KHSW Ch. 332

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After Ling Xi and Xiao Nuo left, Xu Yizhi looked at the dogs playing happily on the side with great sadness.

In his subconscious mind, dogs did not need anyone to take care of them. He originally wanted to let Nanny Zhang take care of them, but he heard from Ling Xi that Nanny Zhang had asked her for a few days off.

This “heavy responsibility” naturally fell on his head. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he took out his mobile phone and said, “Jingyu, come to my house. I have something important to tell you.”

Then he called Secretary Yang and said, “Go and order 9999 roses for me. It’s best to arrange them in a heart shape, red on the outside and pink on the inside. I’ll give you two hours.”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Yizhi lightly curled his lips. The red rose symbolized the passionate love between him and Ling Xi, and the pink rose symbolized the vow of eternal love. Why hadn’t he thought of this trick before?

Not long after, Chi Jingyu arrived. As soon as he arrived, he couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, why aren’t my sister-in-law and Xiao Nuo at home?”

“They went out for something.”

“Went out? When you called me just now, I thought you wanted me to help you comfort my sister-in-law. It seems that I was overthinking it.”

“Your sister-in-law has me and doesn’t need your comfort.”

Three black lines instantly slid down Chi Jingyu’s forehead. How could he forget that the wolf in front of him was a jealous wolf? “What important thing is it? Is it about the company or my sister-in-law?”

Xu Yizhi glanced at him uncomfortably, “It’s my business.”

Chi Jingyu looked suspicious, “Brother, are you not well?” He naturally thought of their married life.

Xu Yizhi looked at him confusedly, not understanding what he meant, “What’s wrong?”

He saw Chi Jingyu’s eyes looking somewhere below him, and Xu Yizhi’s face darkened, “What are you thinking about?”

Chi Jingyu was stunned and blinked twice, “Uh… isn’t it?”

“Look over there.”

Chi Jingyu’s gaze immediately fell, “Huh? I remember that the last time I came to your house, you didn’t have a dog? Or am I remembering it wrong?”

Chi Jingyu liked puppies very much, but he suddenly remembered something, “Brother, didn’t you not like dogs before? Why do you have two now?” Chi Jingyu went straight to scratching the puppies.

“I’ll tell you after you take them out to use the toilet and come back, and remember not to let them urinate anywhere and dispose of the…’garbage’.”

Chi Jingyu opened his eyes wide in surprise, “Ah~ Is this why you called me here?”


Chi Jingyu confirmed again and again, “Brother, are you sure this is the ‘important thing’ you said?”

“Well, go ahead!”

Chi Jingyu’s face looked like a bitter gourd, “…”

Beicheng railway station.

“Zimiao, over here.” Meng Xinyan saw Meng Zimiao at a glance and waved to her.

“Mom, didn’t I tell you that you don’t have to come to pick me up? It’s such a cold day, how nice would it be if you waited for me at home?”

“It’s okay. Mom has the day off anyway, so she has nothing to do.”

Seeing her mother taking her luggage and walking towards the parking lot, Meng Zimiao asked doubtfully: “Mom, the bus stop is over there, why are you going over there?”

Meng Xinyan didn’t say anything, but just pulled the luggage lever and walked forward.

Meng Zimiao vaguely guessed that Ling Xi must have also come to pick her up, right?

Thinking like this, she felt a little happy in her heart, but even so, she couldn’t call her “sister” easily.

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