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Ten o’clock in the morning.

After completing the collection of all electronic products, the eight guests gathered in the central open space in front of a forest on the island according to the notice of the program group.

When Gu Nian and others arrived, several small sheds had already been set up on the open space, and the director team and other program staff were resting under the sheds.

Near noon, it was the time when the sun was getting more and more venomous.

If it was off-camera, then the spoiled Zhuo Yixuan would probably have complained long ago. But all the camera equipment in front of the open space was turned on at this time, and there were not a few mobile cameras carried by the cameramen on their shoulders. No matter how dissatisfied the guests were, they did not dare to show their irritability on their faces.

Enduring until 10:10, the director team seemed to finally confirm that each team was in place through the intercom. The little person in charge came out again yesterday and read the rules that were mentioned last night.

Then he put down the tablet and signaled several staff members to bring up two opaque boxes, which were placed in front of the actors and screenwriters.

“These two boxes each contain four wax balls with the same volume, weight and shape, and the serial numbers of the paper strips are sealed in the balls.”

“The four script keywords corresponding to the four serial numbers in the screenwriter group A box are related to characters and the 4 script keywords corresponding to the 4 serial numbers in the group B box are related to the event.”

“Next, please randomly select, and then go to the board of the director’s group to confirm the script keywords corresponding to the individual serial numbers and register, but you are not allowed to interact with each other. Or communicate in any way.”

After listening to the rules, Zhuo Yixuan from the screenwriting team was the first to step forward without hesitation and took out a wax ball from the box.

The other two followed immediately.

With exactly the same probability, Gu Nian didn’t care about who got the first ball, so she only waited until there was only one ball left in the box before she reached out and touched the wax ball.

The camera came up immediately.

Gu Nian held the wax ball in the palm of her hand and squeezed it expressionlessly along the middle of a gap.

The wax ball remained motionless.

Gu Nian: …?

Gu Nian stared at the wax ball seriously, put her hands together, and pinched it again.

The wax ball flattened a little bit, then went back to normal.

Gu Nian: ???

The elder brother carrying the camera couldn’t help laughing: “Shall I pinch it for you?”

Gu Nian felt that her strength had been insulted, so she turned her head, and said to the elder brother cameraman behind the camera with a wooden face: “I just look weak, I was able to unscrew a row of mineral water bottle caps when I was in high school.”

The eldest brother suppressed a smile: “You good luck then.”

Gu Nian turned back confidently.

Twenty seconds later.

“…director team, this wax ball can’t be opened!”

Not only did the post-editing not cut out the embarrassing part of Gu Nian, but also added an emoji of a groundhog standing on the mountain roaring in the voice-over, which caused the barrage to burst into laughter.

[Hahahahahahaha I’m going to faint from laughter]

[“I just look weak”]


[The female goose is so cute!!!]

[Hahahaha the hiccup must not be the girl’s fault, it’s because the program team went too far, it’s fine if they didn’t sleep before, and they didn’t even get enough food, the child is so hungry that the wax ball can’t be squeezed hahaha Ha ha]

Gu Nian knew that the unscrupulous program team would not let her go, so she could only persuade herself from the bottom of her heart to act as if nothing happened, then pinch the wax ball that was finally pinched open by someone else and go to the back of the board on the far side of the director’s team to register.

The four character identities were marked 1234 from top to bottom on the whiteboard. After reporting the number “3” in her hand to the staff, Gu Nian had also seen the corresponding key words of the script elements.


“This word is your personal key word in this issue, don’t make a mistake.” The staff patiently told her.

Gu Nian nodded in agreement and went back to the gathering area.

Gu Nian was the last one among the 8 people to end it, probably because of “the wax ball can’t be squeezed turmoil”.

Sensing the smiling eyes of the baby goose in the actor’s group on the other side, Gu Nian hid in the screenwriting group with her tail between her legs.

The expressionless little person in charge raised the horn: “It seems that the teachers already know the key words of their scripts. Then our common script theme for this issue is: [Online Dating].”

Gu Nian bowed her head in thought.

Then what she had in her hand was online dating and roommate?

It sounded like it had a high level of versatility, and it could be either a parallel relationship or a development relationship, and many schemes could be arranged and combined.

But if there was one more event to add…

“Then for the next little game, the screenwriters of Group A will choose the actors of Group B and their partners.”

Under the shed, the person-in-charge waved his hand signalling.

The staff of the 8 program groups each carried a large black bag and stopped in front of the two groups.

Gu Nian was completely blocked by the hulking big brother in front of her, as she looked at the black plastic bag a little hesitantly: “Is this…cosplay?”

The big brother didn’t speak and lowered his eyes.

Although the eldest brother may not be interesting but at this distance, such an obvious lowering of the line of sight, still made Gu Nian deeply feel a kind of contempt of “huh, little dwarf”.

It turned out she wasn’t alone in feeling it either.

[Hahahahaha, my gosh, is the female goose 18]

[Definitely not]

[Yes, it’s not short! It’s just not finished growing!]

[Hahaha, so small and pitiful]

At the scene, the little person in charge who had always been expressionless finally showed a stiff smile.

“Guests, please follow the instructions and change your clothes.”


Five minutes later.

Full-body camouflage uniforms, helmets, wrist pads and knee pads, the 8 guests who were tightly wrapped except for their faces returned to the open space.

The screenwriter team was in green, and the actor team was wearing coffee color.

There was another biggest difference: the screenwriter team had a toy water gun in their hands, and each person had a different color in their hands.

Starting from Gu Nian, the colors were red, orange, yellow, and blue.

At this point, the purpose of the director team was clear at a glance.

Gu Nian raised her hand expressionlessly.

The small person in charge: “Teacher Gu, please tell me.”

Gu Nian: “Do you all call real CS a ‘mini game’?”

The small person in charge was silent for two seconds, then turned around: “Next, let’s announce the rules of this game.”

Gu Nian: “…”

The weak chicken who can’t squeeze the wax ball is desperate.jpg

“The rules of the game, there is a wooden house at the two ends of the flat land and dense forest behind me, which is the starting point for the two groups.”

“The screenwriter group is the hunter group, and the actor group is the prey group. As long as the hunter uses the color water gun in his hand to ‘mark’ any part of the prey’s body, it is considered a hit, and he can take the prey away from the scene, and successfully obtain the actor and his body to act in the key words of the script.”

“The game is limited to 2 hours, no matter the hunter or the prey, you can’t stay in any place for more than 5 minutes, otherwise it will be regarded as a passive game and you will automatically admit defeat.”

After listening to the rules of the game, both sides breathed a sigh of relief.

Although it was indeed in the form of a real CS, it did not sound murderous. Anyway, in the end, there would always be a one-on-one team, and the process only needed to be a little hunting performance…

“Ah, I forgot to mention the punishment rules.”

The little person in charge suddenly added with a blank expression.

The hearts of the two groups thumped.

They all raised their heads.

The small person in charge remained unmoved: “If the prey is marked, it will be considered out, and they will be divided into 1234 in the order of elimination, and the top 3 will be punished with [drinking green juice] of different sizes.”

“What green, green juice?”

The actor Yu Song from the group asked cautiously.

The little person in charge showed a stiff smile, and the staff pushed up a dining car in due course.

The tablecloth covered on it was lifted by the little person in charge, and three cups of green and black liquid from large to small, which seemed to exude the smell of some kind of poison concocted by an old witch, appeared in front of the eight guests.

The little person in charge held the tablet and explained in front of the dumbfounded guests: “This is a mixed vegetable juice, including bitter gourd juice, celery juice, ginger juice, green pepper juice, garlic juice…”

Gu Nian stared stiffly at the three cups that were separated from each other. The terrifying indescribable liquid was marked with “1000ml”, “500ml” and “200ml”.

After drinking this kind of thing… people could still survive?

The screenwriters looked at the actors in shock and sympathy. Before they could finish expressing their sympathy, the small person in charge changed the subject: “Oh, yes, if the game ends within a limited time and there are still prey surviving, then the remaining hunters who did not get the marked prey will enjoy the same treatment as the first out of the game.”


The faces of the screenwriter team also turned green.

At this time, the camera also took a close-up shot of the three cups of terrible liquid.

The barrage laughed like crazy.

[Hahahaha my mother, what the hell is this?!]

[Don’t give close shots! Still eating!]

[The smell of the devil overflowing the screen]

[Hahaha the program group is good at being bad!]

[Director team: Actors or screenwriters, 3 must die for me in total]

[Hahahaha, this is really too miserable to knock this out]

Gu Nian recovered from her sluggishness and raised her hand seriously.

The little person in charge looked over: “Teacher Gu?”

Gu Nian: “Is this really harmless to the body if you drink it?”

The little person in charge: “Of course. The processing process is sterilized, and the vegetable juice itself is even beneficial and harmless to the body—it’s just that the entrance process will be more painful.”

Gu Nian: “…”

She didn’t think it could be described as “more painful”.

In particular, there seemed to be a little irritating thing in it, coupled with psychological discomfort, drinking this stuff may be uncomfortable even if you don’t have stomach problems.

Not to mention…

Gu Nian clenched her hands tightly and looked at the cast members with uneasy eyes.

In the actor group, Zong Shiyi had a green face, Yu Song seemed to be protesting with the director group, Wen Chu stood aside with a frown, but the one who should be worried the most stopped aside as if nothing happened.

Until now, when he seemed to notice something, he raised his eyes slightly, and smiled slightly at Gu Nian from the air.

This shot was unquestionably cut in.

[Fuck, shit, shit, he’s so good!!]

[I can say this fairy face 10,000 times, woo hoo]

[I thought it was an illusion when he passed by in the previous interview, but when I look at his face from a close distance in all 360 degrees, there is really no dead angle!!]

[I don’t believe that such a handsome actor is not famous, how could I not know him]

[Be a fan, brother, I can!]

[Brother is smiling! Who is he smiling at! Program group, if you have the ability, just cut the camera!]

[Cut! Pass! go!]


Of course, the barrage did not get an answer in the end. When the camera turned, the two groups of people had already been taken to two wooden houses respectively.

At some point, the intercoms on both sides stopped, and the wooden doors opened at the same time—

The prey race began.

Gu Nian walked slowly through the forest making the least sound while carefully holding the water gun containing her personal signature red paint.

The cameraman followed behind her, feeling like he had been trained professionally, as the sound of his footsteps was much softer than hers.

She wandered aimlessly in the woods.

Before the start, she secretly asked the small person in charge whether “getting shot” between the screenwriters would have an impact on the game, and the answer was no.

In other words, it was basically impossible for her to protect the baby goose from being shot by others.

But if the offense was the defense, even if she could take away one of the actors as quickly as possible, there would still be two cups of unknown liquid, 500ml and 200ml.

Luo Xiu’s stomach problem…

Even the smallest dose of 200ml, she couldn’t imagine letting him try it.

So what to do.

Gu Nian simply stopped and fell into deep thought sadly.

Thinking about it, she couldn’t think of the method, so she thought of the “prey” first.

As soon as the sound of footsteps were caught in her ears, Gu Nian squatted down instinctively and swiftly. The photographer brother didn’t even react, and the camera suddenly went blank for two seconds.

“Brother, squat down!”

The girl’s voice was subdued.


The cameraman quickly squatted down with the camera.

Gu Nian hid in the bushes next to the tree, carefully pushed aside a few branches, and looked in the direction of the sound.

A few seconds later, a sneaky figure crawled out from a bush.

Yu Song.

It wasn’t Luo Xiu, this result made Gu Nian both disappointed and thankful, she hadn’t figured out how to deal with it, but at the very least, she had to make sure that the first cup of 1000ml devil’s liquid punishment didn’t fall on her precious goose’s head.

Gu Nian was very patient and hid behind the bushes without moving while holding her breath.

Predicting Yu Song’s course of action through the direction, Gu Nian waited until he entered the point with the shortest distance from the vertical line – it was also within the area where she had tested the range with the water gun before coming over.

Gu Nian swished her gun and stood up –

“Don’t move!!”

She yelled softly.

Yu Song stopped in place in shock.

A few seconds later, he came back to his senses, smiled wryly and turned back pitifully: “Director Gu, you are so lucky, it’s only been a few minutes since the beginning?”

Gu Nian was unmoved, holding the water gun firmly in her hand. She glanced at Yu Song’s heel moving back and said with a wooden face and a lazy voice, “Don’t move around, I can still shoot from this distance.”

Yu Song had to stop after receiving the warning.

Seeing that Gu Nian didn’t shoot immediately, Yu Song was quick-witted and asked with a smile, “Hey screenwriter Gu, do you actually want to partner with Luo Xiu more?”

Gu Nian paused.

Yu Song: “I’ll lure him out for you, and you take him back as a prey—okay?”

Gu Nian: “No.”

Being rejected without any room for negotiation, Yu Song’s face collapsed: “Why?”

” …”

Gu Nian naturally couldn’t say it was because of Luo Xiu’s stomach trouble. According to Zhu Hanyu, Luo Xiu kept this matter a secret from everyone, and she couldn’t open his mouth if he didn’t mention it himself.

As for Yu Song.

Gu Nian narrowed her eyes lightly and aimed at him through the serious sight on the water gun.

If he could tell her that he wanted to lure Luo Xiu out, he would be just as likely to tell others the same if he was let go.

And it seemed that he was the most energetic in the cast and was more likely to “survive” to the end than Luo Xiu, so the best solution in front of him was…

Gu Nian’s index finger was lightly hooked on the trigger.


Yu Song, who was in sight, clearly saw Gu Nian’s intentions, and was also desperate.

“I haven’t successfully graduated, God is really jealous of talents.”

Gu Nian curled the corner of her mouth.

Just a second before she was about to press the trigger, the branches and leaves of the bushes obliquely in front of her were pushed aside, and a thin and tall figure came out with a gentle and laughing voice—”Found you.”


Gu Nian froze, and suddenly turned sideways.

In her field of vision, a man in camouflage uniform stood in front of the tree trunk, his trousers were tucked into black military boots, and his calf stretched into a slender and neat line.

Her sight went all the way up, swept over the belt hanging down from the thin waist, the chest and the cold white collarbone, and finally stopped on the clear face.

The brown eyes seemed to be deeply affectionate, with a gentle smile—

“Do you really want me, Teacher Gu?”

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