KHSW Ch. 333

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At the parking lot, Meng Xinyan put her luggage into the trunk of a car. Ling Xi opened the car door and got out, “Zimiao, you and mom can sit in the back.”

Meng Zimiao saw that she was not wearing a mask when she got out of the car, and quickly looked around. She must not let others see Ling Xi. After all, these were extraordinary times. If those people saw Ling Xi, they might do something.

Seeing no one around, she said angrily: “I know.”

Ling Xi naturally noticed her little move and snickered in her heart. She was very aware of Meng Zimiao’s temperament, which was typical of “tsundere”.

Immediately she opened the front seat door and got in.

Along the way, Meng Zimiao was quiet and silent.

She kept asking herself, she obviously hated Ling Xi, but for some reason, she had started to worry about her.

No, why should I care about her? She’s not my sister.

No, no matter what, she still paid for my tuition, and she helped with the problem last time. It is only humane to care about her a little bit…

Meng Zimiao kept making excuses for herself.

When they arrived downstairs in the community, Meng Zimiao couldn’t help but remind Ling Xi, “Put on your mask and hat.”

Hearing Meng Zimiao’s words, Ling Xi raised the corners of her lips slightly. Meng Xinyan looked at Zimiao with relief. She could faintly feel that Zimiao was caring about Ling Xi, but the child was a little awkward and embarrassed to say it.

“Oh.” Ling Xi originally thought that there was no need to wear a mask or a hat for such a short journey, but after hearing Meng Zimiao’s words, she still wore them obediently.

Xiao Nuo was playing games with his uncle at home. When he heard footsteps coming from the corridor, he immediately put down the small game console.

“Uncle, grandma and the others are back. I heard my mother’s footsteps.”

Meng Zidi knew that Xiao Nuo’s hearing was still good, so he moved as fast as lightning and hid the game console, “Xiao Nuo, please don’t betray your uncle. If you don’t betray your uncle, your uncle will give you a game console.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Nuo looked confident.

Sure enough, not long after he hid the small game console, the door lock opened.


“Zimiao, you go first.”

Meng Zimiao carried the luggage in, “Mom, this time I brought you some specialties from over there, please open it quickly, otherwise it will be spoiled.”

As soon as she entered the door and was about to open the suitcase, she saw a little dumpling running over. He had big watery eyes, long eyelashes, a small nose, a small mouth, and white and tender skin, until she really wanted to take a bite. “Mom, whose child is this? He looks so cute!”

In fact, she wanted to squeeze him, but she was afraid that he would cry.

“This is our child.”

Meng Zimiao thought her mother was joking, “Impossible, is he from the family leader?”

Ling Xi always had a smile on her lips, “Baby, this is mom’s sister, what should you call her?”

“It’s ‘Auntie’, hello, Auntie, I’m Nuonuo.”

This child’s tender voice could make people’s hearts melt, but…he was actually Ling Xi’s child?

Meng Zimiao was stunned. Ling Xi and that man had only been married for a few years. How could the child be so big?

Meng Zimiao’s first thought was: ‘Could this child be adopted?’

“Aunt?” There was a trace of doubt in Xiao Nuo’s dark and bright eyes.

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