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Since Black Lightning brought Oscar back, there had been no news.

Xu Maomao did not put all his hopes on them, and still insisted on practicing every day. After practicing for a period of time, he discovered that his throat had developed a secondary phenomenon recently. It was itchy and he couldn’t help but make a sound.

He meowed at home for several days, almost making Shen Yu think he was in heat, but Xu Maomao was suddenly able to speak without relying on vocal potion!

He jumped up and said to Shen Yu: “Shen…Shen!”

His voice was mixed with the thin timbre of a cat and the unique crispness of a human teenager. It sounded very delicate. This sweet call made Shen Yu’s heart skip a beat: “Can you talk?”

“Me… meow… it seems… meow can…”

The pronunciation was still unfamiliar for the first time, like a baby babbling.

Shen Yu smiled and picked him up gently: “Even if you’re not good at it, can you call me by my name?”


It was too hard!

Shen Yu couldn’t help but kiss his little nose: “So good, so awesome.”

Xu Maomao buried his head in his chest in embarrassment, and after a moment he repeated: “Shen…Shen Yu!”

“Have a rest.” Shen Yu was worried. He talked too much at one time and his throat must be tired, so he quickly gave him water. But Xu Maomao was so excited that he screamed several times in succession, his voice getting louder and louder, and his pronunciation becoming more and more standard and proficient.

Wasn’t he actually a human being? Regaining human language was easy.

However, after a few minutes of excitement, the “spiritual energy” that may have been obtained through practice was exhausted, and the sound Xu Maomao made again returned to the sound of a cat.

Xu Maomao was not discouraged at all. This was a good start, which gave him hope that even if he could not return to his original body, he could transform into human shape on his own.

Every day that followed, he practiced very hard and never faltered even once. The accuracy and duration of his pronunciation were improving little by little every day. Unfortunately, autonomous human transformation was still far away. Black Lightning also said that transformation was the most difficult first level for all demons, so he still needed to collect enough transformation potions in the short term.

Seeing that the New Year was coming soon, he hoped to transform again, because he had heard that Shen Yu’s parents were not on good terms and had been separated for a long time, and Shen Yu couldn’t reunite with them, so he could only spend this spring break with him, at least on New Year’s Eve, he could hold vigil with him, as he hoped to embrace the new year with his male god.


In an auspicious cloud on the horizon, there was a rabbit lazily nestled in its nest. A golden round lump in the shape of a mooncake hanging around its neck. It touched the mooncake and entered the chat group.

[Yueye Rabbit][1]: Brother Suan Ni went out?

[Black Lightning]: Yes, the master plans to play in the human world for a while.

[Yueye Rabbit]: No wonder you have to reply to my message. He must be having too much fun!

[Black Lightning]: Really? The master occasionally appears in the group

[Yueye Rabbit]: Pull me into your group

[Black Lightning]: We are a group of cats, not rabbits

[Yueye Rabbit]: What are you afraid of? I can be what I want to be. Isn’t it a breeze? Besides, I am the leader of the Rabbit Clan, and we will also establish group hyperlinks in the future. Let me get acquainted with your Cat Clan first.

[Black Lightning]: …It also makes sense.

So that day, Xu Maomao found a new message on the bulletin board that had been silent for a long time.

The administrator [Black Lightning] pulled [Yueye Rabbit] into the group and [Yueye Rabbit] was promoted to the post of administrator.

[Yueye Rabbit] also sent red envelopes to everyone. Xu Maomao also participated in it. Xu Maomao clicked on it and took a look. “A bite of white cloud marshmallow”? What the hell? Forget it, put it into the “not be able to be used temporarily” category first.

Xu Maomao didn’t take the Yueye Rabbit to heart. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the rabbit came to his door.

The reason was this. After the Yueye Rabbit found out that Suan Ni had entered the world, he said he wanted to go and play with him. Suan Ni, who finally got in touch with him, told him that he was getting familiar with the survival rules of the human entertainment industry and had no time to care about him.

[Yueye Rabbit]: Human entertainment industry? That is the most evil and materialistic dyeing vat in the world!

[Suan Ni]: What are you afraid of? I have always emerged from the mud and remained unstained. How can a small human race shake my Taoist heart in the slightest. Moreover, it is also the most fashionable circle in the world. I have been despised by a small human race recently, so I must enter the circle to steal his limelight and let him know that I am a flower in any circle╭(╯^╰) ╮

[Yueye Rabbit]: Hey, I don’t care, I want to go and play with you. By the way, I heard that Sister E has been reincarnated and I want to see her.

[Suan Ni]: I don’t have time, but I can introduce you to a friend, you should go to him first

[Yueye Rabbit]: Who is it?

[Suan Ni]: There are two human race members, but one of them is temporarily stored in the noble body of our cat race.

[Yueye Rabbit]: Huh? So roundabout? Can you please make it simpler? I’m too lazy to think.

[Suan Ni]: Hey, it’s a cat named Oscar, and his shit shoveler. The shit shoveler’s name is Shen Yu. Be careful not to offend him. I’ll send you the coordinates. It’s over, I won’t talk to you anymore, I’m going to practice, I’ll be debuting after the new year, I’m very busy!

[Yueye Rabbit]: …Hey, hey!

So, Yueye Rabbit took the coordinates given by Suan Ni and went down to city B. He followed the directions and found the Valley of the Wind Pet Shop.

Because at the end of the year, fans in the store came to see Xu Maomao for the last time. In order to give everyone a New Year benefit, Xu Maomao performed very hard and even learned break dancing. In just one day, he earned more than 800,000 likes through break dancing, which was considered a year-end bonus for himself.

Xu Maomao was happily preparing to call it a day when he saw a boy with red lips, white teeth, fair skin, and a diamond-shaped red diamond on his forehead slowly walking into the pet shop, he noticed him because he was wearing a very thin pure white windbreaker, although it looked a little cold in the winter, but it looked very beautiful with its fairy spirit, and it looked very elegant with his movements.

Although the Black Lightning, Suan Ni, and even Oscar that Xu Maomao met after transforming into a cat were much more beautiful than ordinary humans, it had to be said that this person was the most androgynous and otherworldly in appearance.

Xiao Guan was about to go up to him when he heard this young boy say in a lazy voice: “Suan Ni asked me to find Oscar…”

Xu Maomao instantly understood that this guy was not a human being, so he quickly bit his trouser leg and signaled him to follow his own lead.

“Meow!” Brother, don’t expose yourself!

Shen Yu reacted quickly and opened the office door directly, gesturing for them to go in together. All these actions opened the eyes of all the clerks. And Xiao Guan asked mysteriously: “Manager, is that beauty here for you?”

“Stop talking nonsense, go to work, finish work early and leave early.” Shen Yu waved his hand and closed the door to isolate their curious eyes.

Hehe, was their manager playing office games?

The clerks looked at each other, and then showed a slightly lewd smile.

After the junior student entered the office, his eyes lit up when he saw the soft couch in the office. Without saying anything, he excitedly drifted towards the sofa, then lazily slumped on it and squinted comfortably. The eyes and behavior were very similar to those of cats.

“Although it can’t compare with my somersault cloud, it is still very comfortable. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Xu Maomao & Shen Yu: “…” It seems that we haven’t started entertaining you yet, this little handsome rabbit is too easy to be satisfied.

“Somersault cloud?” Xu Maomao asked in a human voice, “Are you a monkey?”

“No,” Little Rabbit shook his head and said with some disgust, “Smelly monkeys are so ugly, but I am the unparalleled Yueye Rabbit.”

“You…are you Yueye Rabbit?” The administrator who came to the group not long ago?!

“In the words of you humans, I’m the Jade Rabbit[2] in the sky!” Little Rabbit said proudly.

Shen Yu also felt a bit spartan. The arrival of an ancient mythical beast, Suan Ni, was not enough. What came here was probably another immortal beast.

“Rabbit,” Shen Yu frowned, “What’s the purpose of your coming to us?”

Yueye Rabbit was a little dissatisfied with his straightforward address, but Suan Ni warned him not to offend him, so he suppressed his arrogance and said lazily: “My cousin has recently become involved in the entertainment industry in the human world and has no time to care about me. He said that Oscar is his friend, so he asked me to come to you. Kitty, are you Oscar?”

Xu Maomao: “Who is your cousin?”

Yueye Rabbit: “Suan Ni.”

Xu Maomao was shocked by the news that “Suan Ni is going to join the entertainment industry”, but he still nodded calmly: “Well, for now, Oscar is me.”

Yueye Rabbit waved to him to come over, and then took out a white cloud-shaped lollipop from his arms, with a trace of mist floating on it.

“Come on, brother, I’ll give you a greeting gift.”

Xu Maomao was confused as he grabbed the marshmallow with his little paws, and then heard him say: “Eat it, it’s very sweet.”

Shen Yu: “Cats can’t eat sweets…”

“This is a specialty of the immortal world. We rabbits can eat it, and so can cats.”

Shen Yu had no choice but to shut up.

Seeing that he didn’t object, Xu Maomao tried to lick it, but as soon as his little tongue touched the marshmallow, it all rushed from his little mouth and rushed into his throat.

Suddenly a wave of refreshment came over him.

Xu Maomao practiced for a while and soon understood that this refreshing feeling was a sign of sufficient demonic power. He exclaimed: “Does this also have magical effects?”

“Yes~” Little Rabbit said proudly, “It’s almost equivalent to the effect of you practicing ten times. How about it?”

Xu Maomao tried to speak in human language, and sure enough his pronunciation was very clear. He raised his head and shouted sweetly to Shen Yu: “Shen~Yu~”

Shen Yu had a headache, covering his forehead, he wanted to tell him not to tempt him like this. Ever since he could pronounce his own words, he had always called his name in this soft tone. If he continued, Shen Yu would explode in silence.

“Within a week, you should be able to speak human words without any pressure.” Yueye Rabbit added, “You can also transform into a human form for a short time, it depends on your choice.”

Xu Maomao: “Thank you, Yueye Rabbit.”

Yueye Rabbit smiled and said: “You’re welcome, because I also have something to ask you for help.”

Xu Maomao: “Huh?”

Yueye Rabbit clasped his fingers seriously: “I heard that there is a saying in the world, called people who eat things given by people have soft mouths and help people with short hands. Then we in the world of demons and beasts should also apply it, that is, since you have eaten something from the rabbit, you should have a soft mouth and you should reciprocate by giving the rabbits delicious food in return.”

Xu Maomao: … It seems that this rabbit was following a routine… It was not the innocent little white rabbit that we were promised!

Shen Yu smiled sullenly. The absurd reasoning of these cats, dogs, and rabbits was really funny, so he subconsciously asked: “What kind of carrots should I prepare for you?”

Yueye Rabbit looked at him with disdain: “I am an immortal rabbit, I don’t eat carrots.”

Xu Maomao, who had just swallowed a week’s worth of demonic power, said with shame: “Then tell us what you want to eat? We will try our best to satisfy you.”

Yueye Rabbit said loudly: “I want to eat moon cakes.”

Xu Maomao: “…Meow?”

Shen Yu frowned, the season was wrong, it was not the Mid-Autumn Festival, so there were no good mooncakes available, unless they were customized.

Fortunately, it was not difficult for him, so he asked: “Okay, do you want Cantonese style, Su style or Yun style?” Five-nut[3], barbecued pork[4], lotus paste and egg yolk[5], cloud legs[6], and even the more popular snow skin[7] in recent years, all types of mooncakes were fine.

“They are all vulgar things,” Yueye Rabbit stretched out a finger and shook it: “I want sister Chang’e to make them.”

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[2] The Jade rabbit or Moon hare is a mythical figure in East Asian and indigenous American folklore, based on pareidolic interpretations that identify the dark markings on the near side of the Moon as a rabbit or hare. In Chinese folklore, the rabbit is often portrayed as a companion of the Moon goddess Chang’e, constantly pounding the elixir of life for her and some show the making of cakes or rice cakes.






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