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When a large number of memories suddenly poured into his mind, Su Yu was at a loss for a few seconds before he successfully absorbed this long and romantic memory that belonged to him.

In the first world, he just found it interesting or had some other thoughts, so he expressed his feelings to that person. He thought it was just a tool to relieve his mood, but he got more than he imagined.

In the second world, he looked at that person who clearly had no memory, but stubbornly guarded the past of the two of them in his own way, and for the first time he felt a heartbeat.

In the third world, as soon as he appeared, the man married his beloved woman into the palace, which made him know for the first time what it felt like to be jealous.

In the fourth world, he knew that he was just an outsider living under the identity of others, but he still secretly told the other person his real name.

He was afraid that by that time, he had already completely fallen, right?

The fifth world, the sixth world…

In each world he experienced, the background and plot were different, and even his own identity was different. The only thing that was the same was that that person had always been accompanying him, never leaving.

Even if he lost his memory, they could always come together in the end and spend every beautiful life together.

Su Yu thought that he was not a hypocritical person, but at this moment, the strong emotions surging in his heart almost overwhelmed him. But this time, when this emotion came again, he no longer had the slightest doubt or concern.

The thorn in his heart had been uprooted, so what did he have to worry about?

It took about a few minutes for Su Yu to completely sort out his memories and thoughts. Then he looked up at Li Yuan and without saying a word, he leaned in for a long kiss.

For Li Yuan, who had been working hard to pursue people for a while and had just achieved success, this move was simply a surprise among surprises. He immediately put his arms around Su Yu’s waist and seriously enjoyed this intimate kiss without any grudges.

After the kiss ended, both of them were a little out of breath. Su Yu remained in Li Yuan’s arms, rubbed Li Yuan’s face with the tip of his nose, and said coquettishly: “My dear, have you recovered your memory??”

Su Yu’s original plan was to let Ball guide Li Yuan to find him and match them up to prevent them both from losing their memories and not even being able to find their intersection, which would be embarrassing.

But the reality was obviously not the case. Li Yuan seemed to have recovered his previous memories. As for the Ball, he didn’t know where it went.

“Well, I have completely fused the soul fragments, and I also have the memories of the past,” Li Yuan kissed Su Yu on the face, his tone full of satisfaction, “It’s just that my soul is not stable enough, and I still need to enter different worlds to draw strength from it.”

Su Yu raised his eyes and glanced at Li Yuan, leaning on him like he was boneless: “So what you mean is that you still want me to do tasks everywhere in the future?”

“Yes, but I won’t have my memory blocked again, so you will no longer be allowed to bear those memories and burdens alone.” Li Yuan kissed Su Yu’s soft hair distressedly.

Two people obviously loved each other deeply, but only one of them remembered the past between them. That was indeed a very tortured thing.

And the deeper the love, the more severe this torture would be.

The two of them had obviously been close for a long time and were the closest people in the world, but he was the only one who remembers the past. Only he knew how sweet and seamless the relationship between the two could be, but the other party only treated him as an ordinary friend, maybe even strangers.

Li Yuan had only been in this world for a few months, but he was already feeling very tortured. One could imagine what Su Yu’s state of mind must have been like when facing everything alone in the previous worlds.

But Li Yuan may not know that some things that were extremely difficult for him, may be a blessing for Su Yu.

For example, when Li Yuan saw Su Yu for the first time, he couldn’t help but stare at Su Yu. What he was thinking at that time was that A Yu’s lips looked so soft and he really wanted to kiss him; A Yu’s waist looks so slender, I really want to touch it; A Yu’s fingers are so long and pretty, I really want to hold them; A Yu’s collarbone looks so delicate, I really want to lick it; A Yu’s legs looked so slender, I really want to put them on my shoulders…

In general, when Li Yuan saw Su Yu for the first time, he almost looked at his lover again, and his mind was filled with these thoughts, all about how to turn these ideas into reality.

But every time Su Yu saw his lover again, what he thought was, well, let him continue to lose his memory like this, so that I can relax for a while.

Or, should I hook up with my lover later? Otherwise, I will definitely be very tired and my body will be overwhelmed…

I can only say that this is the gap between the two of them ╮(╯▽╰)╭.

But excluding these strange problems, the two people’s feelings for each other were absolutely sincere and touching. Even while worrying about whether he would be killed in bed by his lover every day, Su Yu had never let go of his lover. This was the only time he exchanged for a certain prop, but in the end, he couldn’t use it smoothly.

And it was impossible for Li Yuan to really violate his lover’s wishes and do something excessive directly.

All he could say was that this is love (*/ω\*).

Su Yu actually didn’t care how many worlds he had to travel to in the future. As long as he was accompanied by his lover, boring things also seemed to become interesting: “Then I will accompany you.”

“Okay.” Li Yuan raised his hand with twinkling eyes, then lifting Su Yu’s chin, he kissed him again.

Only this time, the two of them obviously didn’t just kiss directly.

After more than two hours, Su Yu finally sat up from the bed, holding his waist, while Li Yuan, with a satisfied face, went to help his tired lover prepare delicious food with a smile.

At this time, Su Yu summoned Ball over.

“Master host, you have finally recovered your memory. This is so great!” The Ball was so excited that tears almost filled its eyes. This was probably the first time it felt that its host was so amiable.

Su Yu waved his hand: “Good boy, stop crying, otherwise Black Egg will feel bad.”

Black Egg, who was also shot while lying down, said: “…”

Ball sobbed twice more, then stopped, a little embarrassed: “Master host, I just missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” Su Yu nodded perfunctorily and asked, “Is there anything you want to explain to me?”

Ball: “…” Obviously you had lost your memory. How did you miss me? Angry! Don’t think that just because my settings are silly and sweet, I really have no IQ at all!

However, even if he felt dissatisfied in his heart, the Ball did not show it on the surface, but answered truthfully: “Master Host, Lord God’s soul integrity seems to have met the requirements, so he restored his memory, and he should not lose his memory again in the future.”

Su Yu frowned slightly, grabbed the keyword and asked: “Lord God?”

“Yes, the male protagonist is actually the Lord God, but due to some impact, the soul of the Lord God was broken into many soul fragments and scattered in the vast world. Only by completing the main mission could the Lord God’s soul fragments be successfully separated.” Ball first told Su Yu everything he learned about the situation, and then couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “I didn’t know that the male protagonist had such a big background before. When Lord God found me, I was so scared that I almost peed!”

Su Yu didn’t listen to Ball’s stupid words but thought about it seriously. He had a question, if his lover was really the omnipotent Lord God, then weren’t all the main tasks and side tasks he did before carefully planned by this person?

He thought how in the third mission world, he directly became a eunuch. In the fourth mission world, he had to choose to become a vixen. He also had to have s*x with his lover 1,000 times as part of the main mission, in the seventh and eighth mission world, he was forced to be a (mermaid) twice in a row, and Su Yu’s teeth began to itch!

As if feeling the black energy surging from Su Yu’s body, the Ball was so frightened that it quickly floated back: “Master host, you, you, you… what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing, I just thought of something interesting.” Su Yu said through gritted teeth with a smile.

Instead of being comforted by these words, Ball fell even harder. It shivered a few times and finally found an excuse for itself: “Master host, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t given information to Black Egg today. I should take the first step!”

After saying this, the Ball disappeared in an instant.

Once again, Black Egg, who had been shot while lying down: “…”

When Li Yuan had finished preparing the love meal and brought it over with a gentle expression, he saw a ball in the quilt, and the whole quilt was covered with a strong black air.

This made Li Yuan subconsciously feel something bad, but he still walked over with a smile and patted the ball in the quilt through the quilt.

Li Yuan said softly: “You must be exhausted just now. Get up and eat something.” The quilt trembled twice first, and then the ball under the quilt began to slowly move to one side, and finally a ball with slightly disheveled hair appeared.

Although the look of his lover covered in black gas was a bit scary, and it probably had something to do with him, Li Yuan still felt that his lover was so cute like this. He was about to say this compliment when he saw Su Yu slowly raising his head.

Su Yu looked at Li Yuan with a dark face, gritted his teeth and said: “Li Yuan, I have a few questions to ask you.”

Because of the action of getting out of bed just now, Su Yu’s hair was messed up, although his expression was a little strange, but in Li Yuan’s eyes, he still found it extremely cute.

So before Su Yu could ask the question, Li Yuan couldn’t help but laugh. He pinched Su Yu’s face, rubbed his hair, and said sincerely: “My dear, you are so cute.”

Su Yu: “…” I have a saying that I must say out loud!

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