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It’s late autumn now, the weather was getting cooler, but it couldn’t stop the students’ enthusiasm for a basketball game. While playing the traditional basketball game of No. 1 Middle School, a group of big boys were sweating profusely on the court. They still shot the ball and threw the ball into the basket accurately which drew warm applause.

Not long after that the game ended, class 7 won by a big score, class 10 was downcast, the entire class 7 was cheering, but as the hero of this game, Yuan Ye didn’t show any joy on his face, instead his eyes were full of hostility, as he looked at the guy who just passed him the ball.

“Fu Yuanzhou,” he said, “did you do it on purpose?”

“What on purpose?” Fu Yuanzhou glanced at him and responded indifferently.

Yuan Ye said: “Pretending not to know? Throwing the ball in my face, you can really do it.”

“Hit it in your face?” Fu Yuanzhou looked him up and down, “You have a face?”

Some people laughed at the words, and they all followed Fu Yuanzhou closely, but Yuan Ye’s friend became angry when he heard it. The two groups were at war with each other, and the atmosphere was tense. In the end, the teacher came over and said a few words to them, so they didn’t really fight.

“Whether you did it on purpose or not, please apologize to Yuan Ye,” the teacher said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I apologize.”

Fu Yuanzhou said what he said, but his attitude was extremely contemptuous, and then he led the group of people away, and the others were so angry that they almost chased after them to beat them. Only Yuan Ye wiped his sweat with a towel, expressionlessly.

His friends were all cursing: “Damn it, Fu Yuanzhou is so hateful!”

“Yes!” Someone was indignant, “Look, Yu Fei went over to give him water again. Why, why are there no girls to pass me water?”

Others yelled: “Is this what you should be talking about now?!”

This person shrank his neck and didn’t dare to say anything, while the others continued to scold, and someone came to Yuan Ye and asked in a low voice: “Brother Ye, why don’t you take a drink? Tell me, how should we teach Fu Yuanzhou a lesson?”

Yuan Ye didn’t speak, but he was the calmest among the group of people. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to beat people, he had wanted to beat Fu Yuanzhou for a long time, but he couldn’t afford to punish Fu Yuanzhou, at least he couldn’t do it in school.

Everyone in the second year of high school knew that Yuan Ye and Fu Yuanzhou were hostile to each other. The initial reason was not a big deal, and they couldn’t even remember it clearly, but it was enough for the two of them to dislike each other.

Both of their personalities were flamboyant and wanton. People with similar temperaments either become good brothers or become sworn enemies. Unfortunately, they belonged to the latter, and their conflicts were getting bigger and bigger, often making the whole grade restless.

Yuan Ye’s friends felt that this must be Fu Yuanzhou’s own problem. He also had another deadly enemy, Ran Shutang from Class 1. Although they didn’t like Ran Shutang, they still hated Fu Yuanzhou even more, and insisted that he had personality defects, where he could even offend such a talkative person as Yuan Ye.

But this time when the intraclass basketball game was held, everyone in Class 7 was surprised to know that Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye had become teammates. Although it was normal for classmates to participate in the competition together, it was still very abnormal for these two people. Could it be that the team will kill each other before the competition starts?

As others guessed, Yuan Ye didn’t want to participate in the competition. He hated Fu Yuanzhou and was annoyed when he saw him. It was the head teacher Da Yang who begged him for a long time before he reluctantly agreed. Da Yang usually took good care of him and didn’t do anything against him. So, Yuan Ye felt a little sorry.

He became teammates with Fu Yuanzhou, Yuan Ye wanted to beat people more than play basketball, and obviously Fu Yuanzhou thought the same way, just now he threw the ball directly to his face, many times what Yuan Ye had to defend against was not the opponent, but the cold arrow from his teammates.

The relationship between the two of them was very bad, and they had no cooperation at all in the game. They both only hoped that the game would end as soon as possible.

In addition to luck, it was also because Yuan Ye and Fu Yuanzhou were not weak, but their opponent in the final was Class 13, and there were two basketball players in their team.

Yuan Ye hated losing, but if the price of victory was that he had to cooperate with Fu Yuanzhou, then it was better to lose the game. He had already decided that he would not be there in the final, and Fu Yuanzhou would have to bear the burden of losing the game. Semi-finals should be enough for Da Yang to be happy.

The cursing on this side was still going on, and the situation on Fu Yuanzhou’s side was similar. His friends were all cursing Yuan Ye as someone who was not a good thing, but when Yu Fei came over, they all became silent collectively. In front of her, they were embarrassed to behave so rudely.

“Zhou, drink water.”

Yu Fei smiled and handed the water bottle to Fu Yuanzhou. The others were envious, not because they were worthless, but because Yu Fei was so beautiful. She caused a sensation the day she entered the school, and even the teachers in other grades were curious about how good-looking this freshman was.

Few people were indifferent to Yu Fei’s beauty, but Fu Yuanzhou was one of them. His friends had never seen him have any special reaction to Yu Fei.

“You played really well just now.” Yu Fei smiled and praised Fu Yuanzhou.

“Thank you.” Fu Yuanzhou took the water, “You also know how to play? I didn’t hear you mention it.”

“I don’t know much about it, but I think you are very good.”

“Actually, I played averagely today.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Someone is affecting my performance.”

The others simply hated iron for not becoming strong—oh, no, it should be said that it was too strong, their brother Yuan was really a straight steel man, how could he talk like this to the goddess, this was too incomprehensible!

Ordinary girls would have been defeated long ago, but Yu Fei was not an ordinary person, she could still talk to Fu Yuanzhou with a smile as if nothing had happened. Under her intentional guidance, the atmosphere never turned cold. Otherwise, which girl could bear it.

“Class is about to start, let’s all go back.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, although he didn’t care about class, it didn’t mean that others didn’t too.

“It is good.”

Yu Fei obediently agreed, and before parting, Fu Yuanzhou remembered something, and stopped her again: “Wait for me.”

He returned to the class, took a cake box, and handed it to Yu Fei: “I went to the convenience store in the morning, I just happened to see the cake you like, so I bought a slice, you can eat it in class.”

Yu Fei’s eyes lit up, and she smiled sweetly: “Thank you, Zhou.”

The others were obviously very happy to see her, and after she left, they teasingly said to Fu Yuanzhou: “We underestimated you, Brother Yuan, you are quite good at it, that cake is made in limited quantity, it is very difficult to buy, did you line up to buy it on purpose?”

“No, I happened to be there.”

“Don’t pretend.”

Fu Yuanzhou was speechless, took out another bag of food, and said to them, “I went to buy something for Xie Lin, he studied by himself at night, I was afraid that he would be hungry, so I ran over for him.”

After he finished speaking, he went to deliver something to Xie Lin, and the few remaining people looked at each other, and they spoke after a while.

“It turns out that Brother Yuan is even more of a steel straight man than we imagined.”

“Straight ass, don’t you think his relationship with Xie Lin is suspicious?”


“…” There was silence.

“It’s quite suspicious…”

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