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Nuan Nuan walked to Grandpa’s side with her short legs, and before she could climb up the stool, the old man happily picked her up and made her sit on the stool.

Nuan Nuan “…”

In fact, she could sit on it herself, but the adults seemed to be happy to carry her to the stool.

It was another sumptuous lunch, and the dishes were completely different from last night’s, but each dish looked so full of color and flavour.

Nuan Nuan shook her dangling feet, her eyes were shining with a bright and beautiful light like stars, and her eyes had curved into small round crescents which made her look very happy.

At the dinner table, almost everyone’s eyes were fixed on her, and it was as if the meal was more fragrant.

The well-groomed Nuan Nuan in a small skirt looked very delicate and cute. Although she was still thin and a bit distressing, her smile was really as healing as a little angel.

Aunt Gu said that she wanted to give birth to a daughter, but with the nature of the Gu family’s gene, most of the children were sons.

Thinking of this, she pouted, let’s forget about it, the two sons in the family could already make her half-dead every day, and with another one, she was afraid that she would become a frequent visitor to the hospital.

“Nuan Nuan, eat more meat.”

The elders began to warmly serve Nuan Nuan, and most of it was meat.

But in the blink of an eye, the dishes in the bowl in front of her had formed a small mountain.

Nuan Nuan “…I, what can I do if I can’t eat all of this.”

Although it was only a day’s time that she had been in the Gu family home, but these relatives still gave her a lot of security, so Nuan Nuan now dared to speak, and was not like she had been last night when they were having dinner.

Dad Gu smiled and said, “It’s okay, if you can’t finish eating, you can let Dad eat.”

Mom Gu smiled gently, “Mom can also eat.”

Grandpa Gu happily touched Nuan Nuan’s little head, “Grandpa doesn’t mind eating the rest of Nuan Nuan’s food.”

Nuan Nuan’s face suddenly turned red, and she puffed out her cheeks to cheer herself up, she can eat. After all, she must eat till she becomes fat!

Gu An was so angry that he frowned and complained to Gu Mingli, “What’s the matter? Why do I feel like my father and grandfather have changed!”

Gu Mingli mocked unceremoniously, “Are you the only girl in the family? Are you better than Nuan Nuan? Doesn’t she speak softly and nicely?”

Gu An “…”

He did not have a single one.

Gu Mingli snorted, sarcastically, “So if you still expect your dad and grandpa to treat you differently, do you want to eat shit?”

Gu An “…”

His fists became hard, but he couldn’t fight.

How could his fourth brother be so rude?

A meal which was being eaten harmoniously, suddenly seemed to be filled with gunpowder smoke.

After the meal, Nuan Nuan said goodbye to Rhubarb and Briquettes, who stood reluctantly at the gate, and got into a comfortable luxury car. There was her mother on her left and her aunt on her right. Her fourth brother sat in the front seat of the car, and the car behind had her little brother who for some unknown reason insisted on coming along.

“We’ll go to the mall later, don’t be polite, if there’s anything you like, just swipe Auntie’s card.”

Aunt Gu took out her card quite boldly and stuffed it into Nuan Nuan’s hand.

Mother Gu stopped, “How is this good? Nuan Nuan has her own mother, why does she need you, isn’t the money her father makes enough for her.”

“What is yours is yours, but as a Auntie, I’m also happy to buy things for Nuan Nuan.”

The two women with decent smiles and elegant faces almost fought over who would pay for Nuan Nuan’s stuff later.

“Mom, auntie, don’t fight anymore…”

Nuan Nuan persuaded one for a while and comforted the other one later, so she was very busy.

Gu Mingli, who was sitting in the front seat and watching the play with great interest, let out a snort. The two usually had a good relationship like sisters, but he didn’t expect that one day they would almost fight over one person.

Speaking of which, this little girl Nuan Nuan really had the potential of being a ‘calamitous beauty’…

“In this way, I’ll buy Nuan Nuan clothes and skirts.”

“Then I’ll buy Nuan Nuan shoes and small jewellery.”

The two women reached a certain agreement, and it was finally quiet.

Gu Mingli’s condescending voice sounded, “Mom, I see that you can’t wait to spend money, so why don’t you give me some pocket money.”

Aunt Gu squinted at him, “Is it because you are skipping classes, fighting or playing games? Let you learn badly!”

Gu Mingli touched his nose, “I’m still your own son. Why am I treated so differently?”

Aunt Gu crossed her arms and snorted coldly, “If you want money, I’ll give it if you can advance five places in this exam.”

“S… the fifth from the bottom…”

Gu Mingli’s expression immediately became painful, making Mother Gu happy, while Aunt Gu glared at her son angrily.

“You know it’s the fifth from the bottom, look at how magnanimous your mother is, and she didn’t let you pass Keke!”

Anyway, she had given up on him, and letting her son study was just like going to the battlefield. He also had the genes of the Gu family. How come her son’s school grades were like this?

Nuan Nuan leaned against her mother’s warm arms, and laughed secretly when she heard the quarrel between her fourth brother and Aunt Gu.

Nuan Nuan had never seen the high-rise buildings and prosperity of the city. She was quite shocked when she saw it from the car. After getting off the car and walking into the shopping mall, she felt that she was a little bumpkin entering the city for the first time, and her eyes were full. It’s not enough to see, so her small mouth was open and round.

“It’s so big…”

Not only was it big, it was also bright and spacious, and Nuan Nuan felt dizzy. She held her mother’s hand tightly and followed her like her tail, otherwise she wouldn’t know where to go.

“Go, let Nuan Nuan take care of her skin first.”

The two women took Nuan Nuan to a beauty salon aggressively. This salon also had special care for children here. All kinds of ointments were made out of pure natural plants. The ingredients were mild in nature and would not cause any irritation and side effects to children’s skin.

The two women were already regular customers here, so they both knew a lot about it.

“Fourth brother, what are we doing here?”

Gu An stared like a dead fish at the three women being taken away, while the two of them were left in the reception room.


After speaking, Gu Mingli leaned directly on the soft sofa, took out his mobile phone and started sending messages to the group.

A few people come out to play games.

Brother Li, you finally came out. You didn’t find us to play games for so long. We thought something had happened to you.

Just let it go, for how long have you been in the group, Brother Li is here only to play the ranking. There is something Brother Li said before that he has to accompany his sister, now that she has come back.

Holy shit!

Fuck it, fuck it!!! Where is your sister from?

Gu Mingli raised his brows while looking at the messages from the bunch of scumbags in the group in his mobile phone, the corners of his mouth raised and he laughed.

Gu An frowned, why was this person smirking?

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