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Unlike her previous efforts to avoid Luo Xiu, after knowing this hidden rule, Gu Nian’s goal had quickly changed to find the baby goose, and then notify the hidden rule as soon as possible while no one except Wen Chu and her knew about it to him.

After a lot of searching, her hard work finally paid off, Gu Nian finally bumped into Yu Song after pushing through the grass again.

His first step out of the grass froze at the same time, and the two looked at each other for a few seconds, and their faces collapsed at the same time.

Knowing the hidden rules, Gu Nian raised her gun in defense.

Yu Song sighed: “Director Gu, have you placed a GPS on me?”

Gu Nian said with a wooden face, “If I had something so precious, I wouldn’t be willing to put it on you.”

Yu Song: “…”

Yu Song thought for a while, then smiled with his little canine teeth, and raised his hand obediently: “For the sake of our fate, why don’t you just let me go, sister Gu?”

Gu Nian: “Don’t call me sister, I’m 22.”

Yu Song said without hesitation, “I’m 18.”

Gu Nian: “…”

This was a rare time when Gu Nian was choked by someone, but Yu Song seized the opportunity to very strongly prop up a tree trunk, then his figure flickered, and quickly hid behind.

Gu Nian instinctively chased through the open space.

Yu Song turned back triumphantly, showing a youthful smile: “I’m afraid of you in the open space, you can’t outrun me in the jungle, you better give up on me as soon as possible—I’ll go!”

Yu Song’s figure suddenly stopped without warning.

Fortunately, the distance was several meters away, otherwise Gu Nian would probably have been hit by him directly by his sudden brake.

Gu Nian stopped and immediately raised the gun vigilantly, with her finger on the trigger.

She was sweating coldly.

In terms of physical fitness, she was really not good, and she was afraid that she could only be regarded as a low-level person among ordinary people. If Yu Song had planned to plot against her by taking advantage of the sudden stop just now, she would be the one who suffered the most.

But Yu Song seemed to be surprised by accident…

Gu Nian didn’t want to finish.

In the line of sight, Yu Song suddenly raised his hands, changed his youthful look, and slowly turned back from the back posture, his eyes seeming affectionate.

“Screenwriter Gu.”


“I suddenly figured it out.”


“I’d like to drink the 500ml devil’s drink for you. Just shoot.”


Gu Nian tilted her head expressionlessly.

Not far away, just behind Yu Song where he was blocking with his body, Wen Chu frowned slightly, and there was a bit of doubt on the indifferent beauty face of “what kind of retarded melodrama performance is this?”

After a few seconds of silence, Gu Nian couldn’t help laughing, her voice was very soft: “Don’t blame me.”

Yu Song’s eyes were pure and innocent: “Huh?”

Gu Nian glanced behind him, and said lightly, “Is that for me?”


Yu Song smiled with his little tiger teeth, but did not explain, with a posture of “whatever you want”.

Gu Nian lowered her eyes.

Before telling Luo Xiu about the hidden rules, she could not leave the game.

Gu Nian moved her finger away from the trigger slightly: “I can let you go again, do you know where Luo Xiu is?”

Yu Song was surprised: “Didn’t you hide from him before, why are you looking for him again?”

Gu Nian said with a straight face: “A woman’s heart is always fickle, you are only 18, you don’t understand.”

Yu 23 years old Song: “…”

Yu Song sighed and put down his hand: “Well, I did see him just now, in that direction.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Nian quickly ran towards the place indicated by Yu Song.

Yu Song stood there in bewilderment: “You still wanted to shoot me last time, why did you give up this time?”

“She knows the hidden rules.”

A cold female voice sounded from behind Yu Song, stepping on fallen leaves and stopping beside him.

Yu Song turned around: “Hidden rules?”

Wen Chu: “I eliminated Zhuo Yixuan.”

Yu Song didn’t blink: “Wow, my sister is so cool.”

Wen Chu frowned slightly by his unscrupulous tone, then she turned her head, and her eyes were cold and clear and serious: “I told you to let you know, I don’t need your protection.”

“When did I protect you?”


Wen Chu gave up arguing with him and turned to leave.

Yu Song immediately chased after her: “Sister, wait for me!”

Wen Chu: “I said I don’t need you to protect me.”

“It’s okay,” Yu Song said sincerely, “I need my sister to protect me.”

Wen Chu: “… …”

After the game had lasted for more than an hour, Gu Nian finally found Luo Xiu before she was exhausted.

So was Luo Xiu.

After a whole hour of searching for a needle in a haystack in the jungle, and after finally seeing someone but finding out that it was not Gu Nian, he lost his patience and began to liquidate the planner of this game in his heart.

Seeing Gu Nian’s figure clearly, the calm darkness in Luo Xiu’s eyes finally melted away.

“Gu Nian.” He lowered his eyes in a low sigh, deeply emotional.

Gu Nian regained consciousness and moved.

Thinking of the last time the little girl turned around and ran away, Luo Xiu frowned suddenly: “Don’t run.”


Gu Nian was stunned.

Baby Goose is a bit fierce, it seems to be the first time in memory.

Taking advantage of these few seconds, Luo Xiu walked quickly to Gu Nian’s side, as if he was afraid that she would really run away. He instinctively wanted to hold her wrist, and then he remembered the cameras in front of and behind him.

Luo Xiu stopped.

Gu Nian was recovering at this moment and smiled with her eyes bent: “I don’t want to run, I just came here to find you.”

Luo Xiu was startled, and raised his eyes: “?”

“I know the hidden rules!”


Gu Nian quickly explained to Luo Xiu the information and speculation she had obtained, and then handed him the blue water gun in her hand.

Luo Xiu: “Isn’t it only for Zhuo Yixuan to be eliminated?”

Gu Nian blinked, “I know, but the other two screenwriters don’t know, they only know that Zhuo Yixuan was eliminated. If you meet them, then you can use it to scare them, and they probably won’t dare to act rashly.”

Luo Xiu laughed dumbfounded.

The brother cameraman stood beside them with tears in his eyes.

What was recycling for the program group, what was high awareness, it turned out that it was all a lie.

The blue water gun that Gu Nian handed out did not move, she looked up blankly: “Don’t you want to take it?”

Luo Xiu: “I don’t want to take this one.”

Gu Nian: “Huh?”

Luo Xiu raised his hand and tapped on the red paint water gun in Gu Nian’s hand: “I want yours.”

Gu Nian was taken aback.

A few seconds later, she tapped her palm: “As long as you get shot by the paint, it should count. Even if you come to shoot, I’ll give it to you!”

Gu Nian handed over the red paint water gun.

Luo Xiu took it, rubbed it lightly, and raised his eyes with a smile: “You are not afraid, I will shoot you with it?”

Gu Nian immediately shook her head seriously: “Not now.”


“Yeah, with the two of us, our chance of winning will be bigger, and you have to wait until one more is eliminated before you can shoot at me, so that the first three elimination places for punishment can be guaranteed to be filled.”


After Gu Nian finished speaking, she heard a gentle and soft laugh above her head.

She was just about to raise her head to ask for compliments: “Am I particularly smart—”

With a laughing voice, the top of her head was lightly rubbed, “You are very stupid.”

Touching her head to kill* (N+1)

Gu Nian: T^T

Mother’s dignity is gone.

Gu Nian was not finished mourning yet.

The sound of a trumpet reverberating suddenly sounded over the entire dense forest—

“Yu Song from the actor group, the second place is out. Yue Hongsheng from the screenwriter group’s hunt was successful.”

Gu Nian was stunned: “Ah, it seems that when you are seeking benevolence, you indeed gain benevolence.”

When she regained her senses, she stretched her waist righteously and closed her eyes: “Then I am ready to die heroically, come on!”

Luo Xiu: “…”

Looking at the eyelashes that were closed tightly and trembling, Luo Xiu couldn’t suppress the smile that filled his deep and shallow eyes.

He took a light step towards her, pushing the distance between the two of them to a line.

The voice was also low and hoarse: “What are you doing here?”

Gu Nian closed his eyes, without even thinking about it: “Shoot.”


“Of course, this will ensure that even if you are eliminated later, you will not drink that devil drink!”

“Then I’ll do it?”


Luo Xiu’s eyes traced the girl’s facial features inch by inch, and he was already familiar with them, but it seemed that he had never had the opportunity to see them like this… unscrupulous.

At this moment, he didn’t need to hide anything, the dark emotions buried deep in his eyes could be released, if she opened her eyes, then in the shadow of her eyes, he would definitely be able to see his strangest self.

So thirsty, so greedy.

At this moment.

In the direction of the dense forest behind Luo Xiu, the rustling of branches and leaves followed the sound of footsteps approaching.

“No, it can’t be done, she probably didn’t catch up, right? I’m going to rest for a while, you must be tired from running with the camera on your shoulders, we’re right here—” The words came to an abrupt end.

Zong Shiyi, who came out from the bushes, saw the two of them unpreparedly, and was startled.

Gu Nian also heard movement here and opened her eyes. She reacted very quickly, raised the water gun in her hand and pointed at Zong Shiyi: “Don’t move!”

Zong Shiyi froze for two seconds, leaning against the tree trunk behind her, she smiled wryly: “Miss Gu, you can let me go out now! I’m tired from running, I really can’t run anymore.”

Gu Nian held back her joyful heart: “Really?”

“I was chased by the last screenwriter of your group just now, huh… Chased me for a kilometer, it was hard work to just get rid of her, she is too, huh… too scary.”

Gu Nian held back the corners of her mouth that wanted to raise.

Was this the joy of waiting for a rabbit!

Zhuo Yixuan first place 1000ml.

Yu Song second place 500ml.

If Zong Shiyi is the third place and takes up 200ml, then neither she nor Luo Xiu will need to take it—

“You have the wrong color for your water gun.” Luo Xiu chuckled and reminded.


Gu Nian came back to her senses, quickly threw away the ineffective blue water gun in her hand and took the one from Luo Xiu.

Although she heard Zong Shiyi give up, Gu Nian didn’t completely trust the other party, so she raised the gun as soon as she got the gun, pointing at Zong Shiyi who was leaning on the tree.

“I’m so sorry.”

Gu Nian pulled the trigger with her index finger.

“Zong Xiao—”

Before the last word could be uttered, Gu Nian’s hand holding the water gun was suddenly held by the gun and moved sideways.

The muzzle of the gun directly hit Luo Xiu’s chest.

Gu Nian froze suddenly.

The first second she recovered, she instinctively wanted to let go of the water gun.

But no.

That force tightly suppressed her hand, and then the man leaned over, little by little, almost gently hugging her into his arms.

Gu Nian couldn’t struggle, and said anxiously:

“Luo Xiu!”

“Gu Nian.”

He responded to her in a low voice, as if laughing. Then he squeezed the trigger.

“Only I can be your prey.”

– Bang.

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