MGSGW Ch. 256

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Hmm, just forget it if you don’t want to answer!

Anyway, they were already husband and wife, and Lin Mumu never planned to divorce him. So, Yun Ting’s money was hers, and it all belonged to Yun Ting. She could afford it no matter how expensive the gift was!

Lin Mumu felt a little moody. Holding her pine nuts and pomegranates, she walked to the front hall and shared them with Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan.

“Yuanyuan, you made so many mooncakes yesterday, did you leave them for me?” Lin Mumu winked and teased Liu Yuanyuan.

“I left one.” Liu Yuanyuan smiled awkwardly. She baked at least ten mooncakes yesterday, but only left one for each of her roommates.

“Oh, why did Yaya tell me this morning that Sister Yuanyuan sent a lot of mooncakes to her father? She also said that the mooncakes made by Sister Yuanyuan are delicious and she wants you to be her mother.” Lin Mumu continued making Yuanyuan’s joke unscrupulously.

Chen Fangya also sang along: “Yes, Uncle Gou is a real man. Yuanyuan, you have good taste.”

“What are you talking nonsense about? I just respect him.” Liu Yuanyuan blushed and her eyes were red.

With red eyes, Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya looked at each other, ate the pine nuts obediently, and did not dare to make fun of her again, but turned the topic to An Xiaoqin.

“I heard that Xiaoqin is going on a blind date today?” Chen Fangya’s gossip was blazing: “I heard that her blind date is still someone else’s son.”

“I heard from Xiaoqin that she has a blind date every festival, and it has become a habit.”

“I want to have her long legs, E-cup cup, and fairy face, and I’ll also go on blind dates every day.” Chen Fangya’s round face was quite cute, especially her bulging look.

“What’s so good about going on a blind date? It’s not necessarily what you like.” As soon as she finished complaining, Lin Mumu remembered the fact that she seemed to have an arranged marriage.

A man she had never even seen before was forcefully married to her by her master, and then… it became like this.

Why did she feel so bad?

“By the way, little Taoist nun, how did you and Master Yun meet?”

“I don’t know. I dreamed of him in my dream, and then I married him. Does this count as my dream coming true?” Lin Mumu casually made an excuse for herself. The past life theory could not be explained, so let’s just take the excuse of a dream.

“Then did you have the same relationship with him in your dream?” Unexpectedly, Chen Fangya’s desire for gossip was too strong.

“I won’t tell you!” Lin Mumu turned her head proudly, feeling a little sad. In her past life, they hadn’t been together for ten years.

“I dreamed of someone hugging Zhou Qiang tightly and saying that I would marry him in the next life.” Lin Mumu turned around and teased Chen Fangya. She was telling the truth without any trace of moisture.

“Bah, it’s definitely not me.” Chen Fangya was made to blush by Lin Mumu.

The two of them chatted and joked for a while, then got busy.

Because it was the weekend and the Mid-Autumn Festival had just passed, many young people liked to go out for shopping. Buying some flowers was also a good option.

Recently, succulents had slowly become popular on campus. Many young couples were giving each other succulents to take good care of them.

Liu Yuanyuan and Sister Zhou were a little busy. Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya also joined the flower sellers. They didn’t even have time to eat lunch, so they just ate a boxed lunch.

Finally, when the work was over for the day, Lin Mumu was already so tired that her legs had gone weak: “I can’t do it anymore. I will never sell flowers again. I’d better treat flowers and plants.”

Yun Ting stretched out his fingers and pinched Lin Mumu’s calf. Lin Mumu screamed, it hurt but felt comfortable.

“Your skills are so good, we can open a massage parlour.” Lin Mumu joked.

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