APY Ch. 177.1: Fake or Real Leng Qingqiu?

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The location of the exhibition was in the largest art gallery in Beijing, and only the works of Leng Qingqiu were being exhibited, who was undoubtedly the leader among the younger generation of painters.

In fact, the location of the original art exhibition was not here, but after the news of the award came back, people from the Painters Association took the initiative to come to the door.

At that time, Fake Leng Qingqiu hadn’t announced the termination of the partnership with Daniel. People in the association didn’t know Fake Leng Qingqiu’s contact information. Naturally, they went looking for Daniel. As soon as Daniel heard it, he immediately agreed.

After returning to China, the relationship between Daniel and Fake Leng Qingqiu was no longer a cooperative relationship, but all of Leng Qingqiu’s paintings were in Daniel’s hands. This point was that Fake Leng Qingqiu couldn’t do anything about it. She could paint again, but several works needed to be put on display. No one had seen Shen Qinglan’s new work except Daniel, and she didn’t know the content.

She didn’t know why that person wanted to play this trick that didn’t make sense to her, but she didn’t have any choice but to do things according to that person’s instructions.

But fortunately, Daniel had finished setting up the venue, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to act in this play.

When Shen Qinglan and the others arrived, Daniel was already waiting at the door, but he was standing in the corner, so no one noticed him, and when he saw Shen Qinglan, he took the initiative to walk over.

“Qinglan.” Daniel greeted Shen Qinglan.

“Daniel.” Shen Qinglan said, and everyone knew that he was Daniel. Before Shen Qinglan said that she knew Daniel, Shen Xitong could just think that Shen Qinglan must have been talking nonsense by herself, and it seemed that their relationship was really not bad.

It’s just… She glanced at Daniel with a bad look. This person actually bought and sold Qingqiu’s works privately. Thinking of the two works that Shen Qinglan bought, she couldn’t help but wonder if it was Daniel who sold it to Shen Qinglan privately? The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this possibility was very high, and her look towards Daniel became even more unkind.

Daniel turned a blind eye to her, and anyway when he met Shen Xitong, he didn’t have a good face. He was also a gold medal broker in the painting circle, and she was definitely not the only artist under him who had become popular, but he was the happiest to work with Shen Qinglan. That was it.

He was gentle to Shen Qinglan, but it did not mean that he was so gentle to others, so when Shen Qinglan introduced him to her family, Daniel greeted everyone, except Shen Xitong.

Shen Xitong felt that she was ignored by Daniel, so her eyes became very angry, and she glared at Daniel fiercely, “Is this not Qingqiu’s former manager Daniel?” The word “former” was deliberately emphasised, so that others could hear a hint of schadenfreude.

Chu Yunrong frowned, she didn’t like Shen Xitong’s rude behaviour, she seemed very uneducated, she glanced at Shen Xitong, hoping that she would pay attention to the occasion, but Shen Xitong didn’t notice Chu Yunrong’s eyes at all.

“Who is this lady?” Daniel looked at Shen Xitong, as if he had only discovered her existence now.

Shen Xitong secretly hated him, and thought it really was someone who knew Shen Qinglan, and he was also not a good thing.

“I’m Qinglan’s sister, and my name is Shen Xitong.” A decent smile appeared on Shen Xitong’s face. Outside, her image was always good.

Daniel snorted and looked at Shen Qinglan, “Qinglan, how do I remember that you only have one older brother, when did you have an older sister?”

As soon as these words came out, Shen Qian and Chu Yunrong’s faces became a little ugly, and they felt that this Daniel was a little bit awkward. They didn’t know each other. No matter what, even though Shen Xitong was adopted by the Shen family, her identity to the outside world was also the eldest lady of the Shen family.

Shen Junyu looked at Daniel with a bit of interest. It seemed that this man’s relationship with his sister was not just as simple as knowing her. He was obviously helping his own sister, and his impression of Daniel instantly improved by several degrees.

“Mr. Daniel is very familiar with my family’s Qinglan?” Shen Qian said, looking at Daniel with scrutiny.

Daniel smiled slightly. He was of Chinese-European origin, with three-dimensional facial features, while his smile had a special charming style, “Qinglan and I have been friends for many years.”

As he said that, he threw a wink at Shen Qinglan, which made Fu Hengyi’s face turn black, and he held Shen Qinglan’s hand tightly.

Shen Qinglan was amused, she gently scratched his palm, and the coldness in Fu Hengyi’s eyes disappeared, but looking at Daniel, he did not seem to be pleasing to his eye.

Shen Qinglan glanced at Daniel with a warning, Daniel shrugged, he knew this man was the grandson of the Fu family, he had never seen him before, and today he was thinking of teasing him, but he didn’t expect Qinglan to feel so distressed for him.

“Why did Mr. Daniel appear here today?” Shen Qian asked again.

“There is going to be a good show here today, of course I came here to watch the show.” Daniel replied as a matter of course, the real and the fake Leng Qingqiu were going to meet. If he did not come on such a rare occasion of the century, he would not be Daniel.

The other people present only thought that it was because Leng Qingqiu unilaterally cancelled the cooperation relationship, and he was not reconciled, so he came over.

Only Fu Hengyi glanced at Daniel thoughtfully, and then at Shen Qinglan. When Daniel was talking just now, he deliberately glanced at his little wife.

Did this matter have anything to do with Shen Qinglan?

Anyone with a certain position in the painting circle would not know Daniel. When Daniel came over, someone had noticed him. Thinking of the rumours on the Internet during this period, everyone felt that today’s art exhibition might not be that simple.

“Didn’t they say that he has terminated the cooperative relationship with Leng Qingqiu, what is he doing at Leng Qingqiu’s art exhibition?” A person asked his companions in a low voice.

“Who knows, and Leng Qingqiu announced the cancellation of the cooperation unilaterally, and Daniel didn’t seem to say anything.”

“I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

“80% of the time it’s not true, you think about it, Leng Qingqiu can be said to be picked up by Daniel. Who knew who Leng Qingqiu was at the beginning, but now that she is popular, she wants to kick the agent to fly solo. I don’t think this Leng Qingqiu is a good person.”

Although the voices of the people around were small, Shen Qinglan and her party could still hear some. Daniel looked at Shen Qinglan awkwardly, his eyes innocent, this was not what he meant.

Shen Qinglan didn’t have any reaction, she just listened to the remarks made by others, but didn’t take it to heart.

“Xitong, Grandpa Shen, Auntie, you are here.” Fake Leng Qingqiu came from a distance and greeted everyone with a smile.

She had been very active in the capital recently, and many people knew her. Seeing that the direction she was walking in was exactly the direction Daniel was in, the discussion became louder for a while.

Daniel had seen this woman before, but it was the first time that they had come into such close contact.

Fake Leng Qingqiu had expected to see Daniel today, but didn’t expect to meet him here, or for him to be with the Shen family.

“Qingqiu, you’re here.” Shen Xitong stepped forward and hugged Fake Qingqiu’s arm affectionately, “Our family has come to participate in your art exhibition.”

“This is my father, this is my brother, when you came last time none of them happened to be at home, but you can finally meet them this time. My father likes your paintings very much, and there are several of your paintings at home.” Shen Xitong pointed to Shen Qian and Shen Junyu as she introduced the fake Leng Qingqiu.

Fake Leng Qingqiu’s smile was gentle and decent. Although it was a bit unexpected to see Daniel here, this little accident had no effect on her at all.

“I didn’t expect Uncle Shen to like my paintings.”

Shen Qian smiled modestly, “Your paintings are very good, I didn’t expect you to be so young, the young people nowadays are very amazing.”

“Uncle is overpraising, I just had luck. Well, some people appreciate my paintings, of course, thanks to Daniel in the early stage.” She said, looking at Daniel, “Although we are not in a cooperative relationship now, we are still friends, right Daniel.”

The expression on Daniel’s face was half a smile, This woman was really cheeky, was she really sure that he couldn’t expose her, or did she feel that even if he exposed her, she could get away with it?

“Friends or not, let’s talk.” Daniel replied lightly.

He was not afraid of offending this woman. No matter what, after today, everyone would know that Shen Qinglan was the real Leng Qingqiu, and this one was just a counterfeit.

Although he didn’t know what method Shen Qinglan would use to prove her identity, since she was so sure, there must have a way to prove. This was the understanding and trust he had developed in Shen Qinglan after so many years.

Fake Qingqiu smiled slightly, with an expression of understanding, “Although you are no longer my manager, I am still very happy that you can participate in my art exhibition.”

“Of course I want to participate in today’s art exhibition.” How could he not come to watch such a good show. Daniel had a fake smile on his face.

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