MMMYT Ch. 1: Nine Years Old Again

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Content Warning; child abuse

In the summer of 1997, R city was about to experience a heavy rain, and in the gray sky, there was a shrill sound of thunder.

A group of eight or nine-year-old children stood under the eaves, looking at the center of the courtyard in panic.

“I told you not to make a mistake, little b**tard. You broke so many bowls, I’ll see if you dare to do it next time!” In the 1990s, there was a lush cluster of yellow wattle trees in the courtyard. The owner of the grocery store, Zheng Chun, was a man in his forties. At this time, he broke off the thickest yellow wattle stick and whipped the boy who was curled up on the ground hard again and again.

The young man was protecting his head with his hands and his cheek was buried under his arms, as the yellow wattle stick slapped on his waist. His body trembled, but he still said nothing.

“Speak out! Who told you to be stubborn!” Zheng Chun was furious, beating and cursing in a rough voice. Whipping a silent person obviously not only failed to calm him down, but also made him angrier.

Zheng Chun’s ferocity frightened the group of children under the roof. Someone sobbed and whispered, “How about we admit it? Will he be beaten to death?”

Among the children, there was a little boy wearing a baseball cap named Sun Xiaowei. His face was the palest. When he heard this, he quickly objected: “No! No one is allowed to say anything, otherwise I won’t make him look good.”

“But…he bled a lot.”

Such a sentence attracted the attention of all the children. Everyone looked over and saw the boy huddled on top of the broken porcelain pieces. His ill-fitting short summer shirt was soaked in blood, leaving shallow blood stains on the ground.

He was beaten on broken pieces of porcelain!

Sun Xiaowei was holding the football and his face was pale.

He got a new football at noon, so he took the children in the courtyard to play with it. Unexpectedly, the football flew out and hit the trolley the boy was carrying, causing the new bowls to shatter on the floor.

The sound of breaking porcelain woke up the boss Zheng Chun who was dozing in the grocery store. He came out and asked who did it. Sun Xiaowei pointed at the boy who was transporting the goods, and Zheng Chun started beating him without saying a word.

The tall and thin young man was kicked down by Zheng Chun, and he was lying on the porcelain tiles. The sound of the two-finger-thick yellow wattle sticks slapping his flesh was frightening.

The children were hiding under the eaves, their bodies trembling, and the timid ones were already crying.

Sun Xiaowei swallowed and became more convinced not to say anything. Although his family was well off and Zheng Chun did not dare to hit him but if he admitted it, he would inevitably be taught a lesson by his parents when he returned home.


Someone whispered: “He didn’t even speak while he was beaten.”

Under the gray sky, there was not even a low hum. Where the boy was curled up, there was only the sound of thrashing in the air, and no one could see his expression.

Sun Xiaowei was frightened for a moment, thinking what kind of monster this could be! He was almost beaten to death, but he didn’t even cry out in pain and beg for mercy.

Zheng Chun spit out a mouthful of thick phlegm on the boy and cursed: “Damn it!”

After all, you can’t beat people to death. Zheng Chun finished cursing and kicked the boy: “Get up and clean up. I will go find your aunt tomorrow…”

The beating was finally over, and the children breathed a sigh of relief.

They were stunned by this scene, and now they saw a little girl sitting under the eaves with a bruised forehead.

There was a rumble of thunder and it was raining.

July was hot and humid, with cicadas chirping up and down. The little girl Jiang Sui put down her white and tender fingers covering her forehead, her eyelashes trembled, and she opened her eyes.

There was a moment of confusion in her eyes, looking at her little fleshy palms and the familiar courtyard in front of her, for a moment she couldn’t tell what day it was.

Until Jiang Sui saw the young man curled up on the ground.

He sat under the eaves, and the cold air seemed to surround him for a long time. The young man slowly lowered his arm protecting his head.

He was twelve years old this year, tall and thin, with a shallow scar on his brow bone and a very light lip color.

The boy’s chest muscles bulged and he tried his best to endure the pain. Under the fearful and frightened gazes of all the children, he slowly stood up.

Jiang Sui was stunned.

This was? Chi Yan!

Chi Yan in 1997!

The soreness and pain on her forehead told Jiang Sui that she was not dreaming. When she opened her eyes while taking a nap in the hospital, she went back to when she was nine years old!

The rain was pouring down and the wind was strong, and Jiang Sui felt her heartbeat speeding up.

The rain hit the young man’s body, and he staggered for a moment, but quickly stabilized himself, and then looked towards the group of children under the eaves.

Chi Yan’s eyes were extremely dark, like a pool of non-smudged ink. Such a strong eye color gave him a cold appearance. His dark eyes swept over the children, making everyone tremble.

The children lowered their heads, not daring to look into his eyes.

Sun Xiaowei met his gaze, and for a moment he even thought that he would come over and beat him.

But no, nothing. He looked around them all, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb, and squatted down to pick up the broken porcelain pieces.

Such a cold reaction was a bit embarrassing amidst the whistling wind.

All the children were blocked by the heavy rain and did not dare to run home. They could only watch the teenager cleaning up the broken bowls and porcelain pieces.

The rain fell heavily, and soon his clothes were wet.

Chi Yan’s face was expressionless, and there were about twenty broken bowls in total. However, Zheng Chun did not give him a broom and only let him pick them up with his bare hands. He was very fast, and if his wounds hadn’t been bleeding, the beating just now would have seemed more like an illusion.

The porcelain fragments flew and he picked them up all the way to under the eaves. The children avoided looking at him with different expressions on their faces.

Chi Yan didn’t even look up until a small hand was spread out in front of him.

He looked up and met a pair of slightly pink peach blossom eyes.

The little girl in front of him had a bruised nose and swollen face, and some broken skin on her forehead. Her face was bruised and purple, and her original appearance was unrecognizable. There were several pieces of broken porcelain in her palm, which she had just picked up.

Chi Yan felt cold in his heart. He took the broken porcelain from her palm and turned his wrist gently. The broken porcelain had scratched her palm.

The sharp pain made Jiang Sui suddenly retract her hand. She looked up and saw that the boy had already pushed the cart and was walking towards the grocery store. Jiang Sui inhaled in pain and sighed softly after a while.

It was really Chi Yan.

No matter when he was young or later, he seemed not to want to see her.

She clenched her palms and remembered what Chi Yan’s brother once said to her.

“My brother doesn’t like you, so he doesn’t smile at you, doesn’t talk to you, and frowns when he sees you. But I like you, I like you so much, Sui Sui.”

He also said: “Don’t mind my brother’s bad temper. He suffered too much when he was young and was too lonely. Please forgive him.”

In fact, there was no question of forgiveness or not. Jiang Sui and Chi Yan’s lives had not had much intersection. The most embarrassing thing was that if time had not gone back to 1997, she would have been forced to marry Chi Yan’s younger brother Chi Yiming tomorrow. She was tired of the Chi brothers.

Back in 1997, she did not have to marry Chi Yiming, Jiang Sui felt much better as soon as she realized this fact.

Sun Xiaowei’s deliberately fierce voice came into her ears: “Don’t tell your parents what happened today, especially girls, girls are all complainers!”

The boys nodded in agreement. There were only a few girls in the courtyard, including Jiang Sui, there were only three in total. They puffed up their cheeks in embarrassment and reluctantly agreed under Sun Xiaowei’s threat.

Someone said with a guilty conscience: “That brother was seriously injured and lost a lot of blood.”

Sun Xiaowei hugged the football tightly: “Anyway, if you tell anyone, your parents will definitely beat you. We play football together. And… that boy, he won’t tell anyone anything.”

In the sultry July air, Jiang Sui heard Sun Xiaowei say word for word: “I have met him. He just moved here half a month ago. He has no parents, and his aunt hates him. No one will help him. I… I’ve even seen him dig through trash cans to pick up things to eat! No one would believe him even if he told them!”

The children’s eyes widened and they sighed. Jiang Sui raised her face and frowned slightly.

There were too few things about Chi Yan in her memory. She only knew about this person’s future.

In the future, no one in R City would not know Chi Yan.

This summer was barren and hot, and the air was filled with the faint fragrance of vegetation. These children who had done bad things would never know that the skinny boy they provoked would become a powerful figure in the future.

He was a self-made man who was so versatile that even the mayor was in awe of him.

Often a man who had to fight was the sharpest sword in the world.

Later, Chi Yan’s dark eyes rarely looked at her, but every time he looked at her, Jiang Sui felt uncomfortable, so much so that she never wanted to explore his past and personality.

But she didn’t expect that she would go back to 1997 unexpectedly, and his situation would be so bad.

The thunderbolts came one after another, and the rain was the most abundant in summer. Not far away, parents held umbrellas to come pick up their children. The children were taken away one by one. Jiang Sui was startled and turned with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Sure enough, after a while, a honest-looking man in his thirties ran out wearing rain boots.

“Sui Sui!” He ran over anxiously.

Jiang Sui’s eyes were filled with tears. It had been how many years since she had seen her healthy father!

Jiang Shuisheng’s hands were still stained with flour. When he saw his daughter’s embarrassed appearance, he quickly said: “What’s wrong with the forehead? Is Sui Sui in pain? Let Dad take a look.”

He picked up Jiang Sui, and Jiang Sui hugged her father’s neck, trying to swallow back her tears.

She was so grateful for the time reversal!

Jiang Shuisheng had not yet suffered from liver cirrhosis, and she finally had time to save him.

Jiang Shuisheng said awkwardly: “Sui Sui, don’t cry. Dad will take you to see a doctor.”

Jiang Sui choked and said, “I won’t see a doctor. I’m fine. Dad, let’s go home.”

“Okay, go home.”

Jiang Shuisheng held an umbrella in one hand and carried his daughter home with the other.

Jiang Sui didn’t ask to come down and walk.

The sensitivity and pain in her limbs were due to her nine-year-old body, which was weak and uncoordinated. She easily stumbled with her left foot and fell with her right foot when walking. Therefore, she had injuries all year round, and her small face was always bruised and swollen.

Her hormone imbalance would only get better later.

The road was slippery due to heavy rain. If Jiang Sui went home by herself, she would fall unconscious before reaching the door.

So, she was being held by Jiang Shuisheng. When the father and daughter passed by Zheng Chun’s grocery store, they heard cursing inside.

Jiang Sui raised her eyes and looked over. The young man’s thin figure could not be seen clearly in the heavy rain of summer evening.

He was like a tall, thin old bamboo, silent and seeming to be able to swallow all the insults in the world.

Jiang Sui lay on her father’s shoulder and heard Zheng Chun’s vulgar curses in the distance.

She felt the stinging pain in her palms and was in a daze.

She only remembered his cool and arrogant appearance, but it turned out that this big man who later became a bad-tempered man, his fate had first taught him to suffer all kinds of abuse, which made him turn to cruelty and loneliness.

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