LGHIHW Ch. 5.2: Arc 1.1

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Just at this time, the door was pushed open, and a slender, beautiful and gentle young woman came in with a pot of chicken soup, and her words full of concern: “Hey, don’t move, your leg has just been set. So be careful of bone displacement.”

Seeing the woman, the man frowned even tighter. He would never forget that it was the other party’s stupidity and stubbornness that caused Dr. Zhao to lose his last chance of survival.

The door of the passenger seat was stuck, so she could have tried to open the door of the back seat and rescue the easy-to-save people first, wasn’t this the best choice? But the woman only stared at him, and she didn’t care about other people’s lives at all.

The man’s resolute face became more and more cold under the background of anger. Instead of thanking her, he opened his mouth and asked, “Did you call the police? Where are Dr. Zhao’s remains?”

The woman’s charming smile immediately became stiff.

The man turned his head to look at the pouring rain outside the window, feeling a burst of rage in his heart. The woman’s expression was enough for him to understand that the other party did not call the police.

It was already evening outside, and it was conceivable that he had been unconscious for a whole night and a whole day, and now that it was raining so heavily, the traces of the chase on the national highway might have been washed away long ago, and there were no monitors installed along the way, even if the police were called at this time, the police won’t be able to find anything.

It was too late.

What was even more incomprehensible was that the woman took him away, but left the remains of Dr. Zhao and others where they were, and let the flames burn them. What was going on in her heart? Was her aid really out of goodwill or with some ulterior purpose?

This idea was like a mechanism, causing the man’s head to have a sharp pain for a moment, but after the pain passed, he heard the woman shout anxiously: “Oops! I was so busy saving Xuan Ming that I forgot to deal with that Zhao Zhensheng’s corpse! It doesn’t make sense logically not to call the police for such a big accident! He’s become suspicious of me!”

Although the man was the president of the Haiming Group and one of the richest men in China, he had never publicly shown his face in the media. How did this woman who he had never seen before, know him? How did she know about Dr. Zhao?

He knew that Dr. Zhao was devoted to scientific research, and his life was like a hermit. Except for his colleagues in the academic world, it was even more impossible for him to meet a strange woman.

The man’s sharp eyes fixed on the woman’s figure, full of vigilance.

But he soon discovered that the strange thing was not that the woman knew their identities well, but that the other party didn’t open her mouth at all when she yelled that sentence.

She was holding the chicken soup, and although the smile on her face was stiff, it was also sweet. She blinked, looking very innocent. That urgent cry seemed to have popped out of her mind.

The man was stunned in his heart, but there was no indication of it on his face.

The woman bent down and put the chicken soup on the coffee table, her mouth was still closed, but her voice came into the man’s mind again: “System, are the amnesia pills I exchanged for 100% effective?”

A cold and inorganic voice sounded in the man’s mind this time: “Please don’t doubt the ability of the system, the host. As long as the host persuades the mission target to drink this bowl of chicken soup, he will forget everything.”

“Then will he remember it in the future?”

“If the host thinks it is necessary, she can exchange another antidote from me.”

“There is still an antidote? How much is one pill?”

“3000 points for one pill.”

“3000 points? Why don’t you rob me?”

“As long as the host successfully conquers Xuan Ming and become the luckiest person in this world, 3,000 points is nothing to you.”

“That’s true. I was too anxious to save him and forgot that there was Zhao Zhensheng and the others in the car. Now Xuan Ming must be suspicious of me. But it doesn’t matter, as long as he drinks the chicken soup, he will forget about the past.”

“That’s right, so please host, take advantage of the opportunity during Xuan Ming’s amnesia.”

“Do you need to say that? I saved him and took care of him so carefully, he will definitely fall in love with me. I’ll wait until he loves me so much that he can’t help it, and then I will give him the antidote, and he will no longer doubt me.”

“At that time, the host can tell him that you didn’t call the police because you were afraid that someone outside would chase you. It was also to protect him that he was quietly taken away.”

“That’s right, it’s the same reason for not sending him to the hospital, that the killer would chase after him if I take him to the hospital! System, you are so smart!”

“The host, hasten to complete the first stage of the task. It is said that the water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first, and I have created the opportunity for you, and everything after that has to be grasped by yourself.”

“I know. Xuan Ming after amnesia would be a blank sheet of paper. I’ll have him in no time.”

The conversation stopped, but the woman didn’t open her mouth the entire time.

Xuan Ming’s sharp eyes slid along the woman’s beautiful face to the bowl of chicken soup that was obviously problematic, and then to the room where there was no third person at all, and he was puzzled.

But he was used to seeing strong winds and waves, so he didn’t lose his composure at this time, but his eyelids were slightly closed, covering the light in the depths of his pupils.

The woman opened her mouth with a smile: “You have been sleeping for a day and a night, first drink a bowl of chicken soup to pad your stomach.”

After saying that, she raised her wrist and brought the bowl of chicken soup to Xuan Ming’s mouth.

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