TBVSR Ch. 55

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Carrying Jiang Yu’s schoolbag on his shoulder, and pulling her suitcase, Qiu Li walked out of the gate of Esmera Art Center, ready to send her home.

All the way, he didn’t speak.

Jiang Yu saw Qiu Li’s unhappiness, and poked him with her elbow: “Aren’t you jealous again?”


“That’s good.” She took the initiative to hold his sleeve, and she leaned on him to get closer: “Did I dance well today?”

“It was good.” Qiu Li said blankly, “What does he want from you?”


He said he wasn’t jealous!

“He just came to watch my performance, and exchanged some pleasantries by the way.”

“He still cares about you.”

Jiang Yu let go of Qiu Li’s sleeves, and his emotions faded: “Qiu Li, just because I have a boyfriend who is jealous, should I cut off all ties with the opposite sex, why, do you want to control me?”

Because Huo Cheng strictly controlled her personal freedom in her previous life, Jiang Yu was very sensitive to this kind of thing, so it was inevitable that she spoke harshly.

Qiu Li’s eyes turned cold: “Do you think I’m controlling you?”

“You don’t listen to explanations, and you don’t ask indiscriminately. It’s very unreasonable.”

At the beginning of this relationship, Jiang Yu knew that he had a psychological barrier, so she could tolerate him, because he was only regarded as the object of entrustment, who would care about Party A…

But she didn’t know what to do, now that she had no way to get along with him without putting personal feelings at all.

Pretending to be a couple until now, unconsciously, she had become a character in the play.

She had also begun to care about Qiu Li.

Because of caring, many things had requirements and could not be tolerated.

Qiu Li didn’t know that Jiang Yu had such a change in attitude towards him, he just felt resentful and aggrieved, so he simply said it clearly, “A middle-aged unmarried man cares so much about a young and beautiful female student, is it pure or stupid?”

He had been observing Xie Yuan’s expression just now, when he was looking at Jiang Yu on the stage, the eagerness and longing in his eyes made Qiu Li instinctively feel threatened.

Xie Yuan’s feelings for Jiang Yu were definitely not pure.

“No.” Jiang Yu explained: “I think he might want to be my father.”


“He must have taken a fancy to my mother. During the Chinese New Year, they were talking behind closed doors in the kitchen.”


Qiu Li said coldly: “Naive.”

Jiang Yu originally wanted to control her temper while talking to Qiu Li, but it seemed that he didn’t listen to the explanation at all and insisted on going his own way, thinking that he was right and she was wrong.

“If you must use malice to speculate on everyone, then I have nothing to say.”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she turned and left.

Qiu Li grabbed her wrist violently, and said angrily: “A normal man, between you and your mother, who do you think he would choose!”

This rude sentence completely ignited Jiang Yu’s anger, and she felt deeply offended, she raised her hand and wanted to hit him.

Qiu Li didn’t dodge, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked at the mournful look in his eyes, thinking of his past experience, she still couldn’t let go of her hand.

Where would she be willing to.

She withdrew her hand in frustration, stared at him, and said fiercely: “If you talk nonsense again, I really won’t forgive you!”

Qiu Li felt her intolerance, and his heart was about to be crushed.

He raised his trembling hand, fell to her earlobe, stroked it restrainedly, and then dunked it into the end of her hair.

He lowered his eyes, looked at her affectionately, and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Xiao Yu, you belong to me alone.”

No one could take it away.

After all, Jiang Yu’s heart softened. From the moment she took care of and cherished Qiu Li as her boyfriend from the bottom of her heart, he became her biggest weakness.

Any principles and rules, in his opinion, did not count.

“Then give me a hug.” She took the initiative to hug Qiu Li’s waist: “Don’t quarrel with me in the future.”

Qiu Li pressed her into his arms forcefully, and lightly bit the back of her neck with the tip of his teeth.

In the new semester, Qiu Li began to eat in the cafeteria. In the morning, he had steamed buns worth 50 cents, and at noon he ate white rice with free soup.

Excessive self-esteem was tantamount to hypocrisy, Qiu Li just swore silently that all the good things she did to him would be doubled back one day.

At noon that day, Qiu Li went to the cafeteria to buy 40 cents of rice as usual, and then walked to the free soup supply point. The aunt who was in charge of scooping up the soup filled Qiu Li with a bowl of ribs and vegetable soup every time.

Young people were growing up, if they were not forced by life, who would eat so poorly every day.

Just as Qiu Li sat down and took two bites of food, he saw Huo Cheng coming over with a few attendants, and say with a mocking smile: “Boy, the food is too shabby.”

Qiu Li continued eating without even raising his eyelids.

Huo Cheng put his legs on the seat beside him, and said: “There are many things that can be discussed, there is no need to make it so embarrassing, as long as you leave Jiang Yu, I can let you get the scholarship for the last semester and graduate smoothly.”

Seeing that Qiu Li was unmoved, Huo Cheng sat down and continued: “Didn’t your agreement say that the tuition fee for the first semester of university will also be included in the scholarship? As long as you leave her, I can…”

The voice did not finish Qiu Li sneered—, “Is it already this miserable?”

“What do you mean?”

“You burned my shoes before, but now you are using tricks to cancel my scholarship, just because the girl you didn’t cherish, now likes me.”

Huo Cheng was aroused by his words, and grabbed his collar.

“How could she like you! You rubbish!”

The soup bowl on the table was overturned, and the hot soup overflowed the table and rubbed on Huo Cheng’s clothes. Huo Cheng ignored it and just stared at Qiu Li viciously: “She likes you, do you even deserve it?”

Qiu Li’s eyes evoked a burning smile, with contempt and disdain, and in a soft tone that only they could hear, he whispered in his ear: “This is not okay. If I told you that she cried and begged me every night, would you just die on the spot?”

These meaningful words made Huo Cheng’s heart plunge into the abyss.

He slammed his fist into Qiu Li’s face, knocking him over, making him stumble to the ground.

The surrounding students were stunned by the sudden change, and they all took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Some time ago, the school made great efforts to rectify school violence, and the students had learned to be smart. Whenever they saw violence, they would immediately record it with their mobile phones in order to leave evidence.

Huo Cheng didn’t care about these things at all, he roared at Qiu Li like an angry lion; “Bastard! Trash! Why don’t you die!”

He came forward again, punching him hard in his abdomen.

There was blood seeping from the corner of Qiu Li’s mouth, after being beaten like this, he was still smiling, the smile was so tragic, it was so cold that it made one’s heart chill.

Huo Cheng had a tendency to be violent, but he pretended to be a good student on weekdays, so no one noticed.

At this moment, Qiu Li’s short words, on the contrary, brought out the darkest part of his heart.

“Steal my girlfriend, do you know who my dad is!” In a state of rage, Huo Cheng beat and scolded without hesitation: “For trash like you, if I kill you, it’s like trampling a dog to death. It’s as simple as an ant dying!”

Qiu Li was still smiling, his dark eyes raised slightly, and he wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth with his sleeve: “I’m so scared.”

Huo Cheng’s anger rose to the extreme, he grabbed the soup bowl beside him and wanted to hit Qiu Li’s head with it, fortunately, the security guard arrived in time to stop Huo Cheng’s violent behaviour.

Huo Cheng was arrested and taken to the Academic Affairs Office, while Qiu Li was sent to the infirmary.

Jiang Yu came to school in the afternoon and only heard about it from Chen Wei.

Hearing that Qiu Li was beaten badly, Jiang Yu felt chills all over her body, and went straight to the school hospital without even caring about asking the teacher for leave.

The teacher at the school hospital said that there was no way to determine the extent of the injury, and asked Qiu Li to go to the People’s Hospital across the road for a CT scan of the head, chest and abdomen.

Jiang Yu returned to the teaching building, ready to take a leave of absence with the teacher and leave the school.

When passing by the Academic Affairs Office, she happened to see Huo Cheng being invited into the office by several teachers.

Several teachers from the Academic Affairs Office stood by, frowning.

But Huo Cheng was sitting on the sofa carelessly, drinking water with a disposable paper cup in his hand, as he said arrogantly: “Isn’t it just beating someone, such a small matter, what’s the need for all this fuss?”

The dean said seriously: “During this time, the school is cracking down on campus violence, and the rumours are very sensitive. How could you be so impulsive and do such a thing in school!”

Huo Cheng said harshly: “It’s good if I didn’t kill him, next time don’t let me see him again, or I will definitely let him die!”

“Don’t say such things again!”

The dean of academic affairs said bitterly: “This time, the school will suppress this matter for Mr. Huo’s sake, but if you make trouble again, the school will not protect you.”

Huo Cheng sneered: “Is it not just a poor boy, so what if he dies, my dad can still suppress him.”

“Oh, that’s it, the school will talk to him when the time comes. It’s best to settle it.”


Huo Cheng said excitedly: “I won’t give him a penny!”

“You beat someone, he didn’t even fight back, but you won’t even pay for the medical expenses!”

“What am I paying for? Medical expenses, let him dream big!”

Huo Cheng stood up and said, “Let me give you a suggestion, it’s best to expel him, as long as you expel him, I will never trouble him again, so the school will be peaceful.”


“What are you, why don’t I let my dad call you?”

Jiang Yu stood outside the door of the Academic Affairs Office, her whole body was cold, looking at the arrogant and domineering posture of the instigator, she didn’t know why, some bloody fragments popped up in her mind. It seemed that the person who killed Huo Cheng in the previous life was not Qiu Li, but herself. Holding a knife, she stabbed it numbly on Huo Cheng’s cold body, with a blank expression on her face.

The blood was sprayed on her face, but she didn’t wipe it off. The silent hatred accumulated for many years was completely dispelled at this moment… Only death could pay it back. Perhaps it was because of too much hatred that these plots that never happened appeared in Jiang Yu’s mind. If possible, she wished she could kill this bastard with her own hands and plunge the blade into his chest with her own hands!

Huo Cheng walked out of the Academic Affairs Office aggressively, and when he saw Jiang Yu as soon as he went out, he couldn’t help but lose his mind.

Jiang Yu turned around and left, walked a few steps, but was finally overwhelmed with anger, looked back at him, and said in an extremely calm and piercing voice, “If there is a chance, I will kill you with my own hands.”

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