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The wedding of Kang Xing Luo and Kang Lai Yin was not too big. None of the friends and businessmen in Kang Lai Yin’s business circle were invited, and only the closest friends to Kang Xing Luo had been invited.

Even if it was so, the wedding ceremony was still quite grand.

Li Hongming took a car ride for half an hour to the venue, only to find Kang Xing Luo’s room decorated gorgeously.

At this time, there was still some time before the wedding. Kang Xing Luo was in the company of his cats, wearing a white suit and chatting with his family in the room.

Standing in the room were Prince, Miao, Snow and the Hua-Hei couple. There were three little kittens in bow tie running around on the floor.

Just looking at this lineup, it could be said to be dazzling. The superstar, famous model, e-sports God, great writer and fighting queen were all gathered together, and most people couldn’t imagine it.

Unfortunately, their external identity was not useful here, only their identity as a cat, and there was a lively discussion going on about who would walk Kang Xing Luo to Kang Lai Yin.

Prince Kang: “I’m the best-looking cat in the whole family. Of course, I should walk Xing Luo down the aisle.”

Kang Xue: “It has nothing to do with the face. You should look at the temperament. Such important things must come from mature cats. I recommend myself.”

Kang Xiao Hua: “It should be the oldest person, I think my brother is suitable.”

Kang Miao: “Da Hei already has a mission, don’t even think about it, the wedding is usually carried by the male elders. But Xing Luo’s marriage is the marriage of two men. You shouldn’t look at sex. I should be the one accompanying him.”

The three little kittens jumped into the flower basket, and the petals spilled to the ground, and the room sounded with the sound of Xiao Hua teaching the children.

“Run and run, run away or I’ll confiscate your small coffers.”

Li Hongming liked this lively enthusiasm very much. He sighed and happily said, “Happy wedding!”

As soon as his voice fell, it really attracted Kang Xing Luo’s attention. Kang Xing Luo laughed: “Old man, why are you here?”

Li Hongming said: “It’s not early enough? I think other people haven’t arrived yet.”

Kang Xing Luo looked extraordinarily bright today. He could see joy in the corners of his eyes and brows. He looked at Li Hongming for a while and asked, “Walk me?”

Li Hongming said: “Who else besides me?”

Kang Xing Luo said, “What do you think?”

Li Hongming gave a start, and then quickly waved his hand: “Don’t don’t, don’t guess, I’m single, and I don’t want to eat grass.”

Kang Xing Luo closed his mouth and didn’t speak, but there were two big characters on his face-don’t you?

Li Hongming’s neck narrowed, and he who wanted to cover it laughed.

Kang Xing Luo’s father was far away abroad, and they had lost contact early. To this day, Li Hongming was his closest person. When Kang Xing Luo saying this to Li Hongming fell in the eyes of the cats, they felt envious.

“You walk with me.”

Li Hongming was startled, “I’m coming?”

Kang Xing Luo, “You don’t want to?”

How could Li Hongming be unwilling? Although he was scared by the faces of the several other cat bosses, he was more moved.

Li Hongming said: “Then he’d better respect me and obey me. Others will treat me as your father then don’t blame me.”

Kang Xing Luo smiled on Li Hongming’s back for three consecutive shots.

“Yes, who will be there with dad Lai Yin?”

Kang Xing Luo: “Da Hei.”

The voice of argument emerged from the cats.

“Da Hei is unlucky.”

“No way, who asked Chang Maozi to take the initiative?”

“No, it should be said that no one would like to stand by Kang Lai Yin except Da Hei. I’m going to be next to Xing Luo anyway.”

Kang Da Hei tilted his head and said, “I’m actually fine, right next to Lai Yin.”

Kang Xing Luo heard the complaints of the several cats about Kang Lai Yin, and could only show helplessness, but his eyes continued to smile.

Today was a wonderful day, the day when he and Xiao Shizi were officially getting married.

The significance of this ritual was very important to him, just like a certain node of life, Kang Xing Luo wanted to leave the most important mark at this moment.

There was Li Hongming accompanying Kang Xing Luo. The several cats were actually very relieved. Everyone was entangled with Kang Xing Luo for a while and adjusted Kang Xing Luo’s clothes to look good. They wanted Kang Xing Luo to not be biased in the future.

Not only Da Hei had the task of accompanying Kang Lai Yin, Kang Xiao Hua and Kang Miao were responsible for bearing the rings, Kang Xue was acting as the priest, and Prince Kang took the responsibility of transporting the flower girls.

The task of spreading flowers belonged to three small cats. Unfortunately, the three milk cats were too small and could only be carried by Prince Kang while carrying a flower basket and taken all the way.

After the cats left, time passed quickly. Li Hongming had nothing to do, but somehow, as time got closer and closer, his heart started beating fast.

When the bell rang, Li Hongming pulled his clothes, nervous: “Xing Luo, are you ready?”

Kang Xing Luo: “Well, ready.”

Kang Xing Luo had already been prepared, since the day Xiao Shizi asked him to marry him, he was ready.

He and Li Hongming shook their fists in the manner of an old friend, and then set off for the church. Li Hongming stood on his left, and Prince Kang was holding the black and white cats behind him.

Following the sound of music, Kang Xing Luo saw the starlight that Kang Lai Yin had laid out for him.

With a single glance, Kang Xing Luo saw Xiao Shizi standing at the end. The man was in a white suit like him, with a taller body, a somber face, and tight muscles on his face.

Kang Xing Luo accidentally laughed and whispered quietly: “Xiao Shizi is too nervous.”

As Kang Xing Luo approached slowly, the figures in the auditoriums on both sides stared at him.

Chai Ke Nai’s eyes were bright and full of yearning while looking at the wedding. When Prince Kang passed by, he did not forget to wave hard at his beloved orange cat.

Huang Qianqian hugged the Gentleman and stared at Kang Xing Luo with a bright smile. Jin Bao and Jin Bei sat next to the host. Yao Fan leaned on them as he held up his mobile phone to take a video.

The secretary shed two lines of tears and felt extremely moved. He brought his handkerchief out with no expression, applauding himself.

Through their eyes, everyone fully expressed their blessings to this wedding.

Kang Xing Luo felt some attention from the outside world, but at this moment, only Xiao Shizi could be seen in his eyes.

One step, two steps.

Kang Xing Luo came to Kang Lai Yin’s side. The moment he arrived, Kang Lai Yin reached out to him.

Kang Lai Yin and his hands clasped, then Kang Lai Yin suddenly twitched his arms.

Kang Xing Luo was taken aback and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Kang Lai Yin pursed his lips and replied, “I was too tense, it seems like a cramp.”

Kang Xing Luo couldn’t help laughing, and the laughter spread all over the church. Just listening to it made people unable to ignore the happiness.

Li Hongming and Da Hei both laughed, and Prince Kang shouted, “Chang Maozi! Can you be a little bit prosperous!!”

Kang Lai Yin frowned. “Shut up.”

The church became instantly lively, and the romantic and peaceful atmosphere changed into a smile. Kang Xue was to lead the priest’s duties, so he hurriedly waved to signal until the surroundings were quiet again.

He then cleared his throat and was less than happy to say, “The wedding begins, and today I will preside for these two.”

Everyone quieted down and watched the wedding calmly.

Kang Xue was actually quite unwilling to give Kang Lai Yin the marriage certificate, but he had to give Xing Luo the marriage certificate, so Kang Xue felt very honored. The two conflicting feelings were intertwined and very complicated.

Kang Xue was in such a complex mood, as he said, “Mr. Kang Lai Yin, would you like to marry the human in front of you?”

“Love him and be loyal to him, whether he will give you something to eat or not, whether he be willing to shave you, or shovel your shit, you will make money to support him all his life, coax him until he is happy, until death separates you, do you promise?”

Kang Lai Yin looked deep into Kang Xing Luo’s eyes, without hesitation: “I do.”

Kang Xing Luo blinked his eyes, evoking an infinitely gentle smile.

Kang Xue turned to ask Kang Xing Luo: “Mr. Kang Xing Luo, would you like to marry the cat evolutionary species in front of you?”

“Love him, be loyal to him, whether he is poor or rich, healthy or sick, you are willing to live with him forever, never leave, until death separates you, do you promise?”

Kang Xing Luo held Kang Lai Yin’s hand tightly and said softly, “I do.”

Kang Lai Yin turned his lips away and his expression was very ugly. People who didn’t understand would think he looked very vicious, but those who knew him knew that Kang Lai Yin was not being fierce.

He was about to cry.

Before Kang Xing Luo, many people ridiculed him, saying that he was particularly prone to tears and didn’t want him to not cry. Kang Xing Luo would not do it. He hurriedly held Kang Lai Yin’s face and coaxed: “Xiao Shizi, don’t cry.”

Kang Lai Yin pumped, didn’t hold back, and his eyes were wet for a moment. “… I didn’t want to cry, I was just happy.”

The onlookers were all moved at his show of true feelings, especially Li Hongming, who was closest to Kang Xing Luo, he was almost moved to tears.

Only the cats that Kang Xing Luo raised at home rolled their eyes, and Prince Kang even scooped up with Xiao Hua.

Prince Kang said, “So a big cat is crying, vomit!”

Kang Miao said: “Did Xiao Xue change Kang Lai Yin’s vows just now?”

Kang Xiao Hua said: “It seems to be.”

Three little pussycats came out of the basket: “Who is crying?” “Is it over?” “I want a red envelope.”

There was a commotion in the field because Kang Lai Yin was crying. After a moment, Kang Lai Yin settled down and Kang Xue sighed, “The two gentlemen can now exchange rings, and will then become husbands under the witness of everyone.”

Kang Xiao Hua and Kang Miao presented the rings, Kang Xing Luo and Kang Lai Yin slowly put on the ring for each other. After wearing them, the two unconsciously intertwined their fingers and pressed their foreheads face to face.

Kang Xue said softly: “You can kiss each other now.”

Kang Xing Luo closed his eyes, and the next moment, Kang Lai Yin’s warm lips fell on his lips.

He clenched Kang Lai Yin’s hand tightly and kissed back deeply.

Then Kang Xing Luo heard Kang Lai Yin’s voice. “I love you.”

Kang Xing Luo answered, “Me too.”

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