MGSGW Ch. 258

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Content Warning: Casual reference to suicide

What happened last time showed her that there was something wrong with Liu Ting. She wanted to secretly learn Lin Mumu’s skills and make a fortune on her own, but she looked too ugly.

Lin Mumu kindly helped her, but another farce of greed and insufficiency occurred.

Liu Ting was powerless to stop Boss Su from damaging the orchids. Lin Mumu asked her if she still dared not admit it.

Okay, forget all that, but she was clearly in the wrong when she still vehemently speculated that Lin Mumu might be being kept by someone.

Their friendship was already over, wouldn’t it be awkward to meet again?

Lin Mumu didn’t expect Liu Ting to come to her and had a gut feeling that something bad must have happened. Because Liu Ting’s character was just too snobbish.

When Liu Ting saw Lin Mumu, she knelt down with a thud without even saying hello.

“What are you doing?” Lin Mumu’s voice became even colder.

In the past, in the mountains, Lin Mumu felt that kneeling was a very sacred and respectful etiquette. So you should only kneel down to your master and kneel down to your Taoist ancestor.

How come here, kneeling had become a disguised form of blackmail? It seemed that as long as they knelt down, others have to listen to them.

Liu Ting didn’t speak, she just cried.

Lin Mumu was very patient. She didn’t tell or ask. She even returned to Chen Fangya without sympathy and grabbed the last few pomegranates from Chen Fangya.

Liu Yuanyuan reacted and hurriedly rushed over and grabbed Liu Ting’s collar: “Are you done? I told you not to harass us. Can’t we just pretend we’ve never met? If you don’t like us, we don’t like you either, why should you look for help from us?”

Liu Ting refused to give in this time. She broke free from Liu Yuanyuan’s hand and knelt down again: “Yuanyuan, I have reached a dead end. You must help me this time. If you…If you don’t help me, I will have no choice but to die.”

Now that’s good, if kneeling didn’t work, it was escalated to suicide?

Lin Mumu raised her eyebrows and looked at Liu Ting coldly: “Don’t come to me if you want to commit suicide. Please go to the Wuming Tower and become famous. It is the holy place for jumping off buildings. It is said that at least one person from Yanda University jumps from there every year. It seems that no one has jumped this year. You can win this spot.”

Lin Mumu’s ruthlessness completely choked Liu Ting, and she just opened her red eyes and looked at Lin Mumu in disbelief.

“We are classmates after all. Are you really so cruel that you won’t help me?”

“Sorry, you are a sophomore and I am a freshman. We are not in the same major, so we should not be counted as classmates, only alumni. Yanda University is so big, and it enrols thousands of students every year. If everyone who studied at Yanda University is considered a classmate, I wonder if we have tens of thousands of classmates now?” Lin Mumu responded coldly.

Chen Fangya even added in harmony with Lin Mumu: “It seems that Chairman Qiu is also a graduate of Yanda University. If you have anything to do, why not go to Chairman Qiu? He is also your classmate?”

The two women looked at each other and their positions were basically the same thoughts.

If possible, Lin Mumu really wanted to sweep her out. Committing suicide by jumping off a building? She didn’t have the courage at all! To put it bluntly, this kneeling down and mentioning jumping off the building, wasn’t it just to find some leverage for herself and to blackmail them?

Lin Mumu hated this feeling and didn’t want to be blackmailed.

Liu Yuanyuan was a little softer. She was a little scared at this time and did not dare to push Liu Ting anymore, for fear that she would really jump off the building.

Liu Ting was so smart. After she felt Liu Yuanyuan’s looseness, she immediately hugged Liu Yuanyuan’s legs and began to cry and hug her: “Yuanyuan, do you still remember that when you first came to the work office to find a part-time job, I was the one who took you there? I helped you find a tutor, and I took the initiative to introduce you to a part-time job. We agreed that if we are poor and ambitious, we should rely on our own hands and work together in the future. We also said that we should help each other and support each other. Don’t you remember? Or are you looking down on us sisters in need now that you have a rich roommate?”

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