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Seeing Luo Xiu come out, Yu Song was very moved: “You still know to share the burden for me at this time, you are too loyal!”


Luo Xiu glanced at this self-confident person.

But Yu Song didn’t meet his gaze, and turned back immediately: “Director Gu, you see, Brother Luo Xiu is very sincere and wants to cooperate with you on the script, so you can grant his wish. In this way, the three of us will be happy, right?”

“No.” Gu Nian denied it with a wooden face.    

Yu Song ‘s smile stopped: “Why?”

[Laughing like a dog in front of the screen]    

[Hahaha maybe it’s because it’s the first time I saw Yu Song so deflated in front of a girl]    

[I announce [I don’t like you if you like it] CP officially debuted today!]    

[Don’t mess around with cp, okay? Very disappointed]    

[That’s right, that’s right, don’t take away the female goose]    

[You can’t even joke about variety shows, why don’t you just tell your brothers and sisters not to participate? The real master is more open than you, funny]    

Gu Nian was struggling to let Yu Song out now, when she suddenly heard the sound of branches and leaves being trampled on the ground.    

Gu Nian looked up alertly, only to find that it was Luo Xiu walking towards her.    

Gu Nian panicked, and instinctively took a step back: “You don’t come here.”    

Luo Xiu smiled gently: “Why can’t I come.”   

Gu Nian: “You come here again and I will shoot!”    

Luo Xiu: “OK, let’s go.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Seeing that Luo Xiu was only one or two meters away from her, Gu Nian finally couldn’t bear it any longer. She raised the water gun in her hand – picked it up, turned around and ran away.

The cameraman was stunned, and hurriedly chased after her.

It didn’t even take tens of seconds, the little girl had quickly disappeared from their sight.

Luo Xiu was also stunned.

Until behind him, Yu Song burst out laughing: “Hahahaha what’s the matter with screenwriter Gu, it’s like seeing a ghost when she saw you?”

Luo Xiu looked at the jungle that she had disappeared into and looked away: “It seems that I scared her and she’s gone.”

Yu Song leaned over with a smile, and put his arm around Luo Xiu’s shoulder: “You regret that she didn’t shoot? Which of you two is the hunter and who is the prey?”

Luo Xiu avoided Yu Song calmly. Holding his hands together, he walked towards the dense forest where Gu Nian had left:

“Be careful, no one will block the gun for you next time, Brother Xiu!”


Luo Xiu didn’t respond but raised his hand before his back disappeared into the jungle.

He didn’t know whether it was to say goodbye or refuse.

Or both.

Yu Song stared at the direction where the two left for a while, then smiled and turned back to the camera, “Why do I feel that the atmosphere between the two of them is weird, it seems that when they get together, they start to blow out pink bubbles?”

The cameraman was taken aback by his blunt words.

Even though Yu Song showed a brighter youthful smile at the end but his eyes were sly: “If you have the ability, don’t cut this scene in the later stage.”


The later stage, the program group proved it with their strength.

They were useless.

The scene of Yu Song saying this was cut cleanly, not a single word was left. But this did not hinder the insight of the audience who already know how to pick candy from various strange places.

[I don’t understand this development at all]

[Isn’t this a screenwriter variety show? Isn’t this a real CS battle? Why do I smell the dog food smell only found in love variety shows??]

[To be honest, I also smelled it]

[It is recommended to listen to the first two sentences of Luo Xiu here, especially the sentence “Teacher Gu”, it’s earphone party welfare!!]

[Knock, this is too much desire]

[Thanks for the reminder, due to excessive blood loss, this voice con has died peacefully with a looping recording in the ground without regrets]

[Voice con + Sven scum coquettish con, double con party original has spiral ascended to the sky from the earth, wooooo]


I’m worried that the baby goose will have an honorable first place on the list of scandals.

After Gu Nian ran away from Luo Xiu and Yu Song in a hurry, she was probably punished by luck for giving up such an opportunity. For nearly twenty minutes after that, she failed to meet anyone in this dense forest.

Several times she heard voices passing by, but by the time Gu Nian chased after him, there were no traces left.

Looking at the uniformly equipped watch dial sent by the crew, more than 30 minutes had passed since the time limit of 2 hours, but Gu Nian still did not hear any broadcast of the elimination of any actor.

This also meant that the 1000ml cup of devil liquid was still hanging high above.

Gu Nian’s worry about Luo Xiu made her more nervous, and the palm of her hand holding the water gun was a little wet.

Gu Nian stopped at the same spot, squatted down and took a deep breath and then exhaled deeply. She repeated this several times, after finally calming down her nervous state, she picked up her red paint water gun again.

When Gu Nian was about to take the first step, she suddenly heard some voices that seemed to be talking from a certain direction.

Gu Nian’s figure stopped suddenly.

She closed her eyes and carefully identified the direction of the sound.

A few seconds later, Gu Nian opened her eyes.

She turned around and turned to her left rear position, the paint water gun was held in her hand and pointed downwards, but her steps were the lightest.

When passing by the bewildered cameraman, Gu Nian reminded softly: “Brother, I’m going this way, someone should be ‘fighting’ in front. I’m going to check the situation, please lower your body a little later.”


The cameraman finally came to his senses, listened carefully but couldn’t make out anything, but he still nodded with a wry smile, and followed Gu Nian.

In a minute.

After traveling at the lowest speed and with the lowest sound volume, and walking a straight-line distance of about 100 meters, the sound ahead finally became gradually clear under the cover of layers of jungle.

“I disagree! You haven’t mentioned this rule before, it doesn’t count!”

“Scriptwriter Zhuo, please cooperate with our work. This is indeed the hidden rule of the program group, which does not conflict with the clear rule. It is not explained just to increase the topics of the program.”

“Then why am I the first one to be unlucky?”


Gu Nian was confused, but instinctively stopped, squatted down to the lowest position, and signaled her cameraman brother to do the same.

Just when the person confronting Zhuo Yixuan, who seemed to be a staff member of the program group, was speechless, another voice also sounded.

“Ms. Zhuo, it is still during the recording process of the show, and everyone’s cameras are not turned off. If this continues – don’t blame the program team for not reminding you if you accidentally get such a scene in the later stage.”

“Wen Chu, you still talk sarcastically, didn’t you hurt me?”


There was a clear and cold chuckle from Sister Yu Fan: “It’s just a game, does it have to be so embarrassing. Miss Zhuo has never won, or can’t she afford to lose?”


After a few more low-pitched persuasions, the dispute finally ended.

A few messy footsteps seemed to be heading towards the edge of the forest, and after a while, the only one left also left in the opposite direction.

Gu Nian waited until the time limit of “staying in place for no more than 5 minutes” was approaching, then slowly got up and approached the place where the voice came from just now.

Before she could remove the last branch and leaves to block it, a horn sounded from above the dense forest to announce.

“Screenwriter Zhuo Yixuan, the first place is out.”


Even with some psychological preparation, Gu Nian still sighed sincerely.

Obviously, the only rule in the rules was “screenwriters who do not get the prey when they reach the time limit of 2 hours will be judged as failures”, but there was actually a hidden rule that could make the screenwriters go out midway.

The balance of hunter and prey no longer stood still but had begun to shake.

So, what were the so-called “hidden rules” that caused the balance to start to swing?

Gu Nian pushed aside the last layer of branches and leaves.

This was obviously the place where Wen Chu and Zhuo Yixuan clashed just now, there were still traces of Zhuo Yixuan’s blue paint among the fallen leaves on the ground.

One piece, judging by the full splash length, appeared to be the result of not hitting any targets.

And the other piece…

Gu Nian walked over, squatted down, and compared it with her hands.

One side was broken abruptly, and there were very few traces. It could basically be judged that it hit the target, and then a small amount of splash fell to the ground.

Gu Nian thought for a few seconds and frowned slightly. She looked up and looked around and seeing that there was really no one to communicate with, she simply turned to the cameraman.

The little girl’s expression was rigorous as she hypothesized: “Brother, do you remember that before I left, I asked the program team if the writers could be shot inside? How did they answer?”

Big brother: “…”

Gu Nian frowned and recalled: “They said that shooting each other between screenwriters cannot constitute exiting damage.”

Big brother: “…”

After waiting for a long time for a response, Gu Nian raised her head in a daze. After exchanging looks with the distressed cameraman brother for a few minutes, she suddenly understood something: “Can’t you talk when you are working?”

The elder brother nodded in relief.

Gu Nian was puzzled: “Will the wages be deducted?”

The elder brother choked.

Gu Nian sighed and shook her head: “It’s no wonder that such a cheating ‘little’ game can be produced. It really is an unscrupulous program group.”

The elder brother pretended not to hear and turned his head.

In order to prove that they were not unscrupulous, the unscrupulous program group did not cut off this paragraph.

The barrage flew in front of the little girl who shook her head and sighed.

[Hahahaha honesty.jpg]

[Program group: I hold a grudge.]

[Big brother is too difficult]

[Hahaha, so what are the hidden rules? Why don’t we viewers see it from the God’s perspective?]

At this time, Gu Nian in front of the camera did not regret for too long, she quickly found a new way to organize her thoughts: “It’s okay big brother, it’s okay if you can’t talk, just listen. I often organize scripts with my friends like this ——The process of expressing needs to integrate the output of information, so that the thinking can be clearer and more organized, and it is possible to discover some blind spots or information that cannot be obtained when thinking alone.”

“…” Gu Nian turned back after finishing speaking.

She pointed to the marks left by the two paint spray guns: “From these two marks, it is obvious that there were at least two shots. And one hit and the other missed.”

“In the end, Zhuo Yixuan went out, but Wen Chu did not. Even if there are hidden rules, we can know from what the staff said just now that ‘does not conflict with program rules’, at least Wen Chu was definitely not hit, otherwise she should be out.”

“Then the only one who got hit could be Zhuo Yixuan.”

Gu Nian got up from the traces of splashed paint, pacing in place while thinking: “Before I set off, I asked the screenwriter of the program team whether we would be out of the game if they were shot, and the answer I got was that members of the screenwriter team would not be out of the game if they shot each other, but thinking back now, they obviously avoided what would happen if the water gun props were taken by the actors.”

“It seems that as long as the actors get the water guns, they can also be used to counter-huh?”

Gu Nian suddenly accelerated a few steps, rushed to the edge of the grass, and pulled out the half-exposed butt from among the fallen leaves – the blue paint water gun.    

Gu Nian was stunned at the water gun: “If the actors and crew can fight back with the water gun, then Wen Chu can’t throw it away?”    

The barrage laughed like crazy.    

[Hahahahahaha the female goose is so cute]    

[Like a dumb groundhog who lost his dream]    

[Lost highlights.jpg]

[Hahaha, it’s really cute]

[Your focus is off! What Gu Nian said is right, if it is really possible to fight back, why didn’t Wen Chu take it away]


Gu Nian stood up suddenly, startling the big cameraman.

The little girl’s eyes were bright.

“I remembered! The original words they said at the time should be that the water guns between the screenwriters cannot cause harm to each other – that is to say, only the screenwriter’s own water guns can cause damage to themselves!”

After confirming the hidden rules, she became excited, Gu Nian looked down at the wristwatch issued by the program team. At this time, 40 minutes had passed since the start of the game.

Gu Nian got up: “It’s still safe for now, let’s go find the prey!”

Gu Nian turned back suddenly after running halfway and picked up the water gun on the ground.

After receiving a suspicious look from the videographer brother, Gu Nian explained: “Before you clear the scene yourself, I will take it back for the program crew.”

Big brother: “…”

Are you so enlightened?

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