CREG Ch. 46.1: Suan Ni Enters the World

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He didn’t know how long it took for Qiao Lingfeng to finally wake up, and when he opened his eyes, he was faced with the big red coat brother, one of the sneaky country duo he met before he fell into coma.

Suan Ni watched helplessly as his eyelashes trembled like small fans, and he opened his beautiful peach blossom eyes. For the first time, he felt that human eyes were so beautiful, and they seemed not much inferior to those of the cat race.

“Human, are you awake?” As soon as Suan Ni spoke, Qiao Lingfeng sat up from the sofa and looked around suspiciously: “Why am I in this room? Where are A Yu and Xiao Ao? They are not here…?”

Suan Ni pretended to be stupid and lied: “Oh, you suddenly fainted and I took you in to rest.”

Qiao Lingfeng was in disbelief: “I fainted? How could I faint?”

Suan Ni looked at the sky.

“And who are you? Why did you enter the Radio and Television Building? Are you here to see celebrities?”

Suan Ni shook his head again and explained: “It is necessary for work.” As a sacred beast worshiped by all people, sometimes when encountering abnormalities in the world, when there was an uneven road, he had to fulfill his responsibility of supervising and maintaining stability.

Qiao Lingfeng misunderstood. He looked at Suan Ni’s extraordinary face and suspected that this brash and dignified brother in a jacket had come to the Radio and Television Building to apply for a job! After all, in addition to the Broadcasting and Television Building, there were many brokerage companies in this area. Although this man was filthy, his appearance was definitely top-notch.

Qiao Lingfeng scratched his head nervously, suspecting that he might be tired because he had just finished one task and rushed back to shoot the commercial. After finding a reasonable explanation for his fainting, he didn’t think much about it. He got up and straightened his clothes. Finally, he saw his appearance in the floor-to-ceiling window with satisfaction, and then turned his attention to Suan Ni.

He was muttering just now. He was obviously a handsome guy, and he was definitely one of the best in the entertainment industry. However, he was dressed in such a tacky way, which really ruined his appearance. So, he kindly asked: “I say, this Brother, you need to change your clothes.”

Suan Ni tilted his head and picked up the big ingot around his neck: “I… what happened to my clothes?”

“As a senior, I will tell you the truth,” Qiao Lingfeng said rudely, “It’s too outdated. I thought you had just been unearthed from the country!”

Suan Ni’s eyes widened in surprise: “Me? Outdated?”

“Hmm” Qiao Lingfeng said and started pointing at his clothes: “You look like a rich man in your red coat, and your black pants look like an old man from the Northeast, or an old man from the Northeast in a remote mountainous area. It’s not impossible to wear Buddhist beads, but they are too big, like eyeballs held in hands; and the gold ingots… Heh, are you trying to show yourself to be a nouveau riche to the end? Also, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently said that you are not allowed to dye your hair when appearing on camera. Your hair color is too bad…”

Qiao Lingfeng said it very directly, because his stylist also treated him the same way. Qiao Lingfeng was more serious at work, far more forceful than his style in life.

Suan Ni didn’t understand many terms, but it didn’t affect his ability to understand Qiao Lingfeng’s disgust.

This human being… he actually really despised him… dirt! And it seemed very reasonable!

Suan Ni was shocked!

Qiao Lingfeng finished his comments in one breath. Seeing his dumbfounded and shocked look, Qiao Lingfeng quickly comforted him: “Sorry, professional habits, our circle is so strict, otherwise it is easy to be blackballed by the media. In short, you look very good, don’t waste it- Oops, I’ve been away for so long, I’m afraid the director’s going to eat me.” Qiao Lingfeng looked at the time on his watch, said goodbye to Suan Ni enthusiastically, and then left the room and went straight to the studio upstairs.

Suan Ni: “…”

This human being… was too presumptuous! The world is in decline!

This outfit was obviously popular in the entire Chinese circle when he last entered the world! Suan Ni couldn’t believe that he had gone from being a leading figure in the fashion industry to a country cat!

At this time, the big ingot on its chest jingled. Suan Ni came back to his senses, touched the big ingot, and heard a voice in his ear.

“Master, I have brought Oscar back to the temple. How is the situation there? Where is the human?”

“He’s awake. He doesn’t know what happened just now.” Suan Ni gritted his teeth.

“When will you come back? Oscar’s situation is complicated. He may need to perform lotus pedestal and incense ash. He must continue to do this for forty-nine days before their souls can be separated.”

“Use whatever you want,” Suan Ni thought for a moment and said seriously, “I won’t be going back for the time being.”

“What do you mean?”

“Humph, someone dares to despise me,” Suan Ni said with a dark face, “I will teach him a lesson in my own way.”

Black Lightning: “…” It guessed that it might have been the unconscious human being. He must have said something again that aroused the master, but that human being was very ordinary, and happened to be Shen Yu’s friend. If the master stayed nearby, he could supervise Shen Yu by the way.

So, it said nothing more and simply hung up the call.

Suan Ni looked at his own dress angrily, feeling more and more that there was nothing wrong with it. Suan Ni, who had made up his mind to stay in the human world, also considered that he might be a little unfamiliar with the human world after he had been away for so long. He entered the chat group and didn’t know who he contacted. After a while, the other party sent him a red envelope, which contained some human ID cards, household registers and other things, as well as some information about the Chinese people in the 21st century, along with life notes and customs explanations.

[Lord Suan Ni, your heroic appearance will impress the world again. How lucky this generation of mankind is! ps: I wish you a happy life]

These little fairies had such sweet mouths.

Satisfied, Suan Ni began to study it carefully…

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