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Yan Haiqing became famous in his youth and had won countless awards. There were as many celebrities in his script as the crucian carps in the river. As a big man in the entertainment industry, he had multiple glories and troubles, and he had been both proud and frustrated. At his age, he could pat his chest and brag to others-is there anything I haven’t seen before?!

However, people couldn’t set up flags easily, they could easily be beaten in the face. At least until today, Yan Haiqing didn’t know that even though he was this old, there was still a hidden soul of a foodie that hadn’t awakened in him yet.

If you wanted to say that swimming in the water or flying in the sky is particularly rare… Uh, let’s not talk about it, but he had eaten a lot, not to mention that he had eaten at least half of the dishes in all of the three Michelin restaurants, but he still couldn’t understand, why Yu Siyang’s few home-cooked dishes awakened his soul of a foodie.

Well, a few very delicate home cooked dishes.

A very simple dish of bean curd meat[1]. The sour bean curd was delivered by a relative in his hometown in the country. It was very sour. He didn’t like it. He kept it in the cabinet, and it was fried by Yu Siyang with millet pepper, granulated sugar and rice wine. It became sour and crunchy, especially appetizing, and he could eat three bowls of rice with just this one dish.

There was also the braised catfish[2], which was charred on the outside and tender on the inside. As soon as the fish was eaten in his mouth, the taste of its own slight sweetness mixed with the salty sauce exploded in his mouth. The taste was rich and delicious. The tender fish melted in his mouth and was full of fragrance. His whole mouth couldn’t wait to swallow this bite, and then it couldn’t wait to get another big bite.

Yan Linchen quickly grabbed a large piece of meat from his uncle’s chopsticks, ignoring his uncle’s murderous gaze, and ate without raising his head. He had already begun to imagine that if Yu Siyang participated in “Dead Land”, he would cook for them often. As one of the group screenwriters, maybe he could mix in among the people and get a bite of delicious food from time to time, hehe.

“Just eat well, why did you laugh suddenly?” Yan Haiqing stared at his nephew and said.

Only when Yan Linchen realized that he had imagined too happily, he laughed unconsciously, and hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth, and said, “I am happy when I eat something delicious.”

Yan Haiqing: “…”

Yu Siyang: “… “

Luo Peng: “…”

Tang Hang: “…”

Master Yan really wanted to buckle this shameful boy’s face on the table to make him feel less embarrassed. The nephew was kicked hard under the table.


Tang Hang’s movements became stiff, and his face became very strange. He glanced at Yan Haiqing, and tightly held the chopsticks in his hand-in order for Yu Siyang to take the role, he would endure it.

After eating and drinking, the five moved to the living room. Tang Hang sat down on the one-person sofa at the extreme edge, rubbed his calf secretly, and listened carefully to what Yan Haiqing and Yu Siyang were talking about.

Wu Wenjing, the absolute hero of the “Dead Land” script, was an undercover policeman, and at the same time, he was a fat man!!!

Yan Haiqing looked at Yu Siyang’s figure like a bamboo pole and said, “Wu Wenjing is a fat man of more than two hundred catties. You are so thin; do you even have one hundred catties?”

“…” Yu Siyang was speechless, “I have one hundred and five jin[3].”

Yan Haiqing said: “It’s not half of Wu Wenjing’s.”

“The figure is something that can gain weight.” Luo Peng shifted the focus of the subject and asked: “Master Yan, why did you set the protagonist as a fat guy?”

“The plot needed it.” Yan Haiqing said, “Let’s try the play first, first try the one where Wu Wenjing went to the burger restaurant to send the news.”

Yu Siyang didn’t say much else and found a hard chair. He put it in the center of the living room, sat on the chair, and recalled the script.

Wu Wenjing went to the burger shop to give the drug cartel a big deal. It happened that a core member of the group also came to the burger shop to buy burgers. When he saw Wu Wenjing in the shop, he came over and talked to him. Wu Wenjing was sitting on a relatively hidden table next to the children’s play area in the burger restaurant with the contact person, and this contact person was not simple.

The atmosphere of this scene was very tense, especially testing the actor’s control of eye muscles and micro expressions. In addition, the protagonist Wu Wenjing was a fat man. The script described his face as very fleshy, and the facial features being crowded into a ball. That is, his eyes were also squeezed.

After Yu Siyang grasped a few key points in the script, he adjusted his sitting posture. The four people who watched his audition were surprised to find that only with this adjustment, they felt that the person sitting there was a more than two hundred catties fat man.

Yu Siyang held his fingers up even though they were empty, as if holding a hamburger with both hands, and then took a big bite. The hamburger in his mouth had not been swallowed yet, and he lowered his head to suck on the Coke.

Then, he removed the straw that didn’t exist from his mouth, raised his eyes to look at the opposite person, with a silly smile on his face, let go of the straw, and said, “Dude, do you want to eat it or not? Can I eat it?”

Yan Linchen had seen his uncle repeatedly scrutinizing the scene for many days, so he was very familiar with it—Wu Wenjing pretended to like to eat hamburgers very much, and to connect with the boss in order to keep in shape and to have a clear excuse to go out, he always made appointments at the burger shop.

Yan Linchen saw the silly smile on Yu Siyang’s face, but there was a flash of mockery in his eyes.

In this episode, the boss of the joint, Zhu Ze, did not come, but a stranger Wu Wenjing had never seen came, claiming to have received a task and came instead of the boss temporarily.

Wu Wenjing wandered in the darkest places all the year round. Although he was fat, there was no fat in his brain. Zhu Ze didn’t come, and he was stunned. He wouldn’t be foolish to believe what the other party said. He just thought that the sentence was a whole set of codes agreed upon with Zhu Ze, and the opposite was shocked, but frowned in disgust and threw the hamburger to him.

——Your sister, you really like to eat hamburgers.

Wu Wenjing lowered his head to get the hamburger that the other party had thrown over, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he changed back to a silly look, slowly peeling the paper covering the hamburger, and then suddenly raised his head to look forward.

That was the core member named Wu Wenjing.

“Stop.” Yan Haiqing suddenly stopped Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang turned his head and looked over, waiting for Yan Haiqing to speak, and the illusion of a fat man sitting on the chair just created for them disappeared.

Yan Haiqing got up from the sofa, circled Yu Siyang, and suddenly patted him on the shoulder, “You are a good boy, come here, I will act with you, try the scene of Wu Wenjing and Shao Qing chatting by the pool.”

Yu Siyang nodded, and Luo Peng immediately moved in another chair for Yan Haiqing to sit on.

In this scene, Shao Qing’s daughter got engaged. After the engagement banquet, Shao Qing saw Wu Wenjing sitting alone by the pool in the villa. Thinking this fat man who he had always trusted had been pursuing his daughter, but his daughter had chosen to get together with a greasy and suspicious little white face, the big drug dealer couldn’t help but feel sorry for not giving birth to a good cabbage, so he chatted with Wu Wenjing.

“A Gui, why don’t you play with everyone?” Shao Qing sat down beside Wu Wenjing.

A Gui was Wu Wenjing’s pseudonym, and his full name was Jin Gui, which fit well with his chubby appearance.

In the villa, a group of people were partying, it was very noisy, but out by the pool, there was no third person, and it was very quiet.

Wu Wenjing saw Shao Qing and immediately stood up cautiously, “Mr. Shao.”

Shao Qing waved his hand and said casually: “Sit down, how many times have I told you, don’t be so nervous, you are my savior.”

Wu Wenjing smiled naively.

“Lingling didn’t know what to think. She left you who is such a good young man and chose that person.” Shao Qing said while observing Wu Wenjing’s expression, but unfortunately, he saw nothing but loss from that fat face.

Wu Wenjing was like a person who had lost his true love. He touched his stomach lowly and smiled bitterly: “Miss doesn’t like fat people.”

“Lingling is still young and doesn’t know who the right choice is.” Shao Qing said. Suddenly the topic changed, “A Gui, do you remember how you got into the group back then?”

Wu Wenjing was taken aback for a moment, and immediately said: “My dad owed a gambling debt, and the loan shark was going to cut off my dad’s hand. I saw that Mr. Shao was driving a good car, so… I went to touch porcelain[4]…” He said, scratching the back of his head embarrassedly, with a grateful expression on his face.

“Mr. Shao not only didn’t blame me for touching porcelain, but he also lent me money to save my dad. I am very grateful to Mr. Shao, so I joined the group and am willing to do anything for you.”

“What about your dad now?” Shao Qing asked.

“I, I don’t know where he is,” Wu Wenjing looked at Shao Qing, “He owed gambling debts and ran away. Those loan sharks knew that I was Mr. Shao’s subordinate and allowed me to pay back the money slowly.”

“So, you are so grateful to me that you can save me three times without worrying about your own life?” Shao Qing asked again.

Wu Wenjing said with trepidation: “Mr. Shao helped me. I should help Mr. Shao to block the bullet. I am thick and can’t be killed easily.” He patted his fat belly proudly.

Shao Qing smiled and patted Wu Wenjing on the shoulder, “A Gui, you are a good one, I wish you will always be so good.”

Wu Wenjing looked at Shao Qing with a dazed expression, but the latter didn’t say anything. He just got up and went back into the house.

There was only Wu Wenjing left by the pool. He was shocked by Shao Qing’s last words, but he dared not show it. There were cameras everywhere in this villa, and he could not reveal a trace of his emotions. He sat motionless on the chair, like a stone statue.

“Not bad, not bad.” Yan Haiqing laughed: “Let’s end the trial. He is a young man with amazing aura.”

Yu Siyang stood up and reverted from a fake fat man to a thin man. He moved the chair and set it together with Luo Peng again.

“The crew of this play hasn’t been decided yet, and the filming time is uncertain. Are you willing to wait?” Yan Haiqing sat back on the sofa and poured a cup of tea for the five people, himself included.

Luo Peng knew that Yu Siyang liked the script and the role of Wu Wenjing very much, so he said: “A good script is hard to find. With such a good script and a good role, it is worth waiting for as long as possible.”

“Yes, yes.” Yu Siyang nodded.

Yan Haiqing smiled and said: “In this case, I will decide the actor first.” Before Yu Siyang could get happy, he said: “You are so thin, you have to gain weight quickly.”

“Okay, good.” Yu Siyang still nodded wildly.

“Since the actor is set, it seems that my progress has been accelerated.” Yan Haiqing sighed.

During this period of time, there were countless people looking for him. There were all kinds of people from the management team, actor’s agents, service team, and special effects team. He had always looked like he was not in a hurry, but now he couldn’t do that anymore.

“Uncle, you should have speeded up your progress long ago.” Yan Linchen murmured: “It’s your speed. I think I can’t tell that you want to start filming within this year. Yu Siyang is now getting you on the right track. If you delay like this, it will take a long time for the film to get finished.”

“Get off–” Yan Haiqing was angry and threw the TV remote in his hand at his nephew, “I think I kicked you lightly when we were eating.”

Yan Linchen was stunned, “When eating…you kicked me?”

“Yeah!” Yan Haiqing was stunned as he finished speaking.

The nephew’s silly expression was obviously not a pretence, so the question was-

Who did he kick when they were eating?

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[3] Catty is equivalent to jin.

[4] Pretend to have an accident in order to get some compensation.

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