LGHIHW Ch. 6: Arc 1.2

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The so-called amnesia pill that could change or even erase a person’s memory was definitely not a good thing. Xuan Ming naturally wouldn’t touch it.

So he pretended to be stubborn and acted like he didn’t need a woman’s support. When he got up, he swayed and spilled the chicken soup.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect that I would be so weak now.” The originally cold and resolute man showed a rare fragility at this moment.

The woman kept saying it was okay but wailed with pain in her heart: “My 5,000 points!”

Xuan Ming lowered his eyelids, his face was full of guilt, but his thoughts were running at high speed: he was 100% sure that the woman and death of Dr. Zhao must be linked. Otherwise, she would not have appeared at the accident scene by such a coincidence.

She must also be approaching him to achieve a certain purpose. That cold, inorganic voice had already said that the woman needed to complete the first phase of the mission after he lost his memory. And the woman swore that she would make him fall in love with her, so the task of the first stage was to attack the heart.

After attacking the heart? Stealing company secrets from him?

To whom did that inorganic voice belong? Why did it appear in his mind? When the woman talked to the other party, it seemed to be in her brain. So, could it be a kind of brain wave or something? Had a current human being invented such a high technology?

And they discussed their plans brazenly in front of him, which showed that they didn’t think he could spy on these brain waves.

In other words, he didn’t know why, but suddenly he had the special function of intercepting other people’s brain waves. He just didn’t know if this feature was useful on everyone.

Xuan Ming thought about these strange questions calmly.

On the other end, the woman endured the heartache and said in her mind: “System, I will buy another amnesia pill with 5000 points on credit.”

“If you don’t clear these 10,000 points, you will be obliberated.”

The woman clenched her fists, hesitating in her heart.

Xuan Ming took out a tissue and silently wiped the coffee table beside him, his face was full of guilt, as if he hadn’t noticed anything, but he was analyzing quickly in his heart:

Obliterate? Was the woman held hostage by this system? It should be from some terrorist organization. There will probably be monitors or something in this room. This system should also be a means of monitoring and communication. Was it a Bluetooth headset?

Xuan Ming threw the discarded tissue into the trash can next to the woman and looked at her ear by the way.

No Bluetooth headset, no earring-shaped listening device, could it be an implanted chip? But did the implanted chip have the function of calling? His company was the leader in this field, why had he never heard of it?

Mysteries piled up one after another in Xuan Ming’s heart.

While cleaning the chicken soup on the coffee table, the woman said in her mind: “Credit, I will complete the task. The identity you chose for me is really bad, and it is impossible to come into contact with Xuan Ming in life again. This is my only chance.”

“Okay host, the amnesia pill has been exchanged, please check it.”

The woman quietly touched the pocket of her jacket, her tense face visibly relaxing.

Xuan Ming’s observation ability was very keen, and he always focused his eyes on the woman. Naturally, he noticed her jacket pocket suddenly bulging with a small bag at the first time.

There was originally nothing there, but at the same time as the mechanical sound sounded, an extra pill appeared.

This was by no means magic, but real teleportation. It was a technology that could only be achieved after the quantum theory was completely deciphered and thoroughly researched by human beings. It was a height that could not be achieved by current technology.

Let’s put it this way, with the current speed of human technological development, it would take at least five hundred to one thousand years to establish a transmission channel through space. Whether or not humans would survive five hundred years from now was still a question.

That was to say, the behind-the-scenes mastermind who ordered this woman to approach him had high technology that was completely unimaginable for human beings of today.

So why was he staring at a small communication company? The research and development of 5G technology should be just a small case for him.

Thinking of this, Xuan Ming finally remembered a suspicious detail. The killers did not capture Dr. Zhao after they crashed their car off the cliff, but Dr. Zhao had a chip implanted in his wrist, and the 5G algorithm was recorded on the chip.

Getting the algorithm and taking the lead in the 5G field should have been the ultimate goal of the planners behind the scenes. But it turned out they didn’t value that chip, so what did that show?

At this point in the analysis, Xuan Ming almost couldn’t restrain the anger in his heart, because he finally realized that it was not important to seize the algorithm. Those people should have more advanced technology than 5G in their hands, otherwise they would not want the doctor to be killed.

It was their true intention to obliterate Hua country’s dominance in the field of electronic communications.

What they wanted to achieve was hegemony, become the number one in the world, and gain the submission of all mankind and the priority of the white race. Even if they were already so developed, they could not tolerate the possibility of other countries catching up.

Xuan Ming’s face became extremely cold because of this guess.

The woman didn’t notice his emotional change at all, and she was still heartbroken over the wasted 5000 points.

She forced a smile and said, “I’ll cook another pot of chicken soup for you, just wait.”

An hour and a half later, the chicken soup was ready, and Xuan Ming wanted to use his tricks to explore the power behind the woman, so he pretended to take a sip, but actually vomited into the sleeves.

He collapsed with a “splitting headache” and didn’t want to take another sip of chicken soup.

The woman looked at his distorted face and shouted in panic: “System, what’s wrong with him? He just took a sip of chicken soup and his head hurts. Is something wrong?”

“Let me scan… his brain waves are very messy, it should be caused by the drug effect.”

“Then what should I do?”

“Just wait, it will be fine after a while. The quality of the pills in the system mall is guaranteed.”

“Okay, I’ll wipe his sweat.”

The woman ran into the bathroom to get a towel, and Xuan Ming, who was holding his head, gritted his teeth fiercely, as if in great pain, but once again deepened his fear of the system.

It could not only monitor, but could also command remotely, transmit through the air, and also scan the human body. Its level of technology was simply ridiculous!

If the United States really invented this thing, then they could completely control the world. But at present, it seemed that their hegemony was being challenged in all aspects.

Therefore, this system was very likely not made in the United States. They would never use such advanced equipment to control an ordinary Hua country woman. Wouldn’t it be better to use it on politicians from various countries?

But since it did not belong to the United States, where did it come from? Could it be an extraterrestrial civilization?

Xuan Ming suddenly had such an idea that seemed absurd but actually faintly logical.

Half an hour later, Xuan Ming’s “headache” was greatly relieved. He opened his eyes, and the originally sharp eyes became extremely soft and clean at this moment.

“Who are you?” He asked in a hoarse voice, and finally held his forehead, and asked again: “Who am I?”

The woman shouted in her heart: “367, we succeeded!

“Don’t have doubts about this system!” The system’s tone was cold and arrogant.

“I never doubted you! You are the most powerful system!” The woman comforted Xuan Ming while flattering the system in her mind: “Sorry, I don’t know who you are. Someone drove you off a cliff, I quietly rescued you after those people left.”

Xuan Ming showed a blank and fearful expression at the right time.

The woman said again: “I dare not send you to the hospital, and I dare not call the police, for fear that those people will come to find you. Do you really not remember anything? What should I do then?”

The woman took out her mobile phone and murmured: “Actually, I can probably guess who you are.”

She opened a news webpage and handed it under Xuan Ming’s nose.

It was a photo of the scene of the car accident. Several technicians from the criminal investigation department were gathering evidence around the scorched vehicle. The accompanying text mentioned Xuan Ming’s disappearance but did not mention that Dr. Zhao was also in the car. It seemed that the news of Dr. Zhao’s death was suppressed by the top.

This case had now aroused strong social repercussions and national leaders must attach great importance to it.

The woman secretly observed Xuan Ming’s expression, and seeing that he was always calm, she pointed to a line of bright red and bold words and said, “Look, the media speculated that this car accident was intentional, and foreign forces were involved, and they also said that you were betrayed. There is a ghost around you. That’s why I dare not call the police.”

This explanation could be given full marks.

Don’t even say that Xuan Ming “had now lost his memory” and couldn’t find anyone trustworthy. Even if he didn’t lose his memory, he won’t be in a hurry to go back at this time but would want to hide in the dark and observe who was the ghost.

The woman obviously had already figured out how to use her words.

So Xuan Ming closed his eyes, and said helplessly and powerlessly: “Thank you for saving me. I would like to ask, can I stay with you for a few more days? After the matter is resolved, I will reward you.”

“Ah, of course, you can rest assured, I will not tell anyone that you are here, my mouth is sealed.” The woman stroked her tender red lips, her smile was very warm and lovely.

Xuan Ming looked at her gratefully, with tenderness in his pitch-black pupils.

The woman lowered her head shyly, but the voice in her head was full of contempt: “He’s hooked.”

The voice of the system also became livelier: “As long as he says ‘I love you’, the host can get 100,000 points; let him propose to you, and the host will get 200,000 points; if you get a marriage certificate and become Mrs. Xuan, the host will get 1 million points.”

The woman said ambitiously: “The points belong to me, and so does he. Just wait and see, system.”

Xuan Ming slowly flipped through the news about himself, with a worried face, but calmly analyzed the conversation in his heart.

He could now be sure that the main task of this woman was to seduce him in exchange for points. With points, she could buy weird items like amnesia pills.

She had an accomplice, code-named System, who was remotely controlling everything that happened here, and there should be a larger organization behind the System. What was their purpose, this was something Xuan Ming must figure out.

Xuan Ming couldn’t think of a way to contain the system for the time being, because the other party had the ability to teleport through the air, so it shouldn’t be difficult for them to kill people remotely as well.

So his current strategy was to follow their plan and stabilize the woman first. It was impossible to give points to women, but it was okay to hang the woman’s appetite with a carrot.

After making up his mind, Xuan Ming, who had always had a tough style, decided to endure hypocrisy and submissiveness while suppressing his temper towards the woman.

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