CREG Ch. 46.2: Suan Ni Enters the World

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When Qiao Lingfeng rushed to the studio, Xu Maomao and Shen Yu also happened to come back. The staff of the directing team were about to send security to look for them. When they saw them returning, they immediately said with sad faces: “We told you all know that filming is going on now, why are you running out one by one? Fortunately, you know how to come back.”

Assistant director: “Where is that Leo from just now? He was the first one to run out. Didn’t he agree to train the cat?”

Only then did Qiao Lingfeng think of his hourly job worker. Yes, where did Xiao Ao go? Could it be that Shen Yu…tsk, tsk, tsk, Shen Yu was a gentleman in front of others and a beast in the back!

Whether it was Xu Maomao or Shen Yu, no one could match the ability of the star Qiao!

Qiao Lingfeng said to the director: “Brother Li (the director’s surname is Li), wait a minute, I’ll say a few words to A Yu.” He pulled Shen Yu aside and asked in a low voice: “Where is my Xiao Ao?”

Shen Yu almost forgot, this guy chased them just now, but wasn’t he knocked unconscious by those two cats later? Could it be that he overheard it?

Shen Yu asked back: “How much do you know?”

“Hey, you still haven’t told me honestly!” Qiao Lingfeng kept it secret, “Actually, I understand it, brother.”

Shen Yu was a little surprised: “You knew this earlier?”

Qiao Lingfeng actually said he knew about Oscar and Xu Maomao? Still so calm?

“Humph, before I took you to my house, you pretended to be a calm emperor, and said you were not interested in going to my house. Didn’t you expose your secret today?” Qiao Lingfeng said self-righteously, “But my Xiao Ao is indeed very cute, it’s embarrassing. You just… Jie Jie Jie Jie, is he okay?”

Shen Yu was confused: “What do you mean?”

“You are still pretending, aren’t you chasing our Xiao Ao?” Qiao Lingfeng smiled evilly, as if he knew the truth of everything, “I I’ve seen you lock him in a small dark room. Tsk, but you were too quick, or maybe you didn’t do anything?”

Shen Yu’s eyes widened, and after a while, he finally understood what Qiao Lingfeng had meant. Xu Maomao was looking over curiously. So, he coughed hurriedly and said depressedly: “What are you thinking about! I have nothing to do with that Ao-Leo! We just… had a misunderstanding, and now we have talked about it! Also, I’m not fast at all!”

Xu Maomao was listening to the excitement with his ears pricked up. He couldn’t let him have the slightest chance to misunderstand that he was a “fast man”!

Qiao Lingfeng: “What the hell? Isn’t that the kind of relationship you have?”


“Is there any misunderstanding?”

“I don’t care about your business, I’ve already said it!”

Qiao Lingfeng shook his head in disappointment. It seemed that his buddy was going to stay single. He asked again: “Then where did Xiao Ao go?”

Shen Yu was worried that this matter would never end, so he made up a random reason to deceive him: “Well, he has something at home, so he let me tell you that he is resigning.”

Qiao Lingfeng was shocked: “So sudden?”

“It’s just so sudden and he’s gone.”

“…He actually left without asking for salary…” Qiao Lingfeng was dumbfounded.

The assistant director came over and patted him on the shoulder: “Teacher Qiao, we don’t have much time to touch up your makeup.”

After such a delay, the filming progress could not be delayed any longer. Qiao Lingfeng could only stop trying to get to the bottom of it and follow the makeup artist to get his makeup touched up. The scene was well prepared, and as soon as he, the leading actor, came out, the filming work immediately got on track.

Xu Maomao was still afraid of the snake. Although he had tried very hard to cooperate, he still looked too nervous in the close-up on the screen. In the end, the director decided to let the shit shoveler cooperate by appearing on the scene.

The suppressed jealousy in Shen Yu’s heart finally eased a lot when he accompanied Xu Maomao in front of the camera. Some scenes that did not require Qiao Lingfeng to show his face were all replaced by Shen Yu. Even after the filming, some people came to ask Shen Yu if he wanted to make a debut, because he was tall, handsome and looked very noble, whether in reality or on camera, his appearance had not been compromised, and it could fully withstand the test of high-definition screens.

Of course, Shen Yu declined. He had long been accustomed to such invitations, and he always used the same excuses for rejection.

The commercial was shot smoothly in just one day. The next step was post-production and submission for review. After a while, it would be star-studded and eye-catching!

After Xu Maomao returned, he carefully asked the group leader if he should quit the cat group now that his identity as a human was exposed.

As a result, the group leader made a very overbearing comment.

[Suan Ni]: How can you retreat from my group just because you want to?

[Oscar]: But I am not a real cat clan member.

[Suan Ni]: The bell is still around your neck. It recognizes you as a compatriot of our tribe.

[Suan Ni]: Human being, this is your honor.

Xu Maomao didn’t understand its brain circuit very well and wanted to see it less often in the future. Unexpectedly, Suan Ni added indifferently:

[Suan Ni]: People in the group can pay for their likes. There are not many cats like it…


He knew it! The group leader’s quality was definitely of no value, so he refused to let the cat go.

But Xu Maomao was still very grateful that Suan Ni didn’t kick him out. After all, there were many beautiful, warm and interesting cats in the group, such as the beautiful and generous goddess Alalei, the enthusiastic Rice, the cute little Migu, etc., and even Michelle who always took advantage of the group to drive secretly when the Lord was away was also very cute.

Xu Maomao consciously promised to handle all upgrade matters in the future, treating it as a thank you to the cats for taking care of him for the time when he was a cat. Not long after this incident, there was new news in the mall in the group. Xu Maomao spent two million to upgrade the reward section in the mall, suddenly becoming a middle-class person and becoming extremely poor. He should not have the energy to buy any more transformation potion in a short period of time.

The cats didn’t know that Oscar was actually a human being, so they lined up to cheer for him as always, making Xu Maomao feel guilty.

Suan Ni did not reveal his secret, but rarely appeared in the group. Finally, he quietly upgraded Hei Mang to the administrator of the group, and announced in the group that he would travel around the world next.

News of the appearance of a big boss in the cat world spread like wildfire, causing a wave of turmoil in the demon world.

All the demons lamented: At the end of the year, the big boss is also here to collect protection fees, so please be careful during this time! Become a demon with your tail tucked between your legs first!


The advertisement finally made it onto the prime time slots of major TV stations before the annual holiday. Why was it on prime time? This was also thanks to the father of radio and television. Dad felt that public service advertisements promoted young people’s sense of responsibility, so he forced them to bombard viewers with these advertisements between 8pm and 10pm.

Mixed in with the brainwashing advertisements such as “My family won’t accept gifts this year, I will only receive leukorrhea”, “Woofing during the Chinese New Year!” and “Enjoy silky smoothness every year”, this advertisement was already considered a novelty. Of course, the advertisement itself was indeed of high quality, handsome and cute, and the audience responded to it very well. Otherwise, what Xu Maomao would gain would not be love points, but dislike points.

Because many pets appeared in this advertisement, and Xu Maomao, one of the protagonists, had a bell hanging around his neck, he was a powerful spirit was obvious to all. Therefore, within a few days of being aired, it became popular from the human world to the demon world, especially among cats, which caused an uproar in the world.

“This cat seems to have a lot of say!”

“We are all puppet cats, can we join him?”

“Forget it, I heard that Suan Ni is in City B. Let’s keep a low profile. I ate a fish secretly last time that was about to become a demon, and Master Suan Ni found out about it and I was forced to go to a labor camp…”

Many cats were very interested in Xu Maomao, but they were intimidated by the fact that Suan Ni was in charge of City B and did not dare to visit at will.

Of course, there were also some courageous old monsters who were not only unafraid of the existence of Big Brother Suan Ni, but when they heard that it came out of the mountain, they even happily prepared to descend from the horizon…

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