SN Ch. 89

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During the rush hour of school, there were many people watching at the school gate.

Yun Qing was touched by him, and the grievances that had been stuffed in her heart all night were completely flooded, her eye sockets were secretly red, and her cheeks were also bright red.

She broke free with all her strength, and said in a trembling voice: “Don’t mess around, you want me to disappear, and I will disappear completely. I said I won’t bother you again, and I will do it. You don’t need to look for me.”

“I’ve already repaid you for saving me,” she bit her lips until she was about to tear up, but she continued with a hard heart, “From now on, you just pretend that you never knew me.”

After saying this, Yun Qing held back her distress and walked into the school gate coldly, leaving Huo Yunshen behind.

After being stabbed so badly by him yesterday, Yun Qing thought about it, she couldn’t just run after him blindly, he would just avoid his true desire, keep hiding, and won’t admit that he cared about her.

Even if one day he stopped hiding, he would not believe it in his bones.

He didn’t believe that besides the grace of saving her life, there was nothing else in him that could attract her likes, and thus he fell into repeated self-doubt.

The reason why he resisted her, in the final analysis, was that he felt too inferior because of the accumulated pain.

Stubbornly determined…she won’t be with him for long.

The only way Yun Qing could think of was to switch roles and let him chase her instead.

She could pretend to cut off the relationship, let him realize her importance, and slowly teach him how to like someone, how to express emotions correctly, and learn to love and be loved.

Let him chase after her, and only when he got it could he have a solid sense of reality. The girl he admired was not illusory, but earned by himself, and would thus not leave him easily.

After Yun Qing walked away, she couldn’t bear the impulsiveness, and looked back tentatively.

Huo Yunshen was still standing there motionless. The boy’s body was thin and straight, covered in thin clothes, looking lonely and fragile in the wind.

Yun Qing bulged her cheeks awkwardly.

Besides… He bullied her so much, she was heartbroken to death, even brother Yunshen had to be punished.

When Huo Yunshen returned to No. 4 Middle School, he naturally became the focus of discussion in the whole school.

Because of fear, no one dared to be blatant, and they all whispered in secret.

“Let me just say, for a little goddess like Yun Qing, there are always people following her when she doesn’t move. She must have come to look for that lunatic in a moment of feverishness. Now it’s all right, she’s finally sober.”

“I heard that he went to Ninghua Middle School to wait this morning. Yun Qing didn’t even look at him, and completely ignored him.”

“Isn’t that right? Being handsome can’t be eaten as food. No matter how good Huo Yunshen looks, it can’t change the fact that he is sick in the head.”

“That’s right, Yun Qing definitely likes the clean and refreshing ones who study well, unlike him who is covered in blood every day—”

When several people were talking happily, the sound of slow footsteps came from the stairs. Huo Yunshen’s cold, white and sharp side face scared them half to death, and they hurriedly apologized and ran away.

Min Jing persuaded in a panic: “Brother Shen, don’t be angry, clean them up later!”

The wounds on Huo Yunshen’s body were still in severe pain. He leaned against the corridor, looking at Ninghua’s direction with his dark eyes through the window, and asked in a low voice, “Is that the type she likes?”

What other people say… was clean and refreshing, and good in studies.

It definitely won’t be him anyway.

Yun Qing came to him, maybe out of curiosity and kindness, she would linger on him, probably because he saved her once, how could it be possible… for her to really have any feelings for him.

He also destroyed all the hard-won goodwill, and the little girl would no longer come to him delicately, wipe his blood, and help him apply medicine.

She resolutely left and pushed him back into the dark abyss, falling harder and deeper than before.

Min Jing scratched his head: “It should be, girls like that, Brother Shen, were you tempted by Yun Qing? Then why did you always bully her before, I thought…”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes.


From the first moment he saw her, he engraved her in his mind and couldn’t get rid of her.

All desires were suppressed tightly, and he didn’t dare to indulge, fearing that there would be a catastrophe, so he could only drive her away with a bad attitude.

He used to be afraid that she would lie to him, but now… Knowing that he had nothing and was completely different from her, even if he touched the corner of her clothes, he was afraid of getting her dirty.

But his heart had gone crazy.

After realizing the loss of her, he felt so crazy that he gave birth to a demon, and his heart and mind were all about her.

Huo Yunshen turned and went downstairs.

Min Jing chased after him and asked, “Brother, where are you going! The injury hasn’t healed yet, if Yun Qing knows—”

Huo Yunshen curled his lips in a self-deprecating manner.

Even if she knew, she won’t care anymore.

He lost her.

Huo Yunshen bought a set of neat and decent clothes with limited money, and went to the barber shop to get his slightly long hair cut short.

The barber was a little scared of him, and asked cautiously, “How far is it to be cut?”

He said in a low voice: “…to the degree of looking cleanl and refreshing.”

The barber shook his hand and cut his hair very short, revealing his superior and sharp face outline completely. There was a shallow scar beside his forehead, which made him look even more menacing.

Huo Yunshen stayed up for three days, and waited until his injury looked less scary, then changed into his clothes, tidied himself up like a normal student, and went to Ninghua Middle School to find Yun Qing.

He was afraid of disturbing her class and making her hate him even more, so he stayed there until after school, but he was stopped by troublemakers on the way there. Fortunately, there were not many people this time, but they were all armed with weapons.

Huo Yunshen was worried that his clothes would be soiled when he went to see Qingqing, so when the knife came towards him suddenly, he refused to block it with his arm, but instinctively stretched out his hand and grabbed the blade directly.

The palm felt suddenly warm, and bright red gushed out from between the fingers.

The person blocking him was frightened by this reckless appearance, fearing that if his life was lost, it would be difficult to explain, he cursed and withdrew.

Huo Yunshen didn’t have time to pay attention to it, he washed the blood off his hands casually, and ran to Ninghua Middle School against time, for fear of missing her.

He came late, and there was no one at the school gate. Fortunately, Ninghua Middle School was open and didn’t set up much gate control. He rushed in, panting heavily, and ran up to the floor where Qingqing’s class was.

Yun Qing and the class monitor were the students on duty that day. After tidying up, the class monitor said with a smile, “There is dust on your head, I’ll help you get rid of it.”

He approached and touched her temples with his hands. At the same time, the sound of running footsteps stopped abruptly.

Yun Qing turned her head suddenly, and saw Huo Yunshen wearing white clothes and black pants, with his hair cut very short, standing not far away like a handsome and wild sculpture, staring at her with bloody eyes, wanting to tear her apart from the boy.

He laughed hoarsely: “They are right, you like this.”

No matter how much he changed, he couldn’t become a clean and refreshing top student.

The person standing in front of her was the one who met her standards. He was nothing, and he was trying to get her hands on her.

Huo Yunshen turned around and walked away, and blood was squeezed out of his clenched fists uncontrollably, trickling down the road.

Yun Qing’s heart ached, she hurried into the classroom, took out the small medicine bag she carried with her, and went after him.

The squad leader stopped her, frowned and asked, “You still care about him? Don’t you know he’s insane?”

Yun Qing smiled slightly: “I know, but I’m crazier than him.”

Huo Yunshen walked forward mechanically without purpose, hoping unrealistically that Qingqing would come out to look for him once, pay attention to him again, and give him some hope.

He left the school all the way and went back to the downstairs of the hut where he lived.

The sky was dark, and the street lamps were dim, reflecting his lonely shadow.

Huo Yunshen looked down at the road, and there was a slender grey figure approaching him.

His heart was beating wildly and he didn’t dare to confirm it.

Until the girl grabbed his sleeve with her limp hands, then she frowned and said in a muffled voice, “This is the last time I’ll take care of you.”

Huo Yunshen was dragged to the brightest place under the lamp by her. She didn’t mind being dirty, so she squatted on the side of the road to wipe his wound and bandage it for him.

His wrists were trembling, and he tried his best to restrain his emotions and asked, “What’s your relationship with that person?”

“Classmate relationship!”

He stared at her tender cheeks, grinding gravel in his throat: “…Me, what relationship do I have with you?”

Yun Qing looked up angrily: “Isn’t it the relationship between chasing and being chased?”

Huo Yunshen’s deep black pupils shone with scorching light, he suddenly took a step forward, and hugged her regardless.

Yun Qing froze for a moment, blushing and struggling violently.

She…she didn’t want him to succeed so quickly!

Huo Yunshen hugged tightly: “My clothes are new and won’t stain you.”

Yun Qing had a sore nose: “Who said that…you, what do you want!”

Huo Yunshen gently rubbed her hair, and his tone was fierce and mournful: “Qingqing, I’m not that bad, let me chase you.”

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