KHSW Ch. 212

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Shu Tingting explained: “That phone call was just a joke between me and my friend. If you don’t believe me, you can call her.”

It was nine o’clock in the evening, she must not be asleep yet, right?

Then she took out her mobile phone and handed it to Jiang Nan, “You only need to find my last call record and check the time, then you will know whether I am lying or not.”

Jiang Nan took it suspiciously, found the call record and dialled it.

“Hello? Sister Tingting, what’s the matter?”

Hearing a female voice coming from the phone, Jiang Nan felt embarrassed, and slowly returned the phone to Shu Tingting.

Shu Tingting lowered her voice, “Xiao Xi, I’m sorry, I dialled the wrong number just now… Well, you should go to bed early at night! Bye!”

Seeing that she hung up the phone, Jiang Nan said angrily, “I’m sorry, sister-in-law, I misunderstood you.”

Seeing what she said, Meng Xicheng felt relieved.

Meng Haotian was a little dissatisfied, “Jiang Nan, can you not cause so many troubles next time?”

“Yizhi, Mom wants to discuss something with you.” After Meng Xinyan learned the identity of her son-in-law, her heart became extremely complicated.

Xu Yizhi followed and walked out, but waited silently for her to speak first.

“Mom is now the editor-in-chief of “Entertainment Express Weekly”. Today, people from the reporter team came to me and wanted me to give them a “practical lesson” to break the news about you or Ling Xi. See how this is going to be. Is it good?”

Xu Yizhi frowned slightly…

“What did Mom discuss with her just now?”

Xu Yizhi locked her eyes tightly, “Tomorrow there may be news that ‘Xu Yizhi is married’.”

Early the next morning, Meng Zidi took Xiao Nuo out for morning exercises, and Meng Xinyan had already left for work.

Xu Yizhi then brought out the steak that was hidden in the refrigerator yesterday and took it to the kitchen to cook.

Smelling the unique aroma of the meat, Ling Xi’s saliva was about to drip, and she followed the smell into the kitchen.

“Honey, I really miss the taste of meat! It’s so delicious!”

Seeing that Ling Xi was like a greedy kitten, Xu Yizhi showed a bit of pampering on his handsome face.

“Go wash up.”

It was only then that Ling Xi suddenly remembered, and her heart skipped a beat, “Where’s Xiao Nuo?”

“He and Zidi went to morning exercises and won’t be back for a while.”

Her little heart returned to its original position, “That’s good.” If Xiao Nuo found out that she was stealing around to eat meat, he would definitely cry again.

After Ling Xi washed up as fast as she could, she hurried to the dining table.

There was only one goal, to destroy this nutritious meal with lightning speed.

“Husband, you are so kind.” Even the steak had been cut.

Xu Yizhi liked her words very much, even his eyes were shining with joy, but he didn’t know how to respond.

“Eat quickly, Xiao Nuo will be back later.”

Ling Xi picked up the fork, “It’s okay, didn’t you say he won’t be back for a while, sit down, sit down.” Ling Xi forced Xu Yizhi to sit on the chair.

“Open your mouth.” Ling Xi forked a small piece of steak and fed it into Xu Yizhi’s mouth.

“I know you haven’t eaten meat for a long time. For our son, it’s really been hard on you.”

Inexplicably, Xu Yizhi thought about it, and it was true that he hadn’t “eat ~ meat” for a long time.

Seeing Ling Xi eating the steak and fruit smoothie with satisfaction, his eyes became darker, and he kissed that small mouth without thinking.


“Mom and Dad, what are you doing?”

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