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Miss Irene Felton’s public and private life had been quite satisfactory these days.

First of all, her new home was finished and would be ready to move in in a few days; secondly, her employer’s mood changed from cloudy to sunny, and her colleagues and her had said goodbye to the storm; thirdly, when the roadshow was over and everything was on track, Li Shu had promised her a three-day vacation.

She believed that the root of everything going well was due to Li Shu’s relationship getting back on the right track, and a special thanks for that was owed to Mr. Shen who kindly accepted Li Shu again.

Their last stop was London. There was a three-day short respite between the end of the roadshow and the price subscription. Li Shu’s original plan was to go to New York with the team, but the day after arriving in London, he suddenly decided to go to S city alone after the roadshow.

The consultant team couldn’t stop him, so they sent Irene to accompany him.

Irene could deduce the key reason for Li Shu’s decision – Li Shu’s schedule was changed the day after his meeting with Fred Dale – but it was unclear why.

Li Shu was able to meet Fred, thanks to the well-informed secretary Irene who told Li Shu in time after listening to her colleague say that “Mr. Dale, a college classmate of our boss and a friend from the same fraternity, is meeting with an agent in London”.

Li Shu and Fred talked on the phone, and both of them happened to be free at noon, so they met for lunch at a chain hamburger restaurant near Li Shu’s hotel.

Li Shu arrived two minutes early and ordered food. Fred arrived on time, pushed open the door and walked in. He walked straight to the opposite side of Li Shu and sat down.

Fred was tall, but not very good-looking, with freckles on his face and a mess of red hair.

This day, perhaps to meet the agent, Fred deliberately wore a linen suit, but with a pair of sneakers, so he still looked nondescript.

It was worth mentioning that although Li Shu was presented with the Silicon Valley Love Bible, Fred’s own love experience was not rich, and he had never had a relationship with a length of more than three months.

After Li Shu sent him his short stories a few days ago, Fred made some heartfelt reflections.

He sent a long reading post and confided to Li Shu his tragic experience in his three love affairs.

At this meeting, he sat down and asked Li Shu, “Are you in a relationship?”

Li Shu was stunned for a moment but did not answer immediately.

Before this, Li Shu had never talked about Shen Yiyou with friends and family.

On the one hand, Li Shu didn’t have the habit of wasting time chatting, and on the other hand, he didn’t want to talk.

Li Shu never thought about why he didn’t want to, he only knew that love was a matter between him and Shen Yiyou, and no one else should be allowed to participate.

But since Fred asked, after thinking about it, Li Shu thought there was no need to deny it, and said to Fred, “Yes.”

Fred nodded unsurprisingly and said, “The Life of X. Bin is indeed not something that a bachelor can write.” Then he asked Li Shu, “How long has it been.” He also asked Li Shu for photos.

Li Shu didn’t plan to talk too much with Fred, so he didn’t answer Fred’s question directly, he just found the photo of Shen Yiyou from his mobile phone and handed it to Fred.

When the meal came, Fred grabbed the hamburger in one hand and took Li Shu’s phone in the other. He glanced at the screen and was stunned, then immediately raised his eyes to look at Li Shu.

“What’s wrong?” Li Shu asked him.

Fred shook his head and suddenly asked, “Did you just start dating?”

“No.” Li Shu denied but did not tell Fred how long they had been in love.

“He looks like the kind of…” Fred seemed to be looking for the right words, “the type that only dates the financial guys on your IPO advisory team.”

Li Shu frowned, thinking of the financial services expert heading the listing team.

Tall, handsome, well-dressed, energetic, eloquent, the typical Wall Street elite.

“It’s hard to say, though,” said Fred realistically. “Your wealth is attractive, and maybe he’ll be with you for all time, but you have to be careful.”

Li Shu silently took back the phone, and after a few seconds, he told Fred, “He loves me very much.”

“Everyone of my ex-girlfriends said they loved me,” Fred said noncommittally. “As a result, I found that none of them really liked me. What they liked was either my shares and identity, or the amount of cash in my bank.”

Li Shu didn’t speak, he just glanced at Shen Yiyou on the screen, and locked the screen.

He found that showing Fred Shen Yiyou’s photos was not a good decision, and it was pointless to talk about love with friends, furthermore he didn’t want Shen Yiyou to be judged by anyone.

For Li Shu, evaluating Shen Yiyou itself was a kind of rudeness.

But Fred didn’t stop. He seemed to be trying to persuade Li Shu and continued: “Think about it, you are very busy with work, and you can’t have a lot of time for him. Are you considerate when you are in love? It’s even more impossible. To be honest, I can totally imagine what you look like when you are in love. You must be as arrogant and pretentious as my first girlfriend said I was.”

“Just like Irene Felton would never have been your secretary if it wasn’t for a high salary, how could he have chosen you if it wasn’t for your wealth, with such a beautiful face.”

“In every relationship,” Fred said quickly, while raising his hands and gesturing, then he said sadly, “I have been deeply hurt, don’t believe in so-called love.”

Li Shu didn’t want to listen to Fred’s love advice anymore, so he interrupted him directly and asked a few questions about Fred’s company when it went public.

Fred finally stopped talking about love and talked with Li Shu about normal matters.

After lunch, Li Shu returned to the hotel, then he called Shen Yiyou, and Shen Yiyou picked it up.

Shen Yiyou seemed a little tired and said lightly and softly that he had just finished taking a shower.

“What about you?” he asked Li Shu.

It was very strange to say, and it was completely unscientific, but whenever he heard Shen Yiyou’s voice, Li Shu could feel a slight electric shock of happiness and excitement.

Like an electric current, it ran through his brain from his fingertips, soothing the restlessness that had fermented over his meal with Fred.

Shen Yiyou’s tone of voice was very light, Li Shu could almost see him lying on the sofa or bed, with his eyes half-closed, while talking on his mobile phone.

After a few seconds, Li Shu’s brain seemed to suddenly understand the meaning of Shen Yiyou’s words, and he replied, “I’m in the room.”

“You’ve been free these days,” Shen Yiyou said, then ignoring Li Shu’s pause, “You are always looking for me.”

Without waiting for Li Shu to respond, he continued to ask Li Shu, “Can I be so free every day?”

When Shen Yiyou acted like a spoiled child, it was easy for Li Shu to lose his mind.

Li Shu replied to Shen Yiyou without thinking at all, “Yes.”

Shen Yiyou seemed to know it was fake, but he smiled happily and called Li Shu by his name.

Li Shu felt that something was not quite right. After thinking about it carefully, he asked Shen Yiyou a little hesitantly, “Have you been drinking?”

“Well,” Shen Yiyou admitted, and immediately added, “but not much.”

Li Shu didn’t like Shen Yiyou drinking when he was away, but before he could say anything, Shen Yiyou said, “Because I’m in a bad mood.”

Li Shu was stunned for a moment, then immediately opened the book on the table, positioned himself in a position of “active listening”, grabbed the key word “conversation”, and tried to ask Shen Yiyou, “Why are you in a bad mood?”

Shen Yiyou made an “um” and was silent for a few seconds. Just when Li Shu thought he didn’t want to talk in detail, he spoke again: “Tonight, my high school classmate came to S city for some business, and I took him and his wife to dinner. I met him at the restaurant. I saw my father there, he had his arm around a lady, who was not my mother.

“He has a bad relationship with my mother, I know it, but it’s a bit unreasonable to bring others out to eat at a restaurant.”

Shen Yiyou’s voice seemed to come from far away, which made Li Shu have a feeling that Shen Yiyou wasn’t actually talking to him, but anyone on the phone would do.

“Actually, my parents got divorced when I first went to college. At that time, I didn’t know where to go during the Christmas vacation. I finally ran back to the south and wanted to live in my grandmother’s old house for a month, but when I went back, I found that my mother had already sold the house to someone else,” Shen Yiyou said slowly, “after a year, they remarried, and I had a place to live.”

Li Shu listened to Shen Yiyou’s voice, and after a while, he asked, “Then where did you stay for Christmas vacation?”

“Back to school,” Shen Yi lobbied, “I had nowhere else to go.”

“If only we could meet earlier,” Shen Yiyou added, “I could have gone to find you.”

“But maybe if we met earlier, we might have broken up earlier, but not necessarily.”

Shen Yiyou said some trivial and erratic words, and Li Shu’s heart began to ache because of this. He didn’t turn the book again, and said to Shen Yiyou: “Whenever we meet, we will never break up.”

Shen Yiyou smiled, his smile was both happy and sad.

Li Shu couldn’t tell the difference.

“Okay,” Shen Yiyou said, “then we won’t.”

He yawned and said good night to Li Shu.

After hanging up the phone, Li Shu thought: He must go to S City.

Because Shen Yiyou needed him to go back very much, to a degree that Shen Yiyou himself could not estimate.

Shen Yiyou needed to be accompanied very much.

Li Shu suddenly understood a simple fact: completely different from what Fred said, Shen Yiyou was a complete anomaly.

He lived a confused life by himself, didn’t care about shares and cash in the bank, he just randomly found a real person to hug and kiss him, and wanted to form a simple and stable intimate home.

Li Shu was the one who was chosen with super good luck. He must grasp it firmly so as not to miss the opportunity.

Early the next morning, in the elevator going downstairs, Li Shu asked Irene Felton, “Do you think Shen Yiyou likes surprises?”

Irene gave him a very professional smile: “No one can refuse a surprise.”

“The day after tomorrow, I’ll go back to City S,” Li Shu told Irene, “arrange everything for me.”

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