IHSB Ch. 59: Gu An and Doudou

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In order to carry these cats, the clothes on the driver’s body had turned all wet, but he smiled happily, and presented the cats in the clothes to Nuan Nuan like a treasure.

The driver was a very simple and honest middle-aged uncle. He also had a daughter who was the same age as Nuan Nuan before, but she suffered from leukaemia at a young age. When he was desperate, it was the Gu family who gave him this job and sponsored him 100,000 yuan in order to maintain the huge expenses of the hospital.

Although his daughter died in the end, but before she died, he was able to buy her favourite things for her and she left happily.

Therefore, he was very grateful to the Gu family, especially Miss Nuan Nuan, who was the same age as his daughter was back then. Every time he saw her, he seemed to see his well-behaved daughter again, and he couldn’t help but want to treat her well.

But in the Gu family, there were too many people who wanted to treat her well, Mr. Gu and his wife, the old man and even the eldest young master.

He was really happy to be able to do something for this little girl now.

“You get in the car first.”

Nuan Nuan hurriedly let him get in the car, and handed the driver the clean blanket that her big brother had covered her body with.

“Uncle, dry yourself quickly, don’t catch a cold.”

The driver smiled honestly, put the cats in his clothes on his lap, and wiped the rain from his hair carelessly.

“Uncle, you put the cats here.”

Nuan Nuan pointed at her feet, the place there was still very spacious, and it could be put there completely.

Doudou gently pecked Nuan Nuan’s thick earlobe with his beak, even after coming out, he could see the cats! Were they still going to be taken home?

The little girl poked its feathers with a finger to signal it not to make trouble.

The driver hesitated holding his clothes, “This car…”

What to do in case it got dirty.

“What’s wrong.”

At this time, a cold and familiar voice sounded, the driver shivered and looked at Gu Nan who was standing at the door of the car holding a black umbrella.

The stern young man didn’t look at him, but looked at Nuan Nuan, and nodded in satisfaction when he saw that her body was still dry, it seemed that his sister was very obedient.

Relying on his small body, Gu An climbed into the car one step faster than Gu Nan, sat down next to Nuan Nuan, squeezed her soft hand and held it.

It was so warm!

“What were you talking about just now?”

“Meow~” There was a faint meow, and Gu An found the cats in the driver’s hand, and he let out a yelp.

“Why is there a cat?”

Nuan Nuan carefully looked at the big brother who bent over to get into the car with the cold air, and before she could speak, two knuckle palms hugged her whole body.

Gu Nan looked down at Gu An, “Go over there.”

Gu An curled his lips, moved his buttocks to the side, anyway, he could sit next to his sister sitting in the middle.

Gu Nan put Nuan Nuan in the middle.

“Brother, cat.”

She grasped the big brother’s palm with her two thin and soft hands, and looked at him eagerly with her big black and white eyes.

“You want to raise them?”

Nuan Nuan looked at her big brother with bright eyes, nodded her head obediently, and said softly.

“It’s raining now, it’s pitiful for mother cat and baby cat to be caught in the rain.”

Gu Nan scraped Nuan Nuan’s little nose with his fingers, and then said to the driver.

“Let it go.”

The driver responded quickly, and put his coat on the place under Nuan Nuan’s feet. The wet mother cat was not very good-looking, she looked a little too thin, and had hid the two babies, who were shivering under her stomach.

Gu An glanced at it and was disgusted, “It turns out that the cat is so ugly when it is wet.”

This was a guy who only cared about looks.

Nuan Nuan also watched eagerly, Gu Nan lightly told, “Don’t touch it.”

The little girl nodded obediently, “Yeah, Nuan Nuan knows it, so she won’t touch it.”

“Go to the pet hospital first.”

These cats should be dewormed and vaccinated and have their nails cut. He would not allow any existence that could harm Nuan Nuan’s health near her. If these cats were obedient, he did not mind raising them. If they were wild and unruly and hurt Nuan Nuan, he would find someone to send the cats out.

The car drove all the way to the pet hospital. When Gu Nan got off the car, he gave the driver a card, “Use it to buy a new set of clothes.” The driver held the card in his hand, his eyes showed a moved expression, but he hid this gratitude in his heart, then he hurriedly bought a whole set of clothes to change into, so that he wouldn’t catch a cold. If he caught a cold, he wouldn’t be able to help Miss Nuan Nuan and the young master drive around.

The mother cat and the baby cats were quickly taken away by the veterinarian for necessary examination. The three of them sat on the sofa, and Gu An taught Nuan Nuan to play games with his mobile phone.

She couldn’t understand the games that were too complicated, but she liked some Happy Xiao Xiaole[1] and Tetris[2] very much. While despising her younger sister’s childishness, Gu An pushed his friends’ invite to play ranked games to play Happy Xiao Xiaole with Nuan Nuan.

“Wow, brother, you are so amazing!”

Every time he passed a level, he heard Nuan Nuan praising him. Seeing this Gu An’s eyes shined and his heart swelled up with joy.

“There’s nothing to brag about, it’s so simple.”

While saying that there was nothing to praise, Gu An tried harder to pass each level, while Gu Nan thought blankly, I haven’t seen him for half a month, why is my younger brother getting more and more “hypocritical”?


A strange voice came from Nuan Nuan’s body, and Gu An almost threw the phone out with a trembling hand.

Looking over with horror in his eyes, he saw the head of a small parrot hidden in his sister’s fluffy hair.

“Where did the bird come from!”

He breathed a sigh of relief, but it’s okay, he thought what happened to his sister’s voice, it was terrible.

Nuan Nuan smiled with crooked eyebrows, and scratched under Doudou’s chin with thin white fingers.

“It flew to the house by itself, and it’s called Doudou.”

Gu An looked at it curiously.

“What do you want me to do?”

Gu An laughed, “You really know how to…”

There seemed to be something wrong.

“Okay, you dare to take advantage of me!”

Gu An stared at Doudou aggressively, and grabbed it with his hand.

Doudou thumped its wings and flew up, squeaking and screaming as it flew.

“Help, help, someone beat me!”


“You won’t!”

The two stared at each other up and down, cross-eyed.

Nuan Nuan propped her small chin and looked at them for a while, but Gu An couldn’t catch Doudou, so he finally came back cursing and resumed teaching Nuan Nuan how to play games.

The little girl’s eyes were bent into small crescents, she looked very beautiful, as she said softly.

“Brother, don’t argue with Doudou.”

Gu An coughed, “Okay, for your sake, I won’t argue with a bird.”

The little girl moaned, “You are not allowed to bully brother.”

Doudou suddenly stopped.

Now Gu An became proud, like Dou Sheng’s little rooster, he pulled his sister and excitedly taught her how to play games.

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