MGSGW Ch. 262

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Liu Ting wanted to come over and say something, but Liu Yuanyuan couldn’t stand it anymore and stood in front of her:

“Liu Ting, stop making trouble. I’ll lend you 10,000 yuan. You can just pay me back later.”

Liu Ting was also stunned. For a moment, she didn’t expect Liu Yuanyuan to be so generous, nor did she expect that Liu Yuanyuan, a girl from a poor mountain village who was penniless when she started school, could actually come up with 10,000 yuan in such a short period of time.

10,000 yuan in that era was nothing to people like Boss Su, but to poor students, it was the sum of more than two years of tuition, book fees, and accommodation fees.

According to the dining standards of the school cafeteria, it would cost less than 200 yuan a month if you saved a little.

Did Liu Yuanyuan actually earn 10,000 yuan so quickly?

The imbalance in Liu Ting’s heart was simply difficult to describe in words. Could it be that if she stayed, she would have been able to earn 10,000 yuan by now?

“Mumu, please give me a loan first, and I’ll pay you back with my salary slowly.” Liu Yuanyuan actually didn’t have 10,000 yuan, so she just looked at Lin Mumu for help.

Lin Mumu said nothing, took out 10,000 yuan from her wallet and handed it to Liu Yuanyuan.

Liu Yuanyuan just handed over 10,000 yuan to Liu Ting.

When Liu Ting took the money, she felt a little dizzy and subconsciously turned around to leave. No matter what, she had to go and pay back Boss Su’s money first, otherwise Mrs. Su’s aggressiveness would not be something she could bear.

“Liu Ting, it’s not easy for me to make money. You can write an IOU with me.”

Liu Ting was stunned for a moment, then turned her head and looked at Liu Yuanyuan blankly.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if it came from someone else’s mouth.

But this was Liu Yuanyuan, the timid and sincere Liu Yuanyuan.

“You can’t trust me so much?”

“If it were Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya, I would believe them, but you, no I can’t believe. We are no longer friends.” Liu Yuanyuan shook her head.

Liu Ting was in urgent need of money now, and no one would lend her money. Now she could only borrow the money and pay it forward. Of course she had to write an IOU.

But Liu Ting was still a little unwilling to give up, and hypocritically suggested: “It’s not easy for Boss Su, so why don’t you just say something to him?”

“It’s the Marketing Management Office that’s torturing Boss Su. What does it have to do with us? How can we have such a big face that we can command the people in the management office with just one sentence? If we really have this ability, we will have you taken away immediately. How can we let you make trouble again and again? Please write an IOU quickly. What’s the use of talking about this in the future?”

Liu Yuanyuan had become close to Uncle Gou these days, and Uncle Gou had also taught her some experience in dealing with people.

Everyone knew that Lin Mumu was responsible for what happened at the Market Management Office, but no one could tell the truth, especially if they themselves couldn’t admit it.

Once she confessed, Lin Mumu would be convicted. If Liu Ting was more scheming and got a voice recorder or something, it would be bad for Lin Mumu and Yun Ting’s reputation.

Uncle Gou had warned Liu Yuanyuan a long time ago, but she would not recognize it.

Liu Ting glanced at Liu Yuanyuan thoughtfully. Liu Yuanyuan had grown up so fast. It seemed that she was no longer the rustic country girl. She had become more thoughtful and her temperament had changed a lot.

Just the 10,000 yuan in the IOU still made Liu Ting’s heart ache. It would not be easy for her to repay the 10,000 yuan.

After Liu Ting left, Lin Mumu blinked and asked Yun Ting: “Aren’t you afraid that I will really force someone to death?”

“She won’t seek death.” Lin Mumu could see this, then how could this escape Yun Ting?

“Even if she seeks death, she deserves it and it has nothing to do with you.”

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