KHSW Ch. 331

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Xu Yizhi was scolding Zhu Wenyuan secretly in his heart. If he wanted to apologize, he could apologize in a normal manner. Why would he send flowers? In the end, he would also be implicated…

Looking at the two dogs in front of him, and then at the dog brush in his hand, he worked hard enough to make Ling Xi forgive him.



Xu Yizhi’s face turned cold. He was quite gentle towards Ling Xi, but…he was not gentle at all towards these two dogs.

“Come and take a shower.”

“Woof woof——”

“Niannian” barked at Xu Yizhi, but “Yueyue” wanted to get under “Nian Nian’s” belly to suck milk.

Xu Yizhi looked at the two dogs coldly. They seemed to have never been friendly with Xu Yizhi.

Because every time Ling Xi and Xiao Nuo were not at home, Xu Yizhi would secretly put the dogs in the dog cage, and Nanny Zhang was always doing the work of feeding the dog.

But in order to get Ling Xi’s forgiveness, he had to take good care of them for a day.

Well, they were really two stupid dogs, and they must be hugged by themselves.

He found a pair of disposable gloves from the bathroom drawer and put them on, walked over slowly and carefully, and picked up the puppy with disgust, “I have never bathed anyone else, and you are still the first. It’s such an honor.”

As soon as “Yueyue” was thrown into the water, “Niannian” ran over and jumped in, splashing Xu Yizhi with foam.

Xu Yizhi’s face became even more ugly, “You all should be good to me, or I will stew you all into dog meat soup.”

“Who will you stew into dog meat soup?” Ling Xi’s evil voice came from behind Xu Yizhi.

As soon as Xu Yizhi turned around, his face was filled with a smile. It was definitely a bitter smile, “No, I was just thinking about making a pot of dog meat soup for them. They must like it very much.”

As soon as Xu Yizhi finished speaking, “Niannian” started barking.


Ling Xi smiled heartlessly, “Remember, dogs are very understanding of human nature. They are reminding you not to lie.”

“I’ll give them a bath right away.” Xu Yizhi turned around, his face drooping again, and he helplessly brushed the two dogs’ fur.

Ling Xi inadvertently saw that Xu Yizhi’s clothes were covered with bubbles, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised. It was quite rare for Xu Yizhi to be so awkward and embarrassed, but he was very…cute.

“You all should be honest and not bark.” As soon as Xu Yizhi finished speaking, the two dogs started barking again.

Xu Yizhi looked at the two dogs with very subtle facial expressions. How could they be this humane?

The next day happened to be Saturday.

“Husband, you have to take care of the dogs for the whole day! I’ll take Xiao Nuo to pick up Zimiao.”

Xu Yizhi subconsciously wanted to refuse.

“How about I drive you there? I drive more steadily than other drivers.”

Ling Xi seemed to have seen through Xu Yizhi’s little thoughts, “No, the driver you sent me is very good, and the driving is stable on the road.”

“Then how about…”

“Dad, ‘Niannian’ and ‘Yueyue’ are very well-behaved. You must remember to take them out to use the toilet soon, otherwise they will get antsy.”

Xiao Nuo’s words made Xu Yizhi’s face change color, “Wh…what? I still need to take them to the toilet?”

He wondered if he had heard wrongly.

“Dad, don’t you know that dogs also have to poop and pee? As long as dad calls their names, they will follow dad.”

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