MGSGW Ch. 257

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“There is a fiancée in Xiao Du’s hometown. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask her to call someone to help.” Yun Ting pinched Lin Mumu’s leg and spoke carefully, fearing that Lin Mumu would feel reluctant, so he quickly added: “But if you feel that junior high school student is inappropriate, forget it.”

“I don’t dislike it. I definitely don’t dislike it. I haven’t even gone to junior high school yet.” Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ting blankly: “I promise, I will treat her well.”

Yun Ting tugged at the corners of his lips helplessly, why did it feel a bit tasteless? She never said anything so nice to him.

“Okay, I’ll call Xiao Du right now and ask him to pick us up.”

“Well, well, she must come, come as soon as possible, our store is really overwhelmed. I have no experience in recruiting people.” Lin Mumu even used the coquettish technique.

“No returns are allowed when the person comes.”

“No returns, I promise not to return. Your people are mine.” Lin Mumu looked determined.

“You!” A smile appeared on Yun Ting’s face, and he put down the stone in his heart, and started urging Lin Mumu: “Aren’t you going to comfort your roommate?” Lin Mumu knew that Yun Ting wanted to make a phone call alone, so she ran away obediently. She looked for Chen Fangya in the front yard. Chen Fangya was also exhausted. She really wanted to comfort her and at least share the good news with her.

Lin Mumu was shrewd in her heart. The person recommended by Yun Ting himself would definitely be right.

Xiao Du was one of the most trustworthy people around Yun Ting. She thought he was not only a good hand, but also had a good character.

Yun Ting was a thoughtful person, and the person he chose must have been checked till three generations of their family. His willingness to recommend her to Lin Mumu at least proved that Xiao Du’s fiancée was trustworthy.

Judging from Yun Ting’s demeanour, it seemed that he had had this idea for a long time, but he just didn’t find the opportunity. Lin Mumu didn’t know the specific reason, but she believed in Yun Ting, and that was enough.

Lin Mumu was rubbing her sore calves happily, discussing with Chen Fangya, looking forward to Xiao Du’s fiancee coming to help quickly. Chen Fangya immediately agreed to this suggestion.

Lin Mumu had the best relationship with Chen Fangya in her last life. Perhaps because they had similar brain circuits and could think of many ideas together.

Selling flowers didn’t have much technical content, so you could learn it even if you didn’t know it. Yanjing City had a high level of education. In many places, many vendors had only attended elementary school.

Lin Mumu was also harmed by Liu Ting once, so she was a little afraid of recruiting people.

Lin Mumu had too many secrets. If anyone told someone about the orchid seedlings she cultivated in the backyard, there would be a lot of trouble. She would rather have a bad business than provoke unreliable people again.

Now it was better. Xiao Du’s wife was different from Liu Yuanyuan. She could stay in the store with Sister Zhou in shifts all day long, so that she would never have to worry about the store being empty.

With such an extra person, Lin Mumu could also sell some of her precious orchids. Mainly because Sister Zhou didn’t understand the price of orchids before, and Liu Yuanyuan was too busy, so Lin Mumu didn’t want to add any burden to them.


A rapid knock on the door interrupted Lin Mumu’s thoughts.

It was already evening, and the flower and bird market had been closed to the public. It couldn’t be a customer buying flowers. Who could it be?

Lin Mumu opened the door and was a little surprised when she saw Liu Ting.

At this time, Liu Ting’s hair was dishevelled and her eyes were red, and she was indeed not in a good condition.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Mumu’s voice was a little distant. What happened last time had ended the remaining friendship between her and Liu Ting.

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