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Su Yu’s expression was ferocious, and he patted Li Yuan’s hand away gently. Just as he was about to ask angrily, he saw Li Yuan turning around and bringing over the meal he had cooked: “Yes. Let’s talk about it after you fill your stomach first. I don’t want you to lose your temper when you are hungry.”

After saying that, Li Yuan rubbed Su Yu’s head twice more. Su Yu was immediately discouraged and felt that this matter seemed… It was not that serious. In the final analysis, it was just a little fun from his lover.

It was like he knew that his lover would lose his previous memories every time, but he still couldn’t help but turn into a seducing maniac. He especially liked to see his lover blushing and heartbeating when he was teasing him, and he couldn’t control himself.

The relationship between lovers was probably like this. On the premise of not hurting each other, they would have some little plans of their own, which was actually quite sweet when you think about it.

Just as Su Yu was recalling this, Li Yuan over there had already helped him pick up the dishes very gently and considerately and handed them to him.

Su Yu lowered his head and saw that they were all his favorite dishes, and he became even less angry: “You can eat too.”

“Okay.” Li Yuan nodded with a smile but felt relieved in his heart. He knew Su Yu too well and could naturally see why he did that just now.

Although he did not regret the small interventions he made before, if his lover really wanted to settle accounts, he would definitely lose a lot of benefits of being close to his lover in a short period of time, so the gains outweighed the losses.

In order to prevent his already soft-hearted lover from bringing up the past again, Li Yuan thought for a while and started a topic: “A Yu, when do you think we will come out to your parents?” Since the two of them wanted to be together, they naturally had to.

If they were to be together openly, then coming out would become a necessary process.

While Su Yu was eating his favorite food, he thought seriously: “I think this matter should not be rushed at the moment, it is better to let it take its course.”

Su Yu’s parents were both very open-minded people, and they never put many demands on Su Yu. Of course, this was mainly because Su Yu strived for his own success and would always be someone else’s child while being a genius. But at least this point also showed that Su Yu’s parents were indeed not very strict with him.

Moreover, Qiao Ruoshui often said that a genius’s ideas were always unique, and liking men should be considered one of his unique aspects, right?

Su Yu here was not anxious about this, but Li Yuan wanted to get a status as soon as possible: “A Yu, I think we have been obvious enough, and your parents must have noticed it a long time ago, but due to some reasons, they didn’t say it directly. In that case, why should we hide it?”

Su Yu could see what Li Yuan was thinking, so he raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: “My dear, you are so anxious to take me away. Is it settled?”

Li Yuan leaned close to Su Yu, stared at Su Yu and said seriously: “Well, I’m afraid someone will snatch you away.”

“Fool, I have been yours for a long time, who can still snatch me away?” Su Yu was amused by Li Yuan’s innocent appearance, but his heart felt sweet and warm.

Li Yuan’s eyes lit up and he nuzzled Su Yu again: “A Yu is indeed the best to me.” After saying that, Li Yuan hooked Su Yu’s chin and kissed it, and Su Yu also put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand very cooperatively, giving a gentle response.

Outside the room, Su Mingyun, who came here specifically to show off his new work to his son, silently withdrew his half-raised arm and went back to the room with a blushing face.

It seemed that he needed to discuss with his wife about his son coming out.

There was only one word that could describe Su Yu’s life experience before he was twenty years old, that was Sususususususu[1]!

He had a harmonious and happy family that everyone admired. His mother was a famous actress in the entertainment industry, and his father was Taishan Beidou[2] in the art world. This had made Su Yu attract attention since he was born.

And he lived up to the expectations of his parents and everyone. He entered school at the age of three, completed junior high school at the age of seven, received a master’s degree at the age of thirteen, established his own studio at the age of sixteen, registered a company at the age of eighteen, and at the age of twenty-one, Su Yu had successfully made the company enter the ranks of the world’s top 500 companies.

At this moment, Su Yu was sitting in the top-floor office on the 66th floor of the company, looking down at the beautiful scenery of the entire city through the glass. He seemed to be thinking about some serious issue, but in fact, he was just thinking about what to do next tonight. And how to avoid his lover’s request for a change.

Ever since he and his lover publicly came out as gay, Su Yu had been deeply immersed in this kind of anxiety. His lover’s needs were so terrifying that they could not be met by normal people.

Although there were system props to help repair the body, the whole process was still very scary for Su Yu, because he was often f**ked mercilessly by Li Yuan! And even made to cry!

Every time he thought of himself crying, holding Li Yuan’s neck and pleading, Su Yu would blush with shame and feel that he really couldn’t survive this day!

After once again confirming this idea, Su Yu summoned Ball and asked seriously: “Ball, do you still remember that a long, long, long time ago, I asked you to exchange for that harmless to the body prop?”

The Ball took two seconds to realize what kind of props his host was talking about, and he immediately blushed: “Well, remember…remember.”

Looking at the Ball that started to flash pink light inexplicably, a series of ellipses appeared in Su Yu’s mind, and by the way, since when did even the most stupid and cute Ball become not so innocent anymore?

Su Yu twitched the corner of his mouth and couldn’t bear to look directly at Ball and said, “Give me the props now.”

“Okay, eh, wait!” Ball took a moment to react and looked at Su Yu in shock, “Is the host planning to use this prop?”

Su Yu glanced at Ball showing a look of shock and gossip, and said helplessly: “Give me the prop, and you can go back and give it to your Black Egg and feed him the information.”

“But…” Ball wanted to ask a few more questions but seeing that his host had already started waving his hands to catch the Ball, he had to hesitantly hand over a certain prop that he had treasured for a long time to his host, and then disappear aggrievedly, “Master host, you must use this thing with caution.”

Su Yu didn’t want to use this kind of prop, but for the sake of his own health, Su Yu gritted his teeth and tightened the bottle of the prop, and he decided to do it tonight.

When it was time to get off work, Li Yuan came to pick up Su Yu from work as usual. The two exchanged a gentle kiss before going home together.

Along the way, Li Yuan was chatting with Su Yu, but Su Yu seemed a little absent-minded. Li Yuan noticed it but said nothing. He just slowly raised the corners of his mouth where Su Yu didn’t notice.

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[1] Meaning Gary Su where everything went perfectly for him.

[2] as weighty as Mt Tai, as brilliant as the Big Dipper (idiom); a giant among men.

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