SLDH Ch. 46.2: Final Exam

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Because of Yang Kaize’s strong request, Mi Wan had no choice but to take the three teenagers to the Wishing Tree Square in the eastern suburbs. As soon as he arrived at the square, Yang Kaize excitedly ran to buy four wishing belts, and handed one to each of them.

“Hurry up and write down your wishes.” After Yang Kaize finished speaking, he lowered his head and began to write: I hope that I can snatch the limited-edition basketball shoes of XX brand this time.

Wei Ji glanced at it, and immediately knew that the Sanskrit Tree would definitely ignore such a wish for happiness, because it couldn’t be considered difficult at all.

Here, Mi Wan had also written: I hope that this final exam, I will pass all the exams, I will choose the right questions, and I will pass~~

Wei Ji thought again: This wish probably won’t come true either, Sanskrit Tree would surely not be so unscrupulous as to help a student who doesn’t work hard on weekdays pass the final exam.

Mi Shao thought about it, took the pen handed over by Yang Kaize, and wrote a wish: I also want a pair of XX limited-edition basketball shoes.

When Yang Kaize saw it, he immediately yelled: “No way, there are only two pairs of these shoes in China. If we have one pair for each of us, the probability is too small.”

“The probability is small, so we have to make a wish.” Mi Shao didn’t care, as he said, it won’t come true anyway, it’s just for fun.

Seeing that they all made a wish, Wei Ji thought for a while with a pen and wrote: I hope Grandpa can recover soon.

Then the four people held the wishing belts, put their hands together, and bowed to the Sanskrit tree in a dignified manner, and then Yang Kaize carried the little brother Mi on his shoulders to hang the wishing belts high. After hanging up, Yang Kaize was very satisfied looking at the bright red wishing silk on the branches.

“I heard that the higher the hanging, the easier it is for the wish to come true.”

Wei Ji was about to remind his roommate not to have too much hope, when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a burst of fluorescent light covering the four wishing belts that had just been hung up, and the fluorescent light was brighter than the surrounding ones. The other fluorescent lights should be a little brighter.

Was this… being focused on? Moreover, it was accepted by the Sanskrit tree as soon as it was hung up, and even the extravagant wish of buying sneakers was accepted by the Sanskrit tree? When did the Sanskrit Tree become so easy to talk to?

Wei Ji was a little confused.

“Shushasha~~” (Sister, I wish you success in the exam.)

Mi Wan smiled happily. This was the blessing from the Sanskrit Tree. It promised that as long as she went home and read the papers, she would draw out the test papers randomly, all those randomly selected questions would surely be tested. Was this considered cheating, you ask? No, no, she just asked the Sanskrit Tree to help bet on the questions.

“Sister Mi, you…” Wei Ji asked in a low voice, “Can you communicate with the Sanskrit Tree?”

“Shh~~” Mi Wan blinked, put her index finger against the tip of her nose, and made a quiet gesture.

Wei Ji was startled, and suddenly felt sorry for the two little friends. They actually used such a good opportunity to buy shoes.

The wishing tree was near the old house. After making a wish, Mi Wan invited the three of them back to the old house for lunch as a matter of course, and then asked the driver Xiao Zhang to drive the three teenagers back to school. Before leaving, Wei Ji asked Mi Wan for her contact information, and invited in a low voice, “Sister Mi, do you have time after you finish the exam?”

“What’s wrong?” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows.

“My grandfather wants to see you.” Wei Ji said.

Wei Ji’s grandpa seemed to be an eighth-level demon hunter. Could it be that the Demon Hunter Association was going against her again, so they were planning to find an eighth-level demon hunter to suppress her? Mi Wan was puzzled in her heart, but she still agreed on the face: “Okay.”

Just in time, she also wanted to see how her teacher’s sect was doing after five hundred years of inheritance.

“Then I’ll contact Sister Mi after I confirm the time.” Wei Ji got into the car with a happy face.

After seeing off people, Mi Wan returned to the living room, and met the smiling eyes of Butler Ye. Seeing that the relationship between the young lady and her family getting better and better, Butler Ye’s relief was beyond words.

“Uncle Ye, I want to ask you something.” Mi Wan suddenly remembered something.

“Miss, tell me.”

“How much money do the shareholders of Wanwu Group earn in a year?” She had to confirm the income of the fox demon before she could issue the bill.

“It depends on how many shares you own, but Wanwu Group’s profitability has always been very good. Even an ordinary shareholder can earn tens of millions a year at least.” Butler Ye said.

Tens of millions? Quan Juncai must not be an ordinary shareholder, Mi Wan thought, so she took out her mobile phone and tapped a series of numbers, and then sent it along with her bank account number.

In the Wanwu Group, Fan Chen was reviewing the land plots reported by his subordinates. They were all lands polluted by chemical plants. He was thinking of checking them one by one to see which piece of land was more seriously affected.

At this time, his phone suddenly rang. Fan Chen glanced at it and forwarded it directly. And within a few seconds after he forwarded it, the door of the office was slammed open.

Quan Juncai wailed while holding the phone: “My lord, is this bill…is it wrong?”

“No.” Fan Chen didn’t even lift his head.

“Isn’t it starting at one million? Why is it so much, 40 million? Besides, isn’t there a 50% discount?” Quan Juncai asked.

“You don’t have enough money?” Fan Chen raised his eyes and looked over.

“It’s not…”

“Then what are you talking about.” Fan Chen’s tone was a little impatient.

“…” Quan Juncai didn’t dare to speak anymore, he dared to conclude that he must have offended his lord somewhere. What had he been doing recently? Quan Juncai began to think about it, but he couldn’t figure it out no matter how he thought about it, and finally he could only go out in a dispirited manner.

Forget it, 40 million was 40 million. He had heard that the little girl from the cat family spent 30 million. Was his nephew not more expensive than her? Thinking of this, Quan Juncai felt a lot more at ease, and called his financial advisor to ask him to transfer 40 million to Mi Wan’s account.

Another week later, Mi Wan did all the papers Han Xiao gave her, remembered everything she could remember, and decided to let things happen where she could. And the day before the final exam, the little frys in the pet shop were also discharged from the hospital.

After confirming that the demon poison in their bodies had been cleaned up, Mi Wan raised the fish tank and splashed the five small fish frys in the water on the ground together, only to hear five consecutive bangs, and then five naked little dolls appeared on the ground before Mi Wan’s eyes.

The five little dolls waved their small arms like lotus joints, looked at each other’s human forms, and squeezed each other curiously.

“Yaya, you’re so pretty.” Xiao Hai recognized Yaya at first sight, although Mi Wan didn’t know how he recognized the colorful fish head through the cute little face of Yaya.

“Hey, I have feet, I have feet, I am no longer afraid of being stranded on the beach.”

“Ah, my mouth is no longer round, and my eyes finally have eyelids.”

Hearing these dumbfounding exclamations, Mi Wan reminded them: “Hurry up and change your clothes, someone will pick you up and you have to leave the hospital in a while.”

Hearing this, the sparrow spirit cooperated and took out the clothes he had prepared earlier from behind, and said, “Come and choose clothes.”

“Ah, ah, I can finally wear clothes.” The five little fish frys were excited again, they didn’t even think about choosing, and each of them took a piece of clothing and put it on, on the spot. Because Chinese New Year was coming, the colors of the clothes sold in the store was very festive. After changing into clothes, the five little fish frys looked like dolls in New Year pictures. They fondly touched the clothes on their bodies, thinking that it was the best gift in the world.

When Yu Feihang came, he saw such a picture, and his eyes softened involuntarily. These five small fish frys were brought out from the waters by him and sent over here. No one knew what they looked like before better than him. But in just half a month, these young fish frys seemed to be more energetic and lively than the few healthy young fish fry in the clan.

Yu Feihang immediately took a photo of the little fish frys and posted it in the demon group, saying that the little fish frys in his family had recovered.

As soon as the photo was posted, there was a sudden commotion in the group, and everyone started @Sparrowjing: The prescription is right, why doesn’t my cub respond after soaking in it?

The sparrow spirit felt guilty for a while, and pretended to be dead as if he didn’t see it.

Yu Feihang chuckled and didn’t expose the sparrow demon. If he wanted to seek Mi Wan for medical treatment in the future, he would have to go through the sparrow demon. Naturally, he couldn’t offend him.

On the second day, Mi Wan entered the examination room with ease, and Han Xiao who was in good condition felt a little strange. When the exam bell rang, Mi Wan took the test paper. She was not in a hurry to read the questions, but closed her eyes tightly, folded her hands together and prayed: “Little Sanskrit Tree, I’m depending on you.”

“…” Han Xiao, sitting at the side behind her.

After eight exams in a row, Han Xiao didn’t know what to say, so he pretended that he didn’t know anything.

“Mi Wan, how did you do in the exam?” Jin Mingxuan asked curiously in the last exam.

“Not bad.” Mi Wan said confidently.

It’s not bad, Han Xiao couldn’t help complaining, the paper I gave you, at most, you got half of the questions right, and you can only get 50 points if you were good on every question.

“Then let’s go out and have a meal together to celebrate.” The winter vacation started after the exam, and it would be New Year’s Eve when they would meet again, so Liu Gu proposed to go out for a meal together.

“Okay.” Everyone agreed and walked towards the school gate together. Just as they walked to the door, a young man in a white down jacket greeted Mi Wan straight up.

“Sister Mi, have you finished the exam?” Wei Ji checked before coming here to make sure that Mi Wan was taking her last exam today.

“What’s wrong?” Mi Wan asked.

“Do you have time now?” Wei Ji said apologetically, “I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry, but my grandpa is going to visit City B tomorrow, so he is more anxious to see you.”

“Yes, but I just made an appointment with my classmate to eat, why don’t you go to my store and wait for a while until I finish eating.” Mi Wan said.

“No, if you have something to do, go and do it.” Liu Gu said quickly, not wanting to delay Mi Wan’s business.

“Don’t worry.” It’s just seeing a junior, and the time they could cooperate with her was already in the face of the same door.

That’s right, although Wei Ji’s grandfather was already seventy-eight years old, in terms of seniority, she really didn’t know which generation of Mi Wan’s grand disciple he was. So Mi Wan didn’t feel guilty at all for letting the old man wait for her.

Seeing this, Wei Ji didn’t dare to say more, but just nodded in response. After all, he came here without saying hello.

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Sanskrit Tree: I only open the back door for my sister~~

Mi Wan: What a cute little tree.

Fan Chen: What about me?

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