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Xu Maomao looked back and saw a familiar black cat squatting behind him.

“Brother Lightning! Where is this?”

“This is my daily practice space.” Black Lightning introduced it in a very concise way, then quickly stopped the topic and murmured, “So you are not Oscar, but a human being.” His tone sounded a little disappointed.

Xu Maomao scratched his head: “Yes, I was replaced by that cat. I’m sorry that I kept it secret. Do you feel that you have been cheated? I am not a magical cat. I can dance because it is a very simple skill for people.”

The black cat looked at him steadily, slowly recalling a past event through his round and bright cat eyes, he hesitated for a moment and then said: “It turns out that the you I saw for the first time was not the you you are now.”

“What do you mean?” Xu Maomao remembered that he had said that he saw him dancing in a pet shop the first time, didn’t he?

“When you… I should say that the cat you are possessing was still very young, I once passed through this city. At that time, you were seriously ill and humans were helpless. So, I saved you.” The process was not easy, because when Hei Mang met it, it had almost lost its soul. Hei Mang had lived for so many years, and had seen life and death countless times, but this cat was too small, and seeing that the owner ignored it, he felt compassion and used some precious treasures, while using the thunder and lightning soul-inducing technique and a little bit of his own cultivation, he brought the kitten’s life back.

Of course, this was not a particularly difficult task for Hei Mang, but it was also the first time it had rescued a stranger of its own kind, so it was concerned about it. A few months later, it returned to the city again, wanting to see the little kid it had saved and how the cat was doing?

As a result, he saw Xu Maomao as a kitten dancing happily in the Nausicaa Pet Shop.

“I was very happy to see ‘you’ so energetic.” Black Lightning said with a slight smile.

“But then the dancing cat you saw was me,” Xu Maomao said a little embarrassed, “So, the cat you can’t let go of is actually him?”

Black Lightning understood the implication of his words and shook his head: “I do care about it, but I also really like your energetic and graceful dancing.”

Xu Maomao felt extremely guilty. All he danced were square dances or embarrassing thunder Internet celebrity dances, and he may also learn “Awesome” next! It was not beautiful at all, was it? Brother Lightning, you need to remove the filter!

“Although you are a human, I still treat you…” Black Lightning concealed the rest of his words, but the silence was better than speaking, and Xu Maomao also understood his implication.

What should I do? Brother Lightning seems to really have that kind of interest in me?

Xu Maomao lowered his head, thought for a moment, and decided to reject him cruelly and clearly: “I like Shen Yu and always have. We agreed to be together after I recover my form as a human being. Even if he continues his pet business in the future, my allergies will still remain. It has not been eliminated, so I will go for professional desensitization treatment for him – this, desensitization treatment, is a medical method, which is relatively uncomfortable, but as long as it goes well, I will no longer be afraid of long-haired animals.” When Xu Maomao said this, he was still cheerful and his eyes were shining.

Although Black Lightning didn’t quite understand what desensitization treatment was, he roughly guessed that it might be a difficult matter, and he immediately understood his determination.

It was a little gloomy and didn’t speak for a long time.

Xu Maomao also felt slightly guilty, but the best thing to do was to cut through the mess with a quick knife. After all, the love between humans and cats was too shocking!

“Understood.” Black Lightning finally nodded, stopped mentioning the matter, and began to examine his soul.

Xu Maomao felt the blue and cold light shrouding his body, making it feel cool.

After a moment, Black Lightning said in surprise: “Your soul power is very strong, and it was not consumed too much by being forcibly separated from the body.”

Xu Maomao was confused, but as long as it said it was fine, he didn’t care: “I’m a tough guy, hehe.”

“In that case, there must be something wrong with Oscar’s soul.” Black Lightning muttered.

When Xu Maomao heard Oscar’s name, he hesitated and asked: “Hei Mang, can I ask you something?”

Black Lightning calmed down: “What’s the matter?”

Xu Maomao whispered: “Although Oscar has violated the laws of your cat world, he is my male god’s pet after all. After you take him back, can you treat him better? …Uh, don’t be so harsh?”

Black Lightning was stunned for a moment, then smiled slightly and said: “Okay.”

Xu Maomao breathed a sigh of relief. Of course he was very disgusted with Oscar taking possession of his body privately, but now everyone was already putting in a lot of effort to get it back. Xu Maomao considered himself a generous human being, and there was no need to argue with a playful cat. And if it hadn’t been for this, he might have missed his chance with Shen Yu; but because of Oscar, he was able to see that there was such a mysterious and lovely world besides human society. Now that he thought about it like this, he felt a lot less angry.

After the inspection, Black Lightning took Xu Maomao out of his own space. As soon as he came out, he found some chaos in the room.

Suan Ni was angry and furious, while Shen Yu had a calm look on his face that said, “What can you do to me?”

“Master, what are you doing?”

Suan Ni pointed angrily at Shen Yu: “You are an arrogant human being, we can’t let you keep this memory!”

Shen Yu: “You said extracting memory, I agreed, but if you have to clear everything from this day, forgive me for not cooperating.”

Suan Ni: “Then half a day, is half a day not enough?!”

Shen Yu glanced at Xu Maomao: “If the memory of him is removed even for a second, I don’t want to do it.”

Xu Maomao blushed instantly and said a little shyly: “Well, I don’t want to get rid of it either.”

Suan Ni looked like he was choking to death, this sudden dog food was too much!

“Master, what nonsense are you talking about?” Black Lightning felt a little sour. Secondly, he couldn’t see that Suan Ni always looking forward and backward, so he simply said, “Let’s do forced removal, we won’t tolerate his arrogance!”

The next second, Black Lightning turned towards Shen Yu and pounced on him. Even though he had made it clear to Xu Maomao just now, he was still extremely jealous when he met his love rival. He would not be so gentle towards his love rival, huh!

Suan Ni thought about it, and simply set up a space to trap Xu Maomao who was trying to stop him, and together with Black Lightning, cast spells on Shen Yu.

Sparks and lightning intertwined, crackling and hunting, Suan Ni even turned back to its original form and roared to scare the little human who dared to reject it. The black cat even formed a cloud of thunder and lightning and smashed it at Shen Yu. This attack looked extremely fierce, but in fact it was not aimed at the physical body. This was a technique used by the two cats, them master and apprentice, to encircle the soul, specifically to forcefully erase the memories of certain monsters, such as the Dream Eater. Using this spell to deal with Shen Yu was very embarrassing!

Unexpectedly, when their fire and electricity came into contact with Shen Yu, they all disappeared like a sponge touching water.

Although Shen Yu didn’t understand why, he was very calm from beginning to end. Seeing this, he even asked freely: “Are you coming again?”

Suan Ni: “…”

Black Lightning: “…”

This human being!

Was this still human?!

Suan Ni transformed back into a handsome man in a red coat and stared at him suspiciously: “Have you learned the art of absorbing yin and collecting yang?”

Shen Yu: “What is that?”

Suan Ni stared at him silently for a moment. Then it roared: “Let me take a look!”

As it said this, it stretched out its hand and pointed in the void, holding out a mirror, shining directly at Shen Yu’s whole body.

“Looking into the demon mirror, the spirit is revealed!” From the perspective of others, Shen Yu in the mirror was no different from ordinary people, but when Suan Ni glanced at the mirror, he only felt his eyes stinging, and then a ray of light reflected and hit the center of his eyebrows, making Suan Ni stagger.

“Master!” Black Lightning supported him and looked at Shen Yu warily. “Who are you?”

Shen Yu, of course, knew nothing, and said calmly: “I am a human being, Shen Yu.”

“Disciple, disciple,” Suan Ni looked at him with some fear as if he was greatly shocked. Looking at the human across from him, he said, “I can’t see clearly. His merits are very profound.”

Black Lightning was also stunned. If someone from the human race with deep merits and deeds enjoyed privileges in destiny, even monsters like them could not shake them by even half a cent.

Suan Ni took a deep breath and released Xu Maomao.

“In this case, I won’t touch you, but please don’t spread these things to other humans.”

Shen Yu didn’t care about this and nodded in agreement.

Xu Maomao’s heart was agitated by the series of things just now, and he couldn’t help but pull Shen Yu: “So you are so powerful.”

Shen Yu couldn’t laugh or cry: “I didn’t do anything, are you okay?”


Black Lightning said to Xu Maomao: “Although the examination is not serious, you and Oscar have frequently exchanged souls before, so you still have to have a good rest today. In addition, you have been practicing, right? There are many sources which say that extending the meditation time will help restore the spirit.”

Xu Maomao just woke up from a dream. Speaking of practice, the three hours were almost here!

He said, “Can the group leader remove this barrier first? My meditation time has come.”

Suan Ni could only remove the space he had propped up and look at Shen Yu with some fear.

Xu Maomao urged Shen Yu to help him open the door. When he was about to leave, Shen Yu paused, turned around and walked to Oscar, who had been standing aside for a long time. He touched Oscar’s head and said softly: “Be obedient. If you still want to go to Qiao Lingfeng’s house after the exchange, I will send you there.”

Oscar’s eyes lit up but then he heard Black Lightning say: “It must be in this condition. If you go to a cat correctional institution, you won’t be allowed to enter the world again for a few years.”

Oscar: QAQ

He couldn’t escape the death penalty!

Shen Yu turned to the decent and selfless Black Lightning with an expressionless face: “Be nice to my cat.”

Black Lightning was noncommittal. After they left, he asked Suan Ni in confusion: “Master, why did you just ignore this human being? He looks suspicious.”

Suan Ni shook his head vigorously: “We’d better not provoke him again.”

“Is it just because of his profound merits?”

“No,” Suan Ni said with some fear, recalling the brief moment when his eyebrows were reflected in the demon mirror, “I saw in the mirror that in addition to his merits, he also had many evil obstacles.”

“Obstacles? Doesn’t that mean we must eradicate them all!”

“No, it’s the evil obstacles of other living beings. He…” Suan Ni paused, “With my skill, I can’t see why, but the mirror gave me a warning, I can’t provoke him again.”

Black Lightning was secretly surprised, others may not know what kind of existence Suan Ni was, but he knew! As the son of a dragon and a divine beast between heaven and earth, Suan Ni still had a member of the human race that he could not see through?

But for now, it could only listen to his teachings, not to mention that there were still things unfinished.

Black Lightning lifted the shivering Oscar up and said coldly: “Kitten, it was useless for me to save you that day, you are just causing trouble. Come back with me and accept your punishment!” As he spoke, a dazzling flash of lightning separated him and Oscar. They were all shrouded, and the crackling sound disappeared.

Suan Ni and Qiao Lingfeng, who was still sleeping, were the only ones left behind.

The apprentice himself had forgotten to wake up Qiao Lingfeng after he knocked him out. Suan Ni stood by helplessly, waiting for the fragile human being to wake up and make sure he had no memories he shouldn’t have before he could walk away peacefully.

While Suan Ni was rubbing the big ingot on his neck, he kept peeking at the “fragile human being”.

Suan Ni didn’t know much about the entertainment industry in the human world, and he didn’t understand what a star was. After all, the last time he came to the human world, acting had a derogatory connotation with them being called “actor”. How could he know that Qiao Lingfeng was in the entertainment industry, and good looks were the most basic professional requirement for the same. He looked at him quietly, and gradually became reluctant to look away.

—-This human being is really good-looking…

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