cats within his coat. Under the white cat there were two little milk cats, and the reason why the big cat didn’t run away was because of these two little cats.

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