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The commotion had attracted people around, many people came to watch, saw Shen Qinglan, and the two people fighting on the ground, and they automatically painted a love-hate-feeling drama in their minds, and there were others who were taking pictures and videos with their mobile phones.

Seeing more and more people, Shen Qinglan frowned and said quietly, “Don’t fight.”

Yan Shengyu heard the words, and stopped the fist that was about to fall, let it go, “Next time you better have a cleaner mouth or I won’t be polite to you.”

Yan Shengyu’s image had always been that of a cheerful, outgoing and gentle big boy. Such a fierce side, not only did not make people feel uncomfortable, but instead many girls present had red eyes, saying that he was very handsome and manly.

Zhao Dong got up from the ground, his face was bruised, and there were blood stains on the corners of his mouth, showing that Yan Shengyu did not show mercy at all.

He stared at Shen Qinglan fiercely, “Shen Qinglan, you wait for me. Don’t think that you can let the school leaders favour you by doing this. I will definitely expose your true face in front of everyone. Also, let everyone see how dirty you are under your holy exterior.”

Zhao Dong left in embarrassment, and the people around saw that the excitement was finished and dispersed.

Yan Xi looked at Shen Qinglan worriedly, “Big sister, who was that person just now, and why did he say that to you?”

“It’s just a mad dog.” Shen Qinglan said lightly.

“Need my help?” Yan Shengyu said.

“No need.”

Shen Qinglan really left this time. Yan Shengyu looked at her leaving figure with a deep sense of powerlessness. It seemed that every time he saw her walking away from him.

“Brother, big sister, she…”

“It’s okay, I will take care of this matter.” Yan Shengyu didn’t want to say this to his sister, “Why are you here and that too with her? Shouldn’t you be in school at this time??”

Yan Xi was twisting her fingers, “That…”

Yan Shengyu sighed helplessly, “Xiao Xi, you skipped class again.”

Yan Xi bowed her head and said nothing.

Yan Shengyu didn’t say any more to her, he knew his sister’s temperament, not to mention his parents just called him last night.

“Xiao Xi, don’t you want to go abroad?”

Yan Xi nodded.

Yan Shengyu touched her head, “Brother understands, now you certainly don’t want to go to school, brother is going to the library, do you want to go together?”

Yan Xi thought that Shen Qinglan had already left, and she said she was going to take the B test. She raised her head and looked at Yan Shengyu, “Brother, I want to take the B major, but I know my grades are not good, so you can help me review.”

Yan Shengyu looked at her in surprise, his younger sister who never loved learning since she was a child. She actually asked to study now. Although he was surprised and suspected that this was only three-minute craze, he still said “OK.”

And then Yan Xi’s performance also proved that she was not joking nor was it a three-minute craze, she really wanted to be admitted to the B school and was willing to work hard for it. Not only did her parents hire several tutors for her make up lessons, but she also often studied until one or two in the middle of the night.

Mother Yan looked at her daughter working so desperately, distressed, she wanted to persuade her and tell her that if she failed to pass the exam, they could send her to study abroad. But she didn’t want to hurt her daughter’s self-confidence, so she could only take care of her daughter’s daily life.

Hard work did pay off, and half a year later, she was admitted to the B major as she wished.

Of course, these were things that happened in the future.

After Zhao Dong left, the more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became, so he posted a post on the Internet, saying that female college students would betray their bodies in order to live a good life, and interact with several men at the same time. Someone reported them, but the school leaders not only didn’t deal with that female college student, but for their own benefit, shielded her, and also sanctioned the reporter.

Where he posted was a popular website. Although he did not mention his name or surname, the school name mentioned in the post was pointed at University B intentionally or unintentionally. What’s more, he also included a few pictures. The pictures are exactly the ones he posted on the campus website. Originally, the photos on his computer and mobile phone were deleted, but because of that post, many people had already downloaded the pictures, and Zhao Dong got them from others.

Although the photos were mosaic-processed, as long as they were acquaintances, they could recognize Shen Qinglan as the person in the post.

This post touched on a sensitive topic nowadays, and immediately caused a sensation when it was posted. In a short period of time, the amount of reposts exceeded 10,000, and the number of likes was countless, and the comments below had exploded.

One by one, self-proclaimed righteous people jumped out to criticize B University and Shen Qinglan, and some people searched out information on Shen Qinglan. If Jin Eunxi had not found out in time and protected Shen Qinglan’s information, she was afraid that Shen Qinglan’s identity as the daughter of Shen’s family would have been exposed immediately.

Although Shen Qinglan’s identity had to be revealed, the rumour was immediately self-defeating, but Shen Qinglan’s voluntary exposure and being exposed were two different things.

“Ann, the Internet has exploded, should I hack these websites?” Ji Eunxi looked at the webpage and looked at the various unbearable comments on it, her expression calm, but what she said made people fascinated. It has to be known that it was not just one website, but several, and hacking them was as simple as drinking water in her mouth.

Shen Qinglan was painting on paper with a paintbrush in her hand. She suddenly got inspiration today and wanted to start a painting, so she came to Shang Yayuan, but found that Ji Eunxi was already at her house, living in her second bedroom.

“Ann, what do you plan to do with this matter? If you want my advice, you should directly reveal your identity as being the daughter of the Shen family. Why are you hiding? It is not shameful.” Ji Eunxi did not understand Shen Qinglan’s approach very well. If she had already said it out, why would there be so many things.

In fact, until now, Ji Eunxi still didn’t understand why Shen Qinglan led a few of them and destroyed that frightening organization, if it was so she could live a life at ease, then why bother to come back to country Z and find her relatives.

The few of them were orphans. They were taken away from the orphanage by way of adoption and sent to the organization, unlike Shen Qinglan, who was abducted by kidnappers.

“Ann, did you hear me?” Ji Eunxi suspected that Shen Qinglan was just painting and not listening to her.

“I heard it. There is no need to hack the website. Hacking the campus network will not be noticeable, but if so many sites are hacked at the same time, it will cause a lot of trouble. My identity will not be kept for long. It will take a while to clean up.” Shen Qinglan finally spoke.

They were talking in English. Although Ji Eunxi spoke Chinese very well, she was still used to speaking English.

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