YXBG Ch. 46: Painful Process

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Song Yuanyuan screamed like a pig being killed in the Mingshan villa.

“Please, I’ll take a bite, I won’t get fat!” She burst into tears, acting like a drug addict.

“I beg you, don’t beg me, I really can’t give you food, let me go…” A Xiang put his hands together, he looked more pitiful than she looked.

Today, Qin Yuan couldn’t come to supervise the progress because of something, so Zhang Xiangyi sent A Xiang here. Song Yuanyuan could tell at a glance that A Xiang was a good talker, so she cried in front of him, such that even though A Xiang didn’t dare to let her eat randomly, he felt that she was pitiful, and the two were about to kneel together and worship each other.

It was just when they were stuck like this that Lu Xianxian walked in on her high heels.

Seeing Song Yuanyuan and A Xiang standing like a pair of Fuwa scratching their heads, she seemed to have seen something uncommon, so she asked, “What about Qin Yuan?”

A Xiang quickly got up and said: “General Qin was called by Fiona’s agent. It seems that he wants him to be Fiona’s agent in China. Didn’t she have a lot of scandals recently?” Speaking of this, A Xiang couldn’t help thinking of Professor Yin, who had a dark face every day, as if he was burned into black coal by anger. Even his former rival Zhang Xiangyi couldn’t help sympathizing with him and say: “Fortunately, I didn’t get together with Xiaomei, otherwise I would be jealous every day, I can’t afford this …”

Lu Xianxian nodded, “Well, wait for him to come back. Can you please tell him that I am going to take my leave first? Hu Fei is going to participate in a competition. I have to go to Japan with him and help him assess the competition.”

“Okay,” A Xiang said hurriedly, “No problem. But are you leaving today? Daddy and Professor Yin must still want to see you off!”

“When Hu Fei wins the championship, it won’t be too late to celebrate.” Lu Xianxian finished speaking and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute…” Song Yuanyuan, who had been ignored, suddenly said.

“Huh?” She turned around and asked condescendingly, “Are you talking to me?”

Song Yuanyuan suddenly developed a feeling of shame, “Sister Xianxian, were you really fat…”

Lu Xianxian nodded.

“Were you fatter than me?”

Lu Xianxian said calmly: “Fatter than you, but part of it is muscular obesity. So, it was difficult to eliminate it.”

“Then… Then how did you persist in losing weight?” She looked at Lu Xianxian’s slender and well-proportioned body without a trace of fat and felt very unreal.

“I stuck to what I had to do. My diet at that time was similar to yours, but I didn’t even eat beef. Little sister, you are much luckier than me. I didn’t have such a good recovery back then. Without the product, I looked like a Sharpei dog for a long time after losing weight.”

Song Yuanyuan thought of Qin Yuan’s words, and it seemed that Lu Xianxian indeed understood how it felt to lose weight.

“Of course, the most important thing is,” Lu Xianxian paused, “Faith. I had a boy I liked at the time. I wanted to be better and more beautiful for him. I wanted to give myself more choices, lest when he refused me, I could only secretly cry myself in a corner.” She looked at Song Yuanyuan with some pity, “Do you understand? Do you have someone you like?”

Song Yuanyuan could not help but see a pair of peachy eyes appearing in her mind.

Were those Scotchy’s eyes? But the pupil was black.

Lu Xianxian put on sunglasses and left.

Hu Fei waited for her in the car.

Through the wide sunglasses, he couldn’t understand the expression of the woman in front of him, but after spending so long with her, he could gradually understand her mood.

She was sad.

He secretly gritted his teeth and promised himself that he would win the championship in this competition.

Because only when he won the championship, would the woman in front of him show a proud smile, which he thought was the most beautiful smile in the world.

What’s more, only when he won the championship could he have a chance to say the words that had been buried in his heart…?

When Qin Yuan returned to the villa after meeting with Sean in the evening, Song Yuanyuan was squatting on the sofa like a half-dead round rabbit, chewing a vegetable leaf in a daze.

He was taken aback; and his first reaction was to laugh.

However, he quickly adjusted his emotions and walked over and said coldly: “Everyone said that no food is allowed after 8 o’clock in the evening.”

Song Yuanyuan wailed: “I’m just eating lettuce!”

“Lettuce won’t work either!” Qin Yuan dragged the lettuce lead out of her mouth and threw it into the trash can.

“Perverted! Perverted!” Song Yuanyuan cursed aggrievedly, but she was a little delighted because of his return. Today’s conversation with Lu Xianxian touched a string in her heart for some reason, and when she saw Qin Yuan again, she felt the same again.

“Have you weighed yourself today?” Qin Yuan sat on the sofa, slightly loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the top button before he relaxed.

Song Yuanyuan felt that his actions could really make people blush and heart beat so that they couldn’t look directly at him.

“We weighed, 118 Jin after eating…” She muttered without turning her face.

“It’s too slow…” Qin Yuan was slightly disappointed when he heard this number.

“I think it’s pretty fast, I can definitely lose 100 jin!” Song Yuanyuan promised in a ghostly manner. Although her diet was strictly controlled, but the nutrition she was receiving was much richer than the junk food she originally ate. Therefore, although she was a little sluggish, her skin had become better, and the whiteness of the snow revealed a healthy blush on her face.

“Did you have a normal bowel movement today?” Qin Yuan turned over the record left by A Xiang today.

Song Yuanyuan’s face blushed all of a sudden, and said with difficulty: “There is… Papaya is very useful…”

Qin Yuan glanced at her in surprise, and then felt embarrassed for some reason, then he cleared his throat and said, “It’s okay to rest early. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, you will lose energy. Remember to use that body lotion before going to bed, don’t be lazy.”

Song Yuanyuan blushed slightly and nodded obediently.

This couldn’t help but surprise Qin Yuan. That day, she cried endlessly. She didn’t eat soft and hard steamed dumplings, and her skin was as thick as her fat. How was she so cooperative today…?

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