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The rising sun in the morning spread sparkling brilliance on the sea surface, and there were deep and shallow marks left on the beach when the tide ebbed and flowed. The seagulls draw random arcs in the white sky, and their calls were clear and loud.

Gu Nian had no intention of admiring the rare beauty, she was leaning uprightly on the deck chair on the open-air balcony at this moment.

The staff of the program team had informed that the personal electronic products of the contestants would be collected at 9:00 a.m., so Gu Nian, after waking up from a drowsy dream all night, called Gu Yuan to report her safety.

“Participating in a variety show?” Gu Yuan had woken up early in the morning to “build the Great Wall” at home with friends.

The mahjong tiles were played crisply, and the thumbs were twirled halfway. Ms. Gu looked up in surprise: “You finally see it, you are going to become an actor if you can’t write scripts?”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian sighed.

A bird that was probably a seagull, but could be something else she couldn’t tell, landed and stopped in front of a wooden fence not far in front of her.

After staring at her for two seconds with a pair of peas, the bird took two steps forward arrogantly.

Gu Nian drooped her eyes and yawned silently: “No, it’s a variety show with scriptwriters and actors.”

“I knew you won’t get it right,” Ms. Gu put the mahjong tiles she found aside and moved them with one hand, arranging the pile of cards, “Didn’t you hate the camera the most in the past two years, have you thought about it?”

“It’s inevitable.”

“Not afraid?”

“Not afraid,” Gu Nian shook her head, “I have to pay a price to climb up the ladder, right? This is the part I can accept.”

“Then you can go back to the blind date, I can also print out your photos on the TV show…Hey, this is really good, they must be rushing to meet you even more.”

Gu Nian: “…”

“Mom, playing mahjong at home every day is so bad, you should start a dating agency.”

“Hmph, who dares to come to a dating agency where they can’t even get their own daughter married?”

“I’m only 22.”

“If you are willing to get married when you are 32, then I will not urge you, but do you want to?”


She chose to remain silent.

The mother and daughter had confronted each other too many times on this topic, and they were well versed in each other’s speech routines. Now talking about it was as dull as black tea that had been brewed seven or eight times.

So soon the two sides ended the topic tacitly in silence. Gu Yuan played a mahjong tile and skillfully changed the subject.

“Speaking of age, how is your handsome 24-year-old son?”

Gu Nian choked.

The voice of the man she had finally forgotten, which had haunted her all night in her dream last night, came back to her mind again.

[Do you want me, Gu Nian.]

[Do you want me, Gu Nian.]

[Do you want me, Gu Nian.]

Gu Nian cried.

This was still the kind that came with 360-degree echo without dead ends.

“Why don’t you talk?” Gu Yuan urged.

Gu Nian had no choice but to wipe away her tears, then hesitating she played Tai Chi, “How do you know he is 24?”

“He said it when he introduced himself to me during the last video call.”

Gu Nian became vigilant: “What were you asking that he said that?”

After a guilty pause, Gu Yuan coughed: “Is there a difference?”

“Of course, yes!”

Gu Nian was completely awake now, and sat up directly from the recliner, “What does he have to do with us? How can you just check someone’s household registration?”

“Didn’t you say he is your son? So, I just asked.”

Gu Nian didn’t even think about it: “Even if he’s my son, he’s not your son.”

Ms. Gu played a mahjong tile: “If it was my son, could he still be your son? He would either be your brother or your husband!”

Gu Nian: ” ………?”

The word “husband” hit her red heart.

Gu Nian struggled in her heart all night, and the playful little man clutched her chest and collapsed.

Woooooo baby goose is obviously just sending out an invitation to form a team.

She even misunderstood his words because the low, hoarse, gentle and pleasant voice couldn’t help rushing towards the warning line such that her maternal love deteriorated all night.

She’s such a beast whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Amidst the extremely painful self-reflection and self-loathing, Gu Nian replied: “Anyway, my mobile phone will be handed over to the program group for the next week, so I won’t be able to call you anymore. I’m living by the beach, so I will contact you in a drifting bottle for convenience.”

Gu Yuan: “?”

After Ms. Gu’s angry reprimand, the call finally ended.

Gu Nian fluttered back into the recliner like a piece of paper that had been sucked out of air.


From the distance of the whole room, there was a vague knock on the door from the balcony.

Gu Nian raised her eyes, the phone displayed 8:23, it should not be time for the program group to collect the electronic products.

She propped up her back and said “Who?” completely casually.

It was impossible to hear such a movement outside the door.

But it seemed as if she really heard it outside, and a nice English sentence drifted in with the sound of waves.

“Room service.”

Gu Nian turned around blankly, looking at the door through the half-closed glass sliding door.

“Each room has its own butler? Is the current program group so caring?”

Gu Nian muttered and got up, brushed her loose mid-length hair, tied it up casually, and walked towards the door.

The door opened, and Gu Nian raised her eyes: “Sorry, I didn’t call—”

Her gaze colliding right into a pair of dark brown smiling and gentle eyes.

Gu Nian was stuck.

Luo Xiu: “Good morning.”

Gu Nian blushed: “You, why are you here?”

“Breakfast service,” Luo Xiu gestured to the paper box in his hand, “Do you mind if I we do it together?”

“Ah, oh, okay.”

Gu Nian instinctively followed his words and turned away immediately, and when Luo Xiu passed in front of her, he took her in together “by the way”.

Gu Nian was led across the room, returned to the sunny balcony, and followed Luo Xiu to sit in the rattan chair.

Dazed by the sun, Gu Nian finally came back to her senses: “I, I saw the breakfast time and place announced by the program group, so don’t need to bother you.”

“I brought it back for the two of us together.”


Luo Xiu opened the carton and put the breakfast on the small table in the balcony, then he raised his eyes with a smile: “Mr. Gu doesn’t like private room service. Is it?”


A low, hoarse and gentle Teacher Gu once again made the little girl dizzy.

Gu Nian held her breath and tried her best to say “like” without any distractions.

Luo Xiu nodded: “That’s good.”

Gu Nian drank the porridge with a small porridge bowl in her arms, and when the heat in her brain faded and she regained her senses with difficulty, she finally remembered something, revealing her pair of black eyes from above the edge of the bowl.

“When you… brought me breakfast, did anyone else see it?”

“Probably not.” Seeing through the little girl’s worry, Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled.

Gu Nian heaved a sigh of relief, then she put down the bowl, stared at the porridge noodles with a sullen face and seriously suggested: “Then you should not do such a thing in the future.”


“I know you must be used to treating everyone around you well. It’s good to be gentle, but when you become famous, your every move will be noticed by many people. At that time, your goodness may be misinterpreted and maliciously speculated, so in order to protect yourself—”

“I won’t be nice to everyone.”

She was suddenly interrupted.

Gu Nian was startled and raised her eyes.

In her line of sight, those brown eyes had returned to their usual gentleness and harmlessness, as if the cold and sharp feeling a few seconds ago was just an illusion.

“I’ve only delivered breakfast to you alone.” He smiled gently.

“Huh?” Gu Nian came back to her senses, subconsciously glanced at the porridge bowl in her hand, and raised her head, “Why?”


There was a deep, uncontrollable emotion in those eyes.

But soon, he hid a harmless smile under the drooping eyelids: “I asked Mr. Gu to cooperate as a group last night, and it seemed that I was rejected, so I want to try… the unspoken rules?”


Gu Nian choked on a mouthful of porridge.

Seeing the girl who was so shocked that the corners of her always drooping eyes were rounded, Luo Xiu couldn’t help laughing and lowered his eyes.

“I’ll stop teasing you, eat well.”


Touching her head to kill *N.

It was as if she heard the sound of the old mother statue in her heart almost collapsing.

Gu Nian swallowed the porridge with tears in her eyes.

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