PTTP Ch. 2.2: The Middle Finger

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He Zun was almost lying on his stomach by the door, his upper teeth and lower teeth chittering, and panic spreading throughout his body. He had been knocking on the door for three minutes and there was still no response, but the darkness behind him seemed to have substance. He was almost desperate, but at this time the door suddenly opened.

There was a crunch.

The moonlight poured down along the opening, illuminating a very beautiful face. The skin color seemed to be as cold and white as the moonlight. The two silkworms under the clear eyes were originally a bit cute, but He Zun was lying on the door a little lower. So, looking at it from this angle, it seemed a bit cold.

He Zun was stunned for a moment, and then fell into the ecstasy of finally seeing a living person: “Please let me in, help!”

Xie Lingya raised his eyebrows.

He Zun wanted to squeeze in through the crack in the door, but Xie Lingya blocked the door tightly. He said anxiously: “Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. What, just let me go in and hide!”

Xie Lingya: “Buddha? You can tell this is a Taoist temple, right?”

He Zun: “…”

I really don’t know… He could see the top of the building from outside at night, and he thought it was a temple at first.

He Zun was deeply afraid that the other party would really lock him out, as he might think he was hiding from debtors, so he opened the door and shouted: “Please, please, please, please, there is a ghost, help!”

Was there a ghost? Xie Lingya paused in closing the door and looked at him while holding the door. In the man’s expectant eyes, he slowly raised his left hand – his ring finger and little finger were bent, and his index finger and thumb pinched the first cross section of the middle finger respectively. On the back and front of the pattern, the white and slender middle finger was stretched straight.

He Zun: “…”

He Zun shuddered, and then said angrily: “Why are you like this? You don’t listen or believe, you just won’t save me until I die, and you even give me the middle finger!!”

Xie Lingya: “…?”

Scholars could be killed, but not humiliated.

He Zun turned around to leave.

Xie Lingya called him from behind: “Hey, you better come in.”

He Zun had walked out for only five steps. In fact, he regretted it when he reached the third step. It was so scary outside. Xie Lingya didn’t even finish the sentence. He immediately turned around, “Yeah, okay!”

Xie Lingya, who originally wanted to explain: “…”


Xie Lingya poured a cup of hot water for the stranger. He Zun, who was estimated to be around 20 years old, asked, “What happened just now?”

In fact, He Zun felt much better just now. Now that he drank hot water, he was even more energetic and slowly told about his experience.

He Zun was a sophomore student at Qiyang University. He met up with friends for dinner and karaoke in the evening. After they left, he felt really sleepy. He drank some more wine and decided to book a room in a nearby hotel to rest.

He Zun wanted to take a shortcut and cross through a small alley, but as he walked, he found that he could not reach his destination and the surroundings were extremely quiet.

After all, this was a commercial district. Even in the middle of the night, there could not be no sound at all. Moreover, all the building lights were turned off, including the street lights, leaving only a little weird moonlight, which made it even more terrifying.

The whole world suddenly had no direction, no sound and no light. He Zun was so drunk but he woke up with a fright. Three words suddenly came to his mind, which made him hit the wall.

Then, not only could he not get out, but it seemed as if something was peeping in the dark at him, which frightened him to the core.

When He Zun was in despair, Baoyang Temple and the lights of Baoyang Temple appeared in his sight, which were like the brightest stars in the night sky.

Xie Lingya also knew what happened next. He Zun rushed over and knocked on the door. Xie Lingya was asleep and wearing headphones at the time, so He Zun knocked for several minutes.

Seeing that Xie Lingya’s expression didn’t seem to indicate disbelief, He Zun said hesitantly: “Well, actually, when you pointed your middle finger at me just now, I felt like the veil around me was gone, and I returned to the normal world. This feeling, was that because of your… middle finger?”

Xie Lingya: “… It’s not what you think.”

He Zun clasped his hands and bowed to Xie Lingya, and muttered: “Thank you very much, I misunderstood, no. I never thought you were saving me by pointing your middle finger at me! Did I bump into something strange? It was the first time I encountered it. I heard that people have to be fiercer than those things to get rid of them. Sure enough, it is afraid of you! Thank you, I learned from it!”

Xie Lingya felt speechless, so he simply took He Zun to the nearby Lingguan Hall.

He Zun looked up and saw a statue of a god in the small side hall. He was wearing gold armor and red robes. He was a bit old, but he looked majestic and had three eyes on his forehead. He held a golden whip in one hand and made a gesture of thanks with the other hand. Lingya’s gesture was like that, with his middle finger raised high.

He Zun took a breath of air: “…are your Taoist gods so arrogant?”

Xie Lingya: “…”

Xie Lingya resisted the urge to roll his eyes and said: “This is our ancestor of Baoyang Temple, Taiyi Thunder God Yinghua Tianzun, Taoist Dharma Protector, Wang Lingguan. He has the Lingguan Jue[1] on his hand, also called Yushu Fire Finger, which can exorcise evil spirits and subjugate demons. Future generations can use the spirit-forming official technique to sense the ancestors and avoid evil.”

—-Although it looks very similar, it is really not a middle finger comparison! It’s exorcism, exorcism! Is it really no different from the middle finger? No matter how illiterate you are, you will never be so lacking in quality!

As a Taoist temple dedicated to Wang Lingguan, this was the basic knowledge of Baoyang Temple, which had been elaborated in the notes of predecessors.

Generally, hand techniques needed to be combined with Gang Steps and spells, and Lingguan Jue was no exception. However, it had been simplified by Baoyang Temple people from generation to generation. Thus, it only needed to be pinched, and it could be regarded as an ancestral trick.

After hearing this, He Zun felt even more awed. He thought why his middle finger was so awesome. When Xie Lingya pointed it at him, he felt that the chill in his body was driven away.

Before tonight, he was not a staunch atheist, but he had never entered a Taoist temple. Today, he was a little overturned. He immediately said respectfully: “Then I will burn incense to express my gratitude to the ancestor!”

Congratulations! After putting the incense in the holder, he asked Xie Lingya: “Tell me, have I been affected in any way? Will there be any sequelae? Why did I encounter it, and what should I pay attention to? This must be the legendary ghost hitting the wall, right?”

Xie Lingya said: “I don’t know.”

He Zun: “??”

In He Zun’s heart, Xie Lingya, who saved him in a critical moment, was already a master. This sentence directly made He Zun’s face freeze in a funny way.

Xie Lingya said innocently: “I don’t know, I’m not a Taoist priest, I just live here.”

There were some Taoist priests who didn’t need to have long hair, but he really wasn’t, he was sorry, but he couldn’t pretend.

His theoretical knowledge was not systematic at all, and even though his operations were so sharp but he couldn’t tell whether what He Zun encountered was a ghost.

He Zun’s eyes were unpredictable, then he looked at Xie Lingya and exclaimed: “You are the sweeper monk[2] here…”

“…” Xie Lingya looked at him with caring eyes.

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[2] The Sweeper Monk is a nameless monk of unknown origin in charge of maintaining the library of Shaolin. He defeats Xiao Yuanshan and Murong Bo and puts them to sleep while clearing their minds of their delusional ambitions.

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