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His body was hot, his head was still “buzzing”, and there seemed to be a subtle touch on his mouth, body, and certain parts.

It was almost four hours before he woke up from the dream. After a long time, Hei Yu flew to the top of Qiao Xi, and asked, “How is it? Did you dream?”

Qiao Xi tightened his toes, took a deep breath, and tried to calm down: “…Well, a dream, a dream.” 

Hei Yu hesitated: “You seem to be sweating a lot? Was it a very scary dream?”


Hei Yu asked again, “Does it feel like you can master the transformation?”    

Qiao Xi smiled dryly: “…I-I don’t know yet. It will take some time for me to try it again.”    

Hei Yu stepped forward. Just now when Qiao Xi was asleep, he specially remembered what it felt like to transform himself. Now he told Qiao Xi all about it, as he wanted to help him master the transformation as soon as possible.    

Qiao Xi felt very grateful. After chatting for more than ten minutes, seeing that there was no result for the time being, Hei Yu said: “Okay, then try it slowly, and come back to me if you have any questions.”

Qiao Xi: “Okay, thank you, Hei Yu.”

Hei Yu: “It’s a trivial matter, you’re welcome.”

When the butterfly flew out, Qiao Xi calmly closed the door – then lay down and rolled over!

Ah ah ah ah ah! What did he dream about? What was going on in his head! No matter how much he liked Jing Yan, he couldn’t be like this in a dream!!!

So shy ah ah ah ah ah!!!

Although Jing Yan in the dream was so obedient, delicious, and sexy… But it was really too shameful!

Qiao Xi rolled silently for a while, then he turned over again and sat up, panting.

No, but this way, he should really be able to master transformation, right?

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but feel complacent.

However, there was a gap between ideas and reality.

Sometimes it might even be very different.

A few days later, everyone discovered that there seemed to be some little secret between Hei Yu and Qiao Xi.

For example, at this moment – when everyone was eating dinner around the bonfire, Hei Yu flew to Qiao Xi’s side and asked: “Your transformation has not been successful yet?”

Qiao Xi almost cried when he heard this question.

He also ignored Jing Yan’s doubtful eyes, and said to Hei Yu, “Well, there should be no problem with my dream, but I don’t know why I can’t transform at all now!”

It had been almost a week, but let alone mastering the ability to transform, he had not been able to transform even once!

This was not normal!

Before in the exam city and the fox clan territory, his transformation had obviously become very frequent! Although his ability to transform was unstable now, since he had that dream, he had been thinking about Jing Yan more and more. How could he be unable to transform even once?

Qiao Xi was a little frightened, so he didn’t even have an appetite to eat for the past two days.

Hei Yu was also a little surprised, he thought that Qiao Xi was about to succeed, how could it be like this?

On the side, the few people heard their conversation, Jiao Yue asked: “What’s the matter?”

When it came to that dream, Qiao Xi became ashamed and because of his guilty conscience, he was too embarrassed to say too much.

Seeing his awkward expression, Hei Yu said briefly for him: “It’s nothing, that is, Qiao Xi has been able to transform frequently before, but after I hypnotized him once, he has failed to transform again.”

“What did you hypnotize him for??” Jing Yan asked with a frown.

Hei Yu said vaguely: “…It’s something he was interested in, it’s just an experience.”

Seeing that everyone was focusing on Hei Yu, Qiao Xi explained weakly for Hei Yu: “I, I think not being able to transform may have nothing to do with that dream, it must have been a coincidence, maybe something else went wrong.”

Hei Yu also thought about it, the hypnotic dream he gave Qiao Xi was not the kind that would disturb people’s minds, but it was just an ordinary dream to guide the other party to explore himself. In theory, it won’t have any effect on Qiao Xi’s body.

And looking at Qiao Xi’s reaction that day, the dream itself should be fine, it gave Qiao Xi the right answer.

So if Qiao Xi couldn’t change now, maybe there were other reasons.

Qiao Xi grimaced: “I think I might be really sick.”

Jiao Yue felt that the little secret of the two was not over yet, but he did not ask any further, and said warmly: “Then let the doctor come and see.”

Jing Yan was also worried, so he got up and said: “Well, hurry up and take a look!”

As soon as it was said to call the doctor, the doctor arrived immediately.

Everyone was in no mood to eat and waited for the doctor to see Qiao Xi.

Jiao Yue asked Qiao Xi, “Should we go away?”

Qiao Xi thought about it and shook his head!

He was very afraid that something serious might have happened to his body, and he was a little uneasy. If everyone was with him, he would feel more at ease.

Chris patted his chest and said: “Don’t worry, we are here, don’t be afraid!”

Qiao Xi nodded: “Yeah!”

It was really nice to have everyone with him!

Jing Yan was right behind him, comforting him: “It’s alright, the sudden inability to transform may also be due to the fact that you haven’t rested well recently.”

He hadn’t rested well… It was true that he hadn’t rested well for the past two days for some subtle reasons. Thinking about it, Qiao Xi wanted to cry again.

The old doctor was very kind and reassured Qiao Xi not to be nervous, and then began to inquire and check, then he asked his assistant to draw blood on the spot and put it in the machine for testing.

It only took twenty minutes for one pass to operate.

Qiao Xi was nervous to death. If he really got sick and couldn’t transform into a human in his life, that’s not it…

The several other people couldn’t help but worry, while the old doctor was quite calm.

After getting the blood test report, the old man pushed up his glasses, opened his eyes wide to take a closer look, and then nodded: “Oh, so it is so.”

“Doctor, what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with me?” Qiao Xi asked cautiously.

The old doctor thought for a while, looked around, and asked, “You really don’t need to send these people away?”

This scene was like being told that you have a terminal illness in a TV series! Qiao Xi panicked, gritted his teeth and replied: “No, you say, say it!”

Behind him, Jiao Yue always felt that something was wrong, but before he could speak, the doctor waved his hand and said in a relaxed tone: “It’s alright, it’s alright. It’s just a small problem.”

Qiao Xi was stunned, then heaved a sigh of relief, and everyone else was relieved.

The next second, the old doctor said slowly, “It’s just a fake pregnancy.”

Qiao Xi: “…?”

Jing Yan: “…?”

Everyone: “…?”

The scene was completely silent all of a sudden.

Jing Yan calmly said: “Doctor… What are you talking about?”

“Huh? Pseudo pregnancy,” the old doctor said with a trembling voice, “Both men and women orcs can have it, it’s normal. Female orcs will temporarily lose their transformation ability after pregnancy. You all know about this, right? But in fact, regardless of male or female orcs, after experiencing a x life, since the body is stimulated, and the endocrine system is disturbed, thus it may cause temporary loss of the ability to transform. This is the orc’s ‘pseudo pregnancy’, which is normal.”

No, they all understood the truth, but false pregnancy also means… x, life, life, ah!!!

x life!!!

Jing Yan was struck by lightning.

Everyone else was also struck by lightning.

When did this chick get a x life?!!

They all looked at the petrified chick.

“Ah, let me correct myself,” the old doctor patched up, “it doesn’t have to be an x-life, a ‘pseudo-pregnancy’ might even occur after being stimulated by a strong x-stimulation as well.”

The scene fell silent again.

Strong, strong, true, x, stimulating, exciting!!!

The silence prevailed for breathtaking seconds.

Jing Yan suddenly burst into flames and jumped in front of Xiaoxi. He said with a splitting gaze, “Qiao Xiaoxi, who provoked you?!”

Xiaoxi’s eyes had rolled into mosquito coils, and he trembled as he said, “…It was just a dream.”

– The result was really related to the dream, right?!

Everyone was stunned.

“Who was in the dream?! What did he do to you?!” Jing Yan roared.

The little chick couldn’t face this problem, and his heart almost stopped beating, so he shook a little, stretched his neck, and let out a loud cry: “Oh-oh-oh!!!”

Then he spread his wings, “Hula-la”

And fled the scene!

Everyone: What the hell, Qiao Xi was so frightened that he flew away!!

Jing Yan stretched out his hand in the direction Qiao Xi flew away in pain –

“——Qiao Xi!!!”

The man’s shrill shout echoed in the night sky of the entire forest, startling a flurry of birds.

T/N: I feel so much second-hand embarrassment for QX… Imagine being told you are experiencing a pseudo pregnancy in front of the guy you are in an ambiguous relationship with… and that too because you either had sex with someone or were too strongly sexually stimulated.

And baby QX is a pervert, it seems… Why was JY “obedient” in his dream… What was he making him do?

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