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Ji Juechuan didn’t expect that Yan Yan would throw himself into his arms suddenly, so even though his eyes flickered slightly, his strong arms still held him firmly.

The body of the person in his arms was soft and warm, like the finest nephrite jade, and the fragrance kept getting into his nose, which made people unable to help but feel distracted.

This hug was a little different from the last one.

The short hug last time was like a superficial touch, and he only had time to smell a little fragrance from Yan Yan’s body before it was interrupted.

This time, Yan Yan put his arms around his shoulders and stuck to him in a dependent manner, as if seeking his protection. Their bodies were close together, and they could still feel each other’s heartbeat.

Like an intimate lover.

Ji Juechuan lowered his eyes, ran his hands along Yan Yan’s curved back a few times, and unconsciously lowered his voice: “Who bullied you?”

Yan Yan bit his lips, still hesitating a little, not knowing what to do. Ji Juechuan should not have known about his live broadcast.

But he also thought that the live broadcast room was now sealed, if it couldn’t be unblocked, there was no point in keeping it a secret from Ji Juechuan.

Thinking of this, he flattened his mouth and recounted what happened today in aggrieved manner.

After finishing the last sentence, he raised his head from Ji Juechuan’s arms, his brows and eyes drooping pitifully, and there was still some water in his eyes.

Yan Yan didn’t intend to ask Ji Juechuan to help him solve the problem, but when he saw Ji Juechuan, he felt aggrieved, and couldn’t help but want to tell what happened during the day so that the person could coax him.

Now that he finished speaking, seeing Ji Juechuan’s slight frown, he felt a little wishful thinking again.

How could Ji Juechuan coax him? Now that he hugged Ji Juechuan like this, it should make Ji Juechuan hate him even more.

Yan Yan bit his lower lip, let go of Ji Juechuan’s shoulder, and pushed his strong chest, trying to push him away like last time.

As a result, the hand around the waist tightened, not only did he not push the person away, but the body was pressed against his again.

Ji Juechuan’s voice was a little low next to his ear: “Why, I smell of smoke again?”

Yan Yan blushed, remembering that last time he hugged him, but pushed him away because of the smell of smoke.

But he was really sensitive to the smell of smoke, and he hated the smell of smoke the most, so he couldn’t be blamed.

Yan Yan stopped talking, he couldn’t push Ji Juechuan away, so he simply lowered his head and didn’t look at him.

His back was stroked twice suddenly, and the hot temperature spread to the skin through the clothes. Ji Juechuan spoke in a deep and slow voice: “It’s okay, don’t pay attention to those people.”

Yan Yan blinked, feeling a little strange.

Was this comforting him?

Then, he heard Ji Juechuan pause and say, “I’ll help you with the matter in the live broadcast room, don’t worry.”

Yan Yan was startled, he didn’t expect Ji Juechuan to offer to help him solve this matter, he thought Ji Juechuan would not take this matter to heart.

Then, he happily hugged Ji Juechuan’s neck again.

“Thank you husband!”

If Ji Juechuan was willing to help, the matter would definitely be resolved!

When Yan Yan returned to the room in a happy mood, Ji Juechuan’s brows and eyes showed some hostility.

When he first heard that Yan Yan was willing to tell him about the live broadcast, he was still a little happy, but when he heard what happened later, that joy was quickly burned away by anger.

He knew that Yan Yan’s previous circle was chaotic and he knew a lot of messy people, but after living with him, Yan Yan became more at ease, and he didn’t see him have any contact with those cronies anymore, but he didn’t expect those people to come to provoke Yan Yan.

They really treated his fiancé as a display.

When he went to bed at night, Yan Yan no longer had the gloom of the afternoon on his face.

He had great trust in Ji Juechuan’s ability, and when Ji Juechuan said he would help him solve this matter, he immediately stopped worrying at all.

When Ji Juechuan fell asleep next to him, he pulled the quilt and leaned over, “Husband, are you going to the company tomorrow?”

Tomorrow was the weekend, and Ji Juechuan usually went to the company as usual, just like a normal working day.

Ji Juechuan thought for a while, “I’m not going, the company has nothing to do.”

Yan Yan bent his eyes and smiled, the color of his eyes became lighter under the light, like melted caramel, “Then you can stay with me at home tomorrow.”

Looking at this smile, Ji Juechuan found that he didn’t know when he began to be unable to tell whether Yan Yan was telling the truth or a lie.

In the past, he could still be sure that the way Yan Yan liked him was just pretending, but now he gradually began to waver, unable to tell the truth from the fake.

Ji Juechuan closed his eyes and didn’t look at him again, “Well, go to sleep.”

“Good night, husband.”

“…Good night.”

The next day, Ji Juechuan sat in the living room with Yan Yan and watched TV for a while.

Yan Yan was very focused when watching TV, his round and beautiful eyes were fixed on the TV, and he didn’t even notice that Ji Juechuan, who was sitting next to him, had left at some point.

When Ji Juechuan was sitting next to him watching TV with him, he used his mobile phone to check the normal process of unblocking the live broadcast room, planning to try it according to the process first.

After finding the customer service number, he stood up and went outside, and dialed the number.

Sure enough, as Yan Yan said yesterday, it was normal at first, but after reporting the number of the live broadcast room, the customer service began to act embarrassed, saying that he did not have the authority to unblock the live broadcast room.

Ji Juechuan pondered for a while, knowing that the problem was not with the customer service, he hung up the phone without saying anything.

He looked at the screen thoughtfully.

The few people who harassed Yan Yan yesterday were just small anchors of the live broadcast website. They might have made the report, but they couldn’t make the live broadcast room website stay unblocked for a long time.

There may be other people involved in this.

Could it have something to do with Yan Yan’s former cronies?

He was drooping his eyes in thought, when he suddenly saw someone approaching from the corner of his eye.

Turning his head to look, Yan Yan didn’t know when he followed him. He blinked his long eyelashes slowly, and said in an aggrieved tone, “Honey, don’t you want to watch TV with me?”

Then, he took another look at the cell phone, bit his lip, “You’re still calling others behind my back.”

Ji Juechuan was speechless for a while.

Did you hear this line on TV just now?

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