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The next day, Shen Qinglan finally felt a little more comfortable. She was about to go out to buy groceries when she bumped into Sister-in-law Zhang, “Sister, are you planning to go out?”

“Sister-in-law, I want to go shopping nearby. Do you know where the vegetable market is?”

They happened to meet each other. It would save Shen Qinglan more trouble if she asked her.

“You are just in time, I plan to go too, let’s go together.”

Shen Qinglan came back from the market with a few bags of ingredients in her hands. She saw that the refrigerator was empty in the morning. The things in the refrigerator were all bought by Fu Hengyi, so she didn’t don’t know where the market was, but she didn’t expect it to be so close.

After refilling the refrigerator, Shen Qinglan rolled up her sleeves and planned to cook.

Turning on her phone, she first looked up the recipe for the dish she wanted to cook, and then started washing the dishes. When Fu Hengyi came back, what he saw was Shen Qinglan holding the phone in one hand and cooking with the other.

“I’ll do it.” Fu Hengyi chuckled. She was not good at cooking.

“It’ll be ready soon. You take those dishes out first. I’ll have them ready here soon.” She replied and motioned to Fu Hengyi. Only then did Fu Hengyi realize that there were several dishes next to them, and they looked pretty good.

After taking it out, he came in to get the bowls and chopsticks. Shen Qinglan had already taken off the pot and took the dishes out together.

“Why did you think of cooking today? Are you feeling better?”

Shen Qinglan nodded, “It’s okay.” She only had the first day of menstrual cramps. She took a bite of the food and frowned. It looked pretty good, but this taste…

“Let’s go to the canteen.” This dish was really too salty.

“It’s just a little salty, the rest is pretty good, it’s okay.” Fu Hengyi comforted his wife. It was rare for her to cook, so he would eat it all even if it wasn’t delicious.

Fu Hengyi still washed the dishes. Shen Qinglan had nothing to do in the afternoon and planned to visit her father Shen Qian. Shen Qian was also in this military area, but a little far away from Fu Hengyi. It took about an hour to walk there.

As soon as she walked to the training ground for new recruits, she heard a familiar male voice, “Zhao Wei, you think I don’t know that your morning fighting class was to avenge a personal vendetta, you despicable person.”

Shen Qinglan glanced here, and found that it was Gu Yang, who was arguing angrily with a man in military uniform, who seemed to be a new soldier.

“You think your skills are so great that there are no rivals among the new recruits, don’t you? You can’t even beat a woman.” Gu Yang was aggrieved for some unknown reason.

Zhao Wei didn’t plan to pay attention to Gu Yang at first. He was seeking revenge for his own sake. He just couldn’t stand Gu Yang and Gu Kai, two young masters who used their family connections to fool around in the army.

Just hearing Gu Yang say that he couldn’t even beat a woman, Zhao Wei stopped and looked at Gu Yang intently. His eyes were very dark, and his eyes were like a pool of stagnant water. “Which woman, tell me.”

Gu Yang paused, he just thought of Shen Qinglan, so he said that casually, but he couldn’t go find Shen Qinglan now.

He was about to say that she was from the women team next door, but he suddenly saw Shen Qinglan at a glance. His eyes lit up and he pointed at Shen Qinglan, “She is my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law alone can beat you up.” Gu Yang looked proud, as he waved vigorously at Shen Qinglan, “Sister-in-law, I’m here.”

Shen Qinglan wanted to pretend that she didn’t see him, but she couldn’t ignore Gu Yang’s demonic sound, so she stopped.

Gu Yang ran over in two steps, smiling so much that he showed his white teeth, “Sister-in-law, why are you here?”

Shen Qinglan glanced at him lightly, “If I weren’t here, what would you use as an excuse?”

It turned out that after her hearing what he just said, Gu Yang was slightly embarrassed and laughed dryly, “What, sister-in-law, I’m just angry. You don’t know how hateful this kid is. He actually relied on his good skills to fight in this morning’s fighting class. He beat up Gu Kai and I was going to argue with him.”

“The fox is pretending to be a tiger by borrowing power?”

Gu Yang smiled more and more awkwardly, “Sister-in-law, I am definitely not like this on weekdays, I promise.”

Shen Qinglan ignored him and looked at Zhao Wei, “Gu Yang, you seem to have a grudge against the people named Zhao.” This was the second time, although Zhao San was just Lin Hao’s follower, he was also named Zhao. It was even worse that time at the casino. Such a big trap was set up, and he stupidly got into it.

“What about that, sister-in-law, please don’t expose my shortcomings.” Gu Yang touched his nose.

“Are you the woman this kid said can beat me up?” Zhao Wei said quietly, looking at Shen Qinglan with uneasy eyes. He didn’t know Shen Qinglan. He was a martial arts fanatic. He practiced extra often most of the time. Even when he took a break, he was still replenishing all kinds of knowledge. Naturally, he had never heard of Shen Qinglan.

“What do you mean by this kid? This guy is so uneducated!” Gu Yang gritted his teeth, “My name is Gu Yang, not that boy.”

Zhao Wei didn’t even want to give him a look, and looked at Shen Qinglan steadily, “I heard that you are very powerful, I want to fight with you. If you can defeat me, I won’t bully the two of them, otherwise next time I see them, I will still take revenge.”

He did not hide it at all, and directly admitted that he was taking revenge.

Gu Yang had a black face, this ba***rd, his skills were amazing, but his sister-in-law will beat him up in minutes. Gu Yang was very confident in Shen Qinglan’s skills, so he turned to look at Shen Qinglan expectantly.

“I refuse. If you want to bully, then bully them. They are not as capable as others, and they deserve to be bullied.” Shen Qinglan said calmly, without any intention of helping Gu Yang.

The expression on Gu Yang’s face cracked instantly. Was this still his sister-in-law who would rush to the casino to rescue him? This must be fake.

Shen Qinglan turned around and left, completely ignoring Gu Yang’s expression. The nature of the matter this time was different from before. This was a military camp, and they were all soldiers. No matter how much trouble they made, they had their limits. She was not worried about Gu Yang at all, and she also wanted to let Gu Yang know that the person he can rely on for anything was always himself.

“I want to fight with you.” Zhao Wei followed Shen Qinglan and said stubbornly. Although he just joined the army not long ago, Zhao Wei was famous among the recruits. The reason was that this person was very militant. As long as his skills were compared with someone, he wanted to fight them, and he had no opponents among the new recruits, so he would challenge the veterans, but his skills were indeed good, and even some veterans were no match for him.

Over time, Zhao Wei attracted a lot of attention in the military camp. Even Fu Hengyi specially asked a recruit who participated in the training and selection to test Zhao Wei’s skills. He was very satisfied with his skills, but Zhao Wei was much inferior in terms of performance, so Fu Hengyi gave up the idea of including him in the training and selection team.

Shen Qinglan ignored this person. Gu Yang followed behind her, resting his hands on the back of his head, watching Zhao Wei deflate indifferently. It didn’t feel too good, and the depression he felt just now dissipated instantly. His sister-in-law was still so awesome.

“Gu Yang.” Seeing that she was about to reach her destination, Shen Qinglan called out. Gu Yang reflexively yelled, and then ran to Shen Qinglan, “Sister-in-law, what are your orders?” That look on his face, what a complete loser.

“Whoever caused the trouble will solve it.”

Gu Yang understood immediately, turned around and looked at Zhao Wei, “Hey, Zhao Wei did you hear what my sister-in-law said, she doesn’t want to fight with you, don’t you understand? Your behaviour makes things difficult for others.”

Zhao Wei pretended not to hear Gu Yang’s words, his eyes still staying on Shen Qinglan, “I want to…discuss with you.” He changed to a more elegant word.

Being completely ignored, Gu Yang gritted his teeth.

An imperceptible smile flashed across Shen Qinglan’s eyes. It seemed that this person was not very stupid. Looking at his stubborn expression, not only that, but for some reason, another person’s face appeared in Shen Qinglan’s mind. He also had such a stubborn temper. His eyes darkened slightly, “You really want to fight me?”

Zhao Wei nodded after hearing this, “This guy said you are very powerful and I can’t beat you.”

“You really can’t beat me.” Shen Qinglan said with certainty, unless it was Fu Hengyi taking action, most people here were really no match for her.

Zhao Wei was not angry when he heard this, but his eyes lit up slightly, with the excitement of finding an opponent.

This was really a militant, Shen Qinglan thought lightly.

“I have something else to do right now and I don’t have time to discuss with you. When I’m free in a few days, I can consider discussing with you.” She said.

“Not now?” Zhao Wei asked. Although he liked to find people to compete with, he would never take action without the other party’s permission. This was probably why he had challenged so many people but had not received any bad reputation.

Shen Qinglan shook her head, “Not now.”

“When can it be done?”

Shen Qinglan thought for a moment and gave him an exact time, “In three days.”

Zhao Wei left with satisfaction. As long as Shen Qinglan agreed, it would be fine. Three days, he could wait.

“Sister-in-law, you really agreed to compete with him. This man is a lunatic. When he sees someone with good skills, he wants to compete with them. He has already challenged many people. You didn’t see that the attack was neither easy nor heavy. Gu Kai is lying with a bruised nose and swollen face, I don’t think I can even recognize him when I stand in front of him.”

“Why is he unhappy with you? What did you do?” Shen Qinglan asked.

Gu Yang also looked confused, “I don’t know. Gu Kai and I have been very good since we entered the military camp. We never cause trouble and are very popular. But I can’t get along with this lunatic. I don’t know what problem he has with me.”

Meeting Shen Qinglan’s suspicious gaze, Gu Yang looked back innocently, “Sister-in-law, I am telling the truth. This person is targeting me and Gu Kai for no reason.”

Shen Qinglan did not want to follow Gu Yang in talking nonsense here and said calmly, “Gu Yang, you are Fu Hengyi’s younger brother. If you are in danger, I will definitely save you, but you can’t rely on others for everything. You were beaten today because you are too weak, if you are strong enough, who can cause trouble for you at will?”

Shen Qinglan left after saying this, leaving Gu Yang standing there with a thoughtful look on his face.

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