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——Although they were both beast-shaped, but no matter what, the mouth had touching the mouth!

Oh dear! They really kissed!!!

Qiao Xi felt that his whole body was numb, and his mind was shaking.

But but he didn’t do it on purpose! He really just wasn’t careful!

And Jing Yan covered his mouth with his claws – the chick’s mouth was pointed, it hurt a little and poked him, but he was happy even though he was in pain!

Love was a pain!

After a while, Qiao Xi’s voice sounded first on the branch.

Qiao Xi summoned the courage and said, “…I’m sorry, I accidentally… didn’t pierce your mouth, right?”

Jing Yan was excited and wanted to say that he could even do it a second time, but in order not to scare Xiao Xi, he still cleared his throat and said, “Yes, it shouldn’t be, it’s fine.”

Then the two remained silent for a while.

Qiao Xi quickly stretched out his wings and plucked off the leaves that were still stubbornly lying on top of Jing Yan’s head. He felt ashamed!

Jing Yan felt he was so cute in his heart that he whispered with a smile, “Do you want to help me pick leaves?”

“Well.” Qiao Xi also whispered.

“Thank you, I didn’t find out.”

“…You’re welcome.”

Qiao Xi buried his head, embarrassed to face the big black wolf beside him.

Suddenly, he felt the big black wolf raise its claws and stretch it out.

When he looked up, he found that Jing Yan’s claw also had a small leaf lying on it, as if it had been plucked from his body.

Qiao Xi looked at the big black wolf, and the big black wolf also smiled at him.

The two looked at each other and laughed together.

Autumn forests shed so many leaves!

Although there was a little embarrassment and a little shame, in this night’s date, in general, the atmosphere was so sweet that Qiao Xi felt so happy!

Of course, when they returned to the light and he found that the big black wolf’s mouth was really broken, Qiao Xi was so ashamed that he wanted to cry again.

——Let’s just say that the animal shape is very inconvenient!!

Other orcs might still be able to fall in love in a beast-like state, but birds really couldn’t! Chicken mouth really couldn’t do it!

He still had to hurry up and stabilize his transformation.

With this touch of anxiety, Qiao Xi returned to his room worriedly, and went to bed early.

…When he woke up the next day, he was even more anxious.

Qiao Xi squatted by the lake, his wings resting on his chin, looking at his reflection on the lake, his brows furrowed.

During the time he was out, he already knew that Jing Yan was the source for him to transform, and he had even tried to transform while thinking about Jing Yan in the fox clan.

But yesterday he thought about the big black wolf all night, and he woke up this morning still in the shape of a beast.

In the final analysis, it was because his ability had not stabilized.

His fourth brother said that thinking about it to a certain level should be able to completely stabilize the transformation, but what did this “certain level” mean, wasn’t it enough to think about Jing Yan all night?

Qiao Xi was confused.

Suddenly, in the reflection on the lake, a four-winged butterfly came to fly beside him, and Hei Yu’s voice sounded from the side: “Why are you sitting in a daze here?”

Qiao Xi sighed and said: “I was thinking about something… I’m almost able to master the transformation, but I still can’t.”

Hei Yu stopped on top of his head and asked, “Why? Since you feel like you can master it, why can’t you do it again suddenly?”

As a person who could transform steadily from the beginning, Hei Yu really didn’t understand Qiao Xi’s troubles, but this did not prevent him from being bored and trying to help Qiao Xi analyze the reasons.

Qiao Xi saw the butterfly on top of his head and confided his worries to him, but he definitely did not say what he was thinking about!

Hei Yu pondered after hearing this: “Are your thoughts strong to a certain extent?”

“Yes, this is so hard to understand!” Qiao Xi looked at Hei Yu with curious eyes.

When it came to Jing Yan, Qiao Xi was embarrassed to ask his fourth brother again. He was afraid that his fourth brother who had finally calmed down would explode again, so he could only hope that others could solve his confusion.

Hei Yu thought about it and said neatly: “I don’t know what this ‘certain level’ means, but I can help you try it out.”


Could you “try it out”?

Qiao Xi suddenly became spirited and asked curiously, “How to try it?”

“Our Butterfly Clan has a ‘miracle’, you know that?” Hei Yu said.

Qiao Xi nodded quickly.

Hei Yu was currently one of the only four big bosses of the Butterfly Clan who could perform “miracles”, and the miracle of the Butterfly Clan was to control insects and use butterfly powder to control dreams.

Hei Yu said: “I can help you fall into a dream, hypnotize you, and let you figure out for yourself in your dreams what your thoughts will look like when they are strong enough.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up – unexpectedly was this still possible? And it did seem worth a try?

Thinking of this so quickly, Hei Yu was amazing!

“You must have an answer deep in your heart. Hypnosis is just to help you find this answer earlier. How about it? Do you want to try it?” He said coolly.

Qiao Xi was a little excited, but also worried: “But will this do any damage to you?”

As far as he knew, the only orcs who can perform miracles find it very troublesome when they activate their abilities.

“No, I came to Jing Yan to cultivate for two years just for this.” Hei Yu said indifferently.

In this day and age, it was indeed very difficult for people with miracles to activate their abilities, and they often became paralyzed for half a month at a time after using it once, but Hei Yu had always felt that this state could be changed.

The Butterfly Clan was very prolific, and the entire territory was crowded and noisy. In order to study and adjust his physical condition, Hei Yu came to live here with Jing Yan.

This forest was very peaceful, and after spending two years meditating to exercise his ability, he had now completely mastered the miracle, and he no longer had to lie down for a few days when he activated it.

Now that Hei Yu said so, Qiao Xi was relieved, and eagerly proposed: “Then…let’s try it now?”

Mastering the ability to transform through hypnosis, maybe no one had ever used this method before!

Hei Yu looked at the sky and saw that it was still early, so he simply said: “Okay, let’s go to your place.”

The two of them were very efficient.

Close the door, pull the curtains, all done in a mysterious style.

After getting ready, Qiao Xi lay on the bed, his heart was beating wildly, as he didn’t know what he would dream of.

Missing Jing Yan to a certain extent, what would it look like?

Hei Yu was very calm, after all, this was a very easy thing for him: “Relax and prepare to fall asleep.”

“Yeah!” Qiao Xi nodded.

After all, it won’t be a nightmare. There was no need to be nervous. Thinking like this, Qiao Xi lay down straight and closed his eyes.

The sky was getting darker.

The white rabbit, the little leopard and the little black wolf had made a bonfire outside the wooden house.

Jiao Yue came over with the washed dishes and chopsticks.

The door of the wooden house was suddenly opened. After finishing his work, the black-haired man walking out of the room stretched his waist, looked around, and asked suspiciously, “Huh? Where’s Qiao Xi?”

“I haven’t seen him all afternoon, Hei Yu is not here either.” Jing Yi thought for a while and said.


Jing Yan immediately turned into a suspicious ghost wolf.

Jiao Yue said coolly: “They will come out soon, don’t look around.”

Jing Yan pouted, endured, and sat down, intending to wait for the little chick to appear!

And at this moment, in the cabin –

Qiao Xi suddenly opened his eyes, gasping for breath, while his chicken feathers had exploded!

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