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Today was the best weather of the whole of August and September in S City. On the second evening when the busy rush was temporarily over, Shen Yiyou came out of the exhibition hall, took off his work card, and rushed to an appointment with Xing Pei.

Xing Pei claimed to have obtained a bottle of good wine from a mysterious channel, and no one was allowed to drink it. He had asked Shen Yiyou to keep it at his home while he will come to pick it up.

Shen Yiyou parked the car, went upstairs from the garage, but by the time he walked out of the community, it was already dark.

Xing Pei was about to arrive, but he was stuck in a traffic jam when he was approaching his destination, so Shen Yiyou stood by the roadside and waited for a while.

The sun was not very strong during the day, and the temperature was moderate in the evening.

While waiting, Shen Yiyou replied to Lu Yue’s messages, who had already arrived at the store, asking about his location, and suddenly remembered a funny incident which had happened with Li Shu before.

When they first got together, Li Shu kissed Shen Yiyou, who had been drinking wine, in City S. Ten minutes later, his cheeks became red. He called the driver and secretary immediately and asked them to come to pick him up immediately, saying that he might be having a relapse of asthma and he needed to seek medical treatment urgently.

Shen Yiyou was also terrified and held Li Shu’s hand all the way to accompany him to the hospital.

They went to a private hospital, where the doctor was very good, but after the face-to-face consultation, he looked extremely helpless, as he coaxed Li Shu away.

From then on, whenever Shen Yiyou and Li Shu were together, he dared not drink a drop of wine.

After the breakup, he drank many times, but he was never happy.

Shen Yiyou was standing by the security room, thinking wildly, when a car was parked in front of him, the back seat window was lowered, and Xing Pei rushed to him and said, “Sit in front.”

Shen Yiyou had never seen any of his friends drive this car. He opened the front door as Xing Pei said and saw an unfamiliar face.

A tall man in his thirties wearing shirt and trousers.

The man also looked at Shen Yiyou, as if he was a little distracted, but he reacted immediately and smiled at Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou hesitated for a few seconds before getting into the car.

“This is Guan Shao,” Xing Pei helped introduce them, “a friend of mine.”

Shen Yiyou nodded politely at him, then turned his head to look at Xing Pei blankly, and Xing Pei showed him an innocent smile.

On the way to the restaurant, Guan Shao chatted with Shen Yiyou all the way, and Shen Yiyou answered politely.

He was eight years older than Shen Yiyou, was from the north, looked handsome, could talk and care more than Li Shu, but there was still some irresistible sense of superiority in the conversation.

Shen Yiyou was always a little bit repulsed by such groups of people with obvious goals, so most of the time he was silent, only answering questions.

Li Shu’s roadshow must have just ended, and he was probably on his way back, so he didn’t contact Shen Yiyou all day. Last night, he asked Shen Yiyou where he was going tonight, Shen Yiyou told him that he was going to have dinner with friends, Li Shu held back for a long time, and then said “OK”.

“You go,” Li Shu said, “but come home early.”

Shen Yiyou didn’t say anything at the time, but in fact, he seemed to miss Li Shu very much every minute, thinking that he didn’t want to drink Yamazaki which had been aged for twenty-five years after he went to the restaurant, and maybe it would be better to go home and drink mineral water instead.

He lowered his head and sent Xing Pei a message, “My boyfriend and I are getting back together soon.” 

Xing Pei returned him a string of ellipses.

The Japanese restaurant they booked was right next to Li Shu’s hotel apartment, and they reached there in 20 minutes. Before getting off the car, Shen Yiyou received another message from Xing Pei: “Guan Shao is really good, do you want to compare.”

Guan Shao turned off the ignition and got out of the car as he went around the front of the car to open the door for Shen Yiyou.

In order to stop him, Shen Yiyou didn’t even reply to the text message, and immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

Only Shen Yiyou, Xing Pei, Lu Yue and Guan Shao were there for dinner.

Shen Yiyou didn’t speak for most of the time, and he didn’t drink even a few sips of wine. Finally, Xing Pei and Guan Shao went out to smoke together. Shen Yiyou and Lu Yue sat for a while and then walked out slowly.

The road where the restaurant was located was very secluded, and the plane trees on both sides were so tall that they had dropped a few leaves on the ground.

The valet of the store drove the car over, Lu Yue and Xing Pei scrambled to sit in the back row, Guan Shao opened the car door for Shen Yiyou, and Shen Yiyou sat down reluctantly.

He smelled the faint smell of cigarettes and men’s perfume from Guan Shao, and he missed Li Shu again.

Li Shu may have never bought or thought about buying a perfume in his life. He used a good-smelling shower gel and shampoo to cleanse himself very well, making people feel warm and comfortable when hugging him.

This was the advantage of Li Shu, and there were other things that no one could replace. Even when Shen Yiyou made up his mind to leave Li Shu, he would secretly feel reluctance in his heart if Li Shu hugged him hard.

Shen Yiyou buckled his seat belt and thought quietly.

Not long after the car drove away, Lu Yue suddenly asked Xing Pei, “Did you see that male college student by the road just now?”

Shen Yiyou heard the last four words and looked at Lu Yue’s face in the rearview mirror.

“Which one?” Xing Pei asked him, “The one in the black T-shirt?”

Lu Yue said “yes” and Xing Pei said, “He was there when we were smoking, maybe he was waiting for someone.”

“It may also be a driver waiting for business.” Guan Shao said.

“No,” Xing Pei said, “the car parked behind him was very expensive.”

“That car can’t be his.” Guan Shao asserted.

Shen Yiyou turned his face to the side, glanced at him, and turned to ask Lu Yue, “What happened to that male college student?”

“He looked very handsome, didn’t you seen him,” Lu Yue said, “and he’s very tall, even though he looks silly…”

“I only noticed his black-rimmed glasses,” Xing Pei said. “He was really tall.”

“I didn’t see it.” Shen Yiyou interjected.

Xing Pei smiled and said, “Of course you didn’t.” He was deeply aware of Shen Yiyou’s habit of never looking around while walking.

But Shen Yiyou didn’t smile.

Somehow, he had a very absurd idea. After a while, he couldn’t help but ask Xing Pei, “What car was parked behind him?”

Xing Pei mentioned the car model, which was the same as the one used by Li Shu, and there were not many cars like that in the entire S city. Shen Yiyou panicked even more, took out his mobile phone and called Li Shu. Li Shu’s phone was connected, but he didn’t answer.

“Can you pull over and stop the car?” Shen Yiyou called out to Guan Shao.

Guan Shao stopped, and Shen Yiyou said, “I seem to have forgotten something in the store. I’ll go back and have a look.”

After he finished speaking, he got out of the car, Xing Pei also got down, pulled him lightly, frowned and asked him worriedly, “What’s the matter with you?”

Shen Yiyou didn’t know what to say and asked him to get in the car and go back with Guan Shao. Xing Pei may be worried about him, so he let Guan Shao and Lu Yue go first, while he stood on the side of the road to accompany Shen Yiyou to take a taxi.

A driver took Shen Yiyou’s order, but it would take a while to come.

“What happened?” Xing Pei asked him.

Shen Yiyou looked at the map line of the taxi software and asked Xing Pei, “What did you talk to Guan Shao about at the door just now?”

Xing Pei was stunned for a few seconds and said, “Talk about you.”

Shen Yiyou raised his face to look at him, he looked away slightly unnaturally, and said, “He said he likes you very much, and asked me how to chase you.

“Asked me about your ex-boyfriend, and I said… The relationship seems to be very bad, the kind where he doesn’t want to answer if you call him when you’re drunk.

“He just said that he wants to catch up with you so badly, and he is very confident in himself.”

When the taxi arrived, Shen Yiyou didn’t say anything. They got in the car and quickly returned to the door of the restaurant.

The customers were gone, the store was about to close, and the lights behind the courtyard had also gone out.

There were no luxury cars parked on the side of the road, nor was there any college student.

Shen Yiyou stood beside the glass-covered candle at the door and called Li Shu again.

Li Shu’s phone went unanswered, but even if Li Shu didn’t answer, Irene Felton would not miss it.

But that night, no one answered the phone as Shen Yiyou called Li Shu.

Shen Yiyou grabbed the phone and walked around the restaurant again, like looking for a lost cat, looking carefully behind every tree. Xing Pei followed him, didn’t ask what he was looking for, and didn’t say anything else.

Shen Yiyou didn’t call Li Shu again, but during the half hour of searching without a destination near the restaurant, he always hoped that he would turn around and see Li Shu standing across the road.

Wearing a T-shirt and holding a phone, like a super nerd playing pokemon go on the street late at night.

It would make Shen Yiyou feel more at ease to bring this fool who was wandering around after getting lost, home.

When the clerk locked the door of the restaurant, Shen Yiyou decided to go home.

He looked at Xing Pei and wanted to speak, but the phone in his hand suddenly rang, and it was Li Shu calling him.

Shen Yiyou stayed for a few seconds before picking up the phone.

“I’m sorry, I had a little work just now,” Li Shu said over there, “what’s the matter?”

Li Shu’s voice was calm, and there was also the sound of tapping on the keyboard.

Shen Yiyou took a breath and asked him, “Where are you?”

“London,” Li Shu said, “just about to go to the airport.”

Shen Yiyou leaned against the wall, grabbed the phone, said “OK”, and said goodbye to Li Shu. He lowered his head and cried very spinelessly, because he liked Li Shu too much, and he felt frustrated and hopeless because he couldn’t leave.

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