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It was not just Liu Yu who had this idea. On the day of the screening, almost everyone who was fortunate enough to participate in the film wrote a good film review, and without exception, affirmed Siyu’s outstanding performance.

@Pious Buddhist: First of all, I have to solemnly say sorry to Miss Siyu, because when the film was announced, I was actually a member of the sunspots… I covered my face[1], so I was drawn. I went to the screening with the mentality of seeing how bad Miss Siyu acted. But what I want to say is, that her performance was unexpected! What kind of treasure did Director Liang dig out this time? Those who used to talk about unspoken rules will have to wait for a face slapping! My words are left here, it doesn’t look like you guys are coming to hit me!

@Rock Sugar Cake: After watching the whole film, the thing that impressed me the most was Yun He. In the end, I seemed to understand why the new emperor regarded her as a white moonlight, her body was weak, but her mentality was tough. Along with piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, she was proficient in everything, knowing astronomy and geography, and more importantly, her appearance, seeing from all three hundred and sixty degrees on the big screen, there were no dead ends, and as a man, I would definitely praise her and spoil her in the palm of my hand for a lifetime! But even if I was a woman, nailed in the coffin and placed in the tomb, still I would use this decadent voice to call out—Miss Sister, marry me!!!

@Grow Up Well Baby: Every time I see Miss Siyu vomiting blood, I feel distressed. The effect of the big screen is very good, so Miss Siyu looked particularly miserable, especially in the last farewell scene, when Yun He was finally taken out of the underground palace by the new emperor, to see the great rivers and mountains under his control, but Yun He could no longer support herself anymore and died vomiting blood after only one glance. The expression when the new emperor was holding the corpse… I was crying, out of breath, and a little boy next to me hurriedly handed me a packet of tissues. The whole packet was used up by me. I think my eyes will be swollen tomorrow. And watching the tidbits released by the crew, they actually said that Miss Siyu was really vomiting blood, not using a prop? She is too dedicated to do it like this!

The more excited they were, the more the other fans who didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the screening wanted to pinch their necks and shout: There is no picture, no truth.

It was a pity that this was only a small-scale trial screening. If any videos were released, it would be impossible for the film to survive, and the fans who were present were very obedient, and none of them actively revealed the plot. With this hope, they couldn’t wait to let “Qin Guo” be released, and the wailing of the official blog was all overwhelmed by comments asking them to advance the schedule.

The effect of this trial screening was surprisingly good. Director Liang was still at the celebration party, when he heard the news that “Qin Guo” was once again brought to the top of the hot search by netizens. He couldn’t help laughing: “Okay-okay, everyone will be given big red envelopes. After the film is officially released, it is estimated that there will be a time when you would have to break your legs!”

In fact, during the filming, Director Liang expected that Siyu might become popular with this film, but he did not expect her to become popular so quickly. Nowadays, whether you have watched the movie or not, the attention of netizens could not avoid Yun He played by Siyu. A small group of people also yelled that the people who participated in the screening were wearing fan filters. The evaluation was not objective. They must be falsely touting Siyu. In fact, they didn’t know how the performance was actually; but the interest of most people had obviously been aroused. Most netizens on the Internet just followed the trends, so the box office was basically something he didn’t need to worry about.

Thinking of this, Director Liang couldn’t help being proud of his original choice of Zhou Siyu. He raised his glass and touched it with Ji Lin next to him and said in a low voice: “Your sister is very good, if she continues to walk down this road, her future is boundless.”

Director Liang may be one of the very few people who knew the real blood relationship between the two siblings. After all, his family was also very superior, so he would naturally hear some secrets. Not long ago, it was rumoured that the Ji family had offended Fifth Master Lu. It was because they refused to recognize the child that Mrs. Ji gave birth outside-that is, Zhou Siyu, so now that Mrs. Ji was crying and begging every day, trying every means to see her daughter, she was turned away again and again. So, this relationship was self-defeating, and it was spread all over the world.

However, Director Liang had no plans to expose this, but every time he saw fans shouting that they hoped that the relationship between Siyu and Ji Lin i.e., of brother and sister would come true, he was very happy. Anyway he was just an old man who enjoyed watching the show.

Ji Lin seemed to be absent-minded, and only said: “My sister said that she will take a rest for a while. She got too tired from filming before, and I’m afraid she won’t be able to hold it.”

“That’s true.” Director Liang thought for a while, and felt regretful. He himself was very optimistic about Siyu, but it was a pity that Siyu was not in good health and couldn’t work continuously for a long time. And now in the entertainment industry, if you didn’t give more and more works, who would remember you? He sighed, “Siyu also talked to me, originally I wanted to recommend her to another crew, but she rejected it. I think she is not in the entertainment circle to achieve fame.”

Ji Lin, after listening to Director Liang’s words, was still worried about his sister. For some reason, his eyes were twitching tonight. He also a bad premonition, but he couldn’t understand why he was feeling like this, so he dealt with this round of toasts, found a quiet corner and secretly called Siyu.

Unexpectedly, the call over there was hung up just three seconds after it rang. He was not even connected to the listener in the whole process. Obviously, it was hung up artificially.

Ji Lin opened his eyes slightly and looked at the call cut sign displayed on the screen: “…??”

He remembered that he had secretly changed his number in Siyu’s phone to a starred contact. Besides, what about his sister? Would she hang up his call?

Ji Lin didn’t believe it, so he called again and again…Okay, this time it directly showed that he was blacklisted.

Ji Lin: “…” This was impossible!

Young Master Ji’s heart cracked and fell to the ground. He tremblingly opened Siyu’s WeChat account, and coquettishly asked why she didn’t answer her phone, and then asked what Siyu was doing. This time he was not blacklisted, but after waiting for twenty minutes, there was an answer from the other end:

“It was just you who were making a noise?”

Although it was just a text, but for some reason, Ji Lin felt a crippling chill and seemed to be able to imagine the typer’s icy face.

This kind of tone, this kind of wording, damn it must definitely not be his sister! Ji Lin immediately became nervous. Could it be that there were other people around Siyu?

Before Ji Lin could ask, he saw that the message had been withdrawn, and then a voice message was sent out. He clicked to listen to it. It was his sister’s familiar gentle and soft voice: “A Lin, I’m fine. I’m sorry I accidentally made a mistake just now, don’t care.”

Can this be a mistake too? He was not a kid!

Ji Lin didn’t believe it. But he comforted Siyu and said that it was okay, but after that he ran to Director Liang quickly. He told him that he had to leave early. Director Liang looked at his bad expression and gritted teeth. Thinking that something serious had happened at home, he waved his hand and sent the person away.

In fact, to a certain extent, Director Liang did not guess wrong. Ji Lin was now facing an enemy, and he hurriedly left to deal with his problem at him.

Assistant Xiao Ai waited at the door. After getting in the car, Ji Lin said with a calm face: “Go to Siyu’s house.”

Xiao Ai was shocked: “Now!!! Brother Ji, look at how late it is. If you go to a girl’s home at this time and the paparazzi photographed you, tomorrow, you will be in a lot of nasty news.”

Xiao Ai didn’t say anything more, but Ji Lin’s face turned darker: “It’s so late!” There was another person beside his sister?

He didn’t know, if it was an adult’s intuition. Ji Lin was very sure that it must be a man who blocked him. Therefore, when he thought that Siyu still had a man at home in the middle of the night, he was so angry that he can’t wait to appear at the door of Siyu’s house now.

“Don’t worry about it, just drive over.” Ji Lin couldn’t hide his irritation.

Seeing that it was not good, Xiao Ai could only persuade the driver to do so, and at the same time, he kept sighing in his heart. Why did Brother Ji look like a gangster? Didn’t he say that with Siyu, it was just a brother and sister relationship, but was it all??

At this moment, Siyu, who was being remembered by Ji Lin, pushed away the man who was pressing on her with great difficulty. She found a little gap and got out from under Fifth Master Lu’s arm, trying to ignore the dark fiery gaze behind her, she rushed to the bathroom and vomited blood for a while, then turned on the faucet and poured cold water on her face.

Since Fifth Master Lu kissed her, the heat on Siyu’s face had not subsided. Even if she splashed a few handfuls of cold water, it had little effect. She looked up in the mirror, and the cheeks of the person in the mirror were red, but not like she had a fever. This was not a sickly blush, but one filled with shame, even her eyes were covered with mist.

What was worse was that that her lips were completely messed up. A discerning person would immediately know that she had been repeatedly kissed many times. Siyu did not have the face to keep looking at herself in the mirror. She would not dare to go out to see people for several days if she kept looking like this.

Just now, she was shocked by the sudden movement of Fifth Master Lu leaning over and kissing. After the unilateral declaration was over, she pried open her lips and began to attack him back. Siyu couldn’t understand how this person’s lung capacity was so good, just when she thought that she was either going to suffocate alive or vomit blood and die, Ji Lin’s call came over.

Siyu was granted amnesty. She was about to reach out for the mobile phone in her coat pocket but was caught halfway by Fifth Master Lu who held her hand behind her back. Then, the man pressed her on the side of the cooking table and bit her. He hung up the phone while she was distracted.

Ji Lin persisted in calling three times, he hung up three times, and finally ran out of patience.

Later, Ji Lin madly sent WeChat again. Siyu couldn’t bear the feeling of wanting to vomit blood anymore. She softly asked Fifth Master Lu to let her rest for a while between kisses. He took away his hand slowly, but Fifth Master Lu obviously was very upset with Ji Lin, who had been bothering her over and over again, and immediately sent a question. Fortunately, Siyu grabbed it in time and removed it, otherwise she didn’t know what else he would have had to say.

After vomiting blood, Siyu walked out with her legs soft, and at a glance he saw the culprit who made her like this sitting on the sofa leisurely, neatly dressed and calm, turning the prayer beads with his left hand, and looking at her picture album with his right hand, as if nothing had happened.

Siyu: “…” A beast in gentleman’s garb! She cursed secretly in her heart.

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang. In the next second, Siyu heard a violent knock on the door outside: “Sister, are you at home, sister? Open the door!”

Siyu only felt that she had not vomited thoroughly enough just now, and another congestion came up in her throat.

Hadn’t I already explained to Ji Lin that everything was a misunderstanding and there was nothing wrong? Why did he come to the door!

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[1] Applied through a different ID.

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